Temperance Brennan stared at the blank word document on her computer screen, the rapidly blinking cursor waiting impatiently for her to type something. If only I knew what to type! I've been sitting here for over an hour, and what do I have to show for it ? Nothing! She had written a couple paragraphs about twenty minutes ago, but had deleted them in disgust. The words had been so perfect in her head, but on paper they fell flat. Maybe she should call it quits for the day. There were a million other things she could be doing right now- identifying remains in limbo, running tests, filling out reports. Yet she had promised her editor that she would send her a couple chapters by next week. Come on Temperance, she chided herself, you don't have time for writer's block. Just write this stupid scene and get back to your real work.

A knock on her door derailed her train of thought. She looked up to see Booth entering her office. "Hey, how's the writing going?" He closed the door behind him and walked towards her desk.

"It's not going anywhere." She sighed as she rubbed her sore neck muscles.

He looked over her shoulder at the blank screen. "I can see that. Maybe I can help." He moved her hand off of her neck and put his hands where hers had been, giving her a gentle massage. "How does that feel?"

She had to bite her lower lip to suppress a moan. "Good."

"I've been told that I have magic fingers," Booth said proudly.

She laughed. "Really? By who?"

"Dozens of people. I'd list them all, but I wouldn't want to make you jealous."

"Dozens? I didn't know that you were so indiscriminate. Give Zack a massage later then."

Booth froze. "I am NOT touching Zack."

"Fine. Can you do my shoulders then, Mr. Magic Fingers?" She knew that she shouldn't let Booth touch her like this; it was definitely crossing the boundaries they had established. At the moment, however, she didn't care. It felt too damn good.

"Is this too hard?" He asked as he moved his fingers over her shoulder blades.

"No, you can do it harder." Brennan smiled as she imagined what Angela would think of this exchange.

Booth was smiling too. She's letting me touch her. Thank God for sore muscles! "What are you trying to write about? Maybe it'll help you to talk it out."

Brennan blushed. She was glad Booth couldn't see it. "Well...it's going to be a rather graphic scene where Kathy and her partner express their feelings for each other in a physical way."

Booth's fingers danced along her back. "A sex scene."


The words were out of Booth's mouth before he could stop them. "Maybe I could give you some inspiration." Oh god, I can't believe I just said that! She'll break my arm!

Brennan's heart stopped. Did he just say that, or am I having an auditory hallucination? "What?"

"I'm so sorry, Bones. That was completely inappropriate." He withdrew his hands from her shoulders and walked towards the door.

Temperance didn't know if it was inappropriate or not. All she knew was that the sensation of Booth's hands on her skin was the most amazing thing she had ever experienced. She didn't want it to end. "Wait!"

Booth turned around at the sound of her voice but was too embarrassed to look her in the eye. Instead he stared at the carpet. "Are you going to hit me? I deserve it."

"No, I don't want to hit you. I want to..." Should I really say this? No, it's crazy. Absolutely crazy. We've been over this before. You can't have relationships with people you work with. It just complicates things. I should let Booth walk out the door and pretend like this never happened. That's the logical thing to do. She could hear Angela's voice in her head. Come on, Bren! Screw logic and screw him!

"You want to what?" Booth prompted.

She took a deep breath. She knew what she wanted. It was what she had always wanted from him. Yet she was afraid. It wasn't a logical fear. After all, she wasn't afraid of mob hitmen or El Salvadoran gang leaders; why should she be afraid to say this one little thing? "I want...to take you up on your offer."

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