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'Oh shit I'm going to be late if I don't high tale it!' Amista thought angrily to herself. Why on earth had she taken longer to do her hair? Now she had but ten minutes and she wanted to be early to make a good impression. It was her first job in the navy after all.

Amista gasped and fell to the ground as she ran into something hard and solid. She only just held in the curse that was waiting at her lips. Sucking in a calming breath she raised her head to look at the victim of her clumsiness.

"I am so sorry sir." She smiled slightly at him. He was quite handsome that she noticed straight away. He was toned with a hard chest and wide shoulders. He looked as though he knew how to hold himself. His whole demeanor demanded respect.

"You should look in front of you instead of the ground lass." Mihawk's golden eyes swept over her slim frame. She had an average body type with curves of plenty. Her Blonde hair complimented her large blue eyes and fell to the middle of her back. She looked extremely innocent.

"I'm sorry I don't have time for this I really and in a hurry!" Amista could feel herself starting to panic as she looked at her watch. She would only just make it. "Please! I really am late." Without waiting for his reply she started running down the street towards Marine Headquarters.

Two minutes early, Amista let herself cool off. She was breathing hard from her long and fast run. It had taken every bit of strength she had. She was not athletically minded or fit for that fact.

"Amista!" Coral screamed, her arms open wide for a huge. Amista had not seen her sister Coral for three years since she had been on a long mission for the Marines. "Oh how have you been! I missed you so much!"

Amista grinned pleased to see her sister. Amista surveyed her curiously. Coral had grown taller since they had last seen each other. She was completely opposite to Amista. Whereas Coral was loud and boisterous, Amista liked to have time alone.

The two sisters had always been extremely close ever since they were children. They had become even closer since the deaths of their Mother and Father. Amista had idolised her parents and their deaths had disturbed her deeply. If Coral had not been there for her Amista didn't think she would have pulled through.

"Mr Nye is inside awaiting your arrival." Coral smiled at her encouragingly her brown eyes lighting up her petite face and highlighting her navy hair. "Oh you don't know how glad I was when I heard you were joining the navy!!"

Amista smiled gently as her sister squealed and threw her arms around Amista's neck. Coral got exited very easily and didn't care who knew of it.

"Okay let's get this over and done with." Amista told her sister. Her heart started beating rapidly as she followed Coral through the arched doors.

The corridor was huge. There was so much space which made Amista even more nervous. She felt so small compared to the massive building.

"Good Morning Miss Amista." A man with purple hair wavy hair kissed her on the cheek. The man seemed extremely slimy and gave Amista the creeps. "You get the special postion of work. But before we get into that lets show you your room."

Nye lead Amista up two flights of stairs and into a small and cramped room. It had tacky walls, Amista could see the paint starting to peel. She would have her work cut out for her if she wanted to get it looking like a room again.

"You have an hour to freshen up before you get you first assignment." Nye smiled and went to walk out of Amista's new room.

"Wait!" She called out worried. "Aren't there any tests I have to take?" It all seemed too easy.

"We have watched you ever since you gave us your form." Nye smiled. "You have been deemed fit and worthy. Please freshen up and come down in an hour."

Amista watched as Nye walked out of her room. She sighed and sat down on her bed. She wondered if she had a uniform.

Letting her interest get the better of her Amista walked to the chest at the end of her bed. She was nearly sick with horror. Thousands upon thousands of cockroaches came scuttling out of the chest. They went everywhere. Amista couldn't help but gag as she took off her shoe to destroy the hateful bugs.

An hour later Amista was feeling a little better. She had managed to kill most of the cockroaches and throw them out the window. It disgusted her that someone could leave the room in such a mess. It was dirty and made her feel slimy.

Her heart started thumping again as she walked down the steps. She wondered exactly what position they would place her in.

"Amista!" Coral's face was stark white. She looked as if she was going to pass out. Amista ran towards her worried.

"What's wrong." She felt her heart stop. "Coral! Answer me!"

"Oh Amista your not going to like what you hear." Coral scampered away. Amista was now extremely curious as to what her sister was babbling about.

"Ah excellent Amista you're hear!" Nye smiled down at her. "You have a crucial position in the Marines. We have seen how you handle ruffians so we thought you might like this particular job."

"Yeah so what is it? If I may be so bold." Amista was getting more anxious by the minute. The white faces of the random people in the hall told her she was the only one who didn't know.

"You will be overseeing the Four Emperor and Shuchibukai!" Nye told her with a smile.

Amista froze and felt herself go cold. Out of all the jobs why did she receive this one? No wonder everyone had white faces. Bitterly she thought that they were probably relieved on the inside that it was her and not them.

"Well shall we go through and meet them then?" Nye put his hand on the small of her back to lead her through the large doors. In the middle of the room was a large round table. Sitting at that table was Eleven pirates. One of them was the man that she had met earlier.

As her blue eyes met with the golden ones of the man she had met earlier, Amista felt her heart drop into her stomach and her mouth go dry. She had been so rude to him, hopefully he wouldn't hole that against her.