The Fateful Trio

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My name is Fuu. I recently transferred to Edo High School. My life is pretty ordinary and pretty normal. … Well, until I met two certain people I will never forget…


"Oh, geez… Where the heck is that school?!" Fuu moaned in dismay. Wandering around the neighborhood, the young high school student shook her head with a long sigh as she searched for the school she transferred to. She was currently living with her grandparents because of her father's death and her ill mother was sent to the hospital close to the town of Nagasaki, so Fuu could take care of her mother and watch her studies. Her grandparents were worried for her transportation to school, but Fuu assured them she would simply walk, as she knew they must've been busy with their small teashop Fuu would begin to work in. It's my first day too… How much worse can this get?! She thought.

"Hey. You lost?"

Her chestnut brown eyes blinked. There was someone behind her. By the tone of the person's voice, it was the voice of a rather cocky male. Whoever this guy is, I have no time for this. Beginning to head on her way again, Fuu felt a sudden chill run down her spine as a sharp, wooden stick appeared close to her neck. Observing closely, she realized what it was. A… wooden sword? What in the world…? She wondered. Fuu refused to turn around, but listened to the young man's continuing words.

"You know, I can help you find your way to school. You're the new transfer student, eh?" he said.

Fuu tried to ignore him as she began walking again. She could hear his footsteps following her. Persistent punk, Fuu thought, irritated. "You'll help me?" She frowned. "On what conditions?" Fuu questioned the male individual behind her.

"You're working in that old folks' tea place, right?" the young man spat with an amused grin, "Spare me, oh, I don't know, one hundred dumplings, and I think that'll make us even."

"Who the hell are you, and how do you know all that about me, you stalking creep?! And one hundred dumplings?! Are you crazy?" Fuu hissed.

He sighed. "All right. I'll just leave you to be late for school," the boy murmured, tapping Fuu's shoulder with his wooden sword from behind. She could hear him chuckling.

Fuu rolled her eyes. She knew the guy behind her wouldn't stop the insistence until he got his way and he wouldn't stop following her until he got his part of the deal. "Ten dumplings."




"Thirty," Fuu said firmly. "That's final." I still can't believe I'm doing this…

"Hmm… I don't know. That seems pretty shitty to me…," the young man from behind Fuu taunted, smiling. "And you really don't have time to be complaining, transfer student."

Fuu checked her watch on her left wrist. It read six forty-five. The bell in school would ring soon, Fuu knew. She groaned. Just who the hell is this guy?! "All right, all right! One hundred fricking dumplings!" Fuu snapped. "Now just tell me where the hell that school's at, jerk!"

Suddenly feeling herself being forcefully turned around, Fuu was face to face with the young man she had been debating with. It was a complicated, musky looking male who appeared just around her age, maybe even a few years older. Fuu was speechless. Holding his wooden sword on his shoulder, he gave a sly smile. "Right in front of you," he whispered in her ear.

Turning around, Fuu gasped. She had been too into her argument with the 'stalking, unnamed jerk' that she hadn't noticed how close to the school she had walked. This guy tricked me, and now I owe him one hundred dumplings?! She looked around and saw him walking in the courtyard of school already. Fuu felt like hitting a wall right now. Dammit! Fuu shook her head with disdain. This is my first day too… Why does everything have to be like this?! She moaned in thought. She stared straight at the boy who had tricked her, who was walking away with slim ease. That jerk! I swear I'll give him a piece of my mind! Walking sharply to catch up with him, Fuu noticed he was disappearing into the crowds of many passing students. Oh, no! I'll lose him if I don't hurry!

Rushing into the crowd, Fuu bumped into someone. She looked up to find a rather handsome man, in her opinion, whom she had bumped into. He was taller than her with raven black, long hair that was stunningly tied back with a ponytail and the young man wore fine glasses as well. A pleasing combination in Fuu's taste. "Opps! I'm so sorry!" Fuu apologized, bowing her head down with shame.

The young man with glasses appeared to have ignored her apology as he simply nodded and walked pass her.

That's when Fuu saw it: another wooden sword. The glasses-wearing gentleman was holding onto one just like the stalking jerk she had run into had. "… Excuse me, but what is that? That wooden stick?" Fuu asked, who had been curious as to why a school would allow weapon, let alone fake yet possibly harmful ones in.

He turned around slightly, questionably staring at Fuu. He was surprised by such a question. "A kendo sword," the young man with glasses simply replied before leaving.

Kendo… sword…? What the heck is that? She wondered. Fuu's old school wasn't as qualified and somewhat dignified as Edo High School. They didn't have art or music classes, just normal classes, like English, Japanese, Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education. They didn't even have any after school activities or clubs; it was pretty much a boring and plain school Fuu was kind of glad to leave. She sighed. Even if this school is pretty nice, I won't be able to do all that fun stuff; I have a job…, Fuu fumed with a bit of annoyance, even though she had her reasons for agreeing to work in her grandparents' teashop.

Fuu flinched as she suddenly heard the sound of the bell ringing. The bell? Now? But I was hoping to find my class before the school gets packed up! She worried as she felt the ground rumbling. Turning around, Fuu froze to find a stampede of running students hurrying to their classrooms. Oh, crap! She thought, running for her life.


Class 1-S. Fuu stared down at her blue sheet of paper, which had a map of the school, her class schedule and teachers, and her personal information as well. Looks like this is it, Fuu thought. I hope my day doesn't get anymore worse… She shyly knocked on the door to her classroom. "Excuse me? Um… I'm the transfer student to Class 1-S…," she trailed on nervously.

The door opened, and out came the teacher of the 1-S, Azayaka-Sensei, a beautiful, doting, yet absentminded and naïve twenty-two year old young woman who, for whatever reason, decided to become a teacher right after college. "Welcome! Umm…," she first exclaimed before mumbling, scratching her head. "Uh… Y-Your name?"

"… It's Fuu," Fuu said, confused. My Sensei doesn't even know my name? Well, this is a sure start, she sarcastically thought.

"Ah, right! Fuu, welcome!" Azayaka-Sensei let Fuu inside the rather quiet, whispering class, gossiping on the currently perplexed Fuu, the new transfer student. "Class, please welcome the transfer student! Umm… uh… You name?"

"Fuu," again she had to say. Fuu rolled her eyes. Didn't she… just ask me that?

"Ah, yes, the new transfer student, Fuu. Class, please stand and welcome your new classmate," Sensei said.

The class stood in unison and greeted Fuu and then returned to their seats. She noticed one person hadn't stood up. He was sitting on the second to the last row in the back, window seat. Fuu was as still as stone. It's… It's… It's… Him! That stalking creep! She thought, furious. He gave her a clever smile. She had the sudden urge of beating him to a pulp.

"Now… umm uh…"

"It's Fuu."

"Ahh, of course! Now, Fuu, your seat is right over there," Sensei pointed to the last, empty seat in the last row open, a window seat. Fuu frowned. It was the seat right behind of the stalker.

Great, just great…, Fuu muttered, walking over to her seat. She glared at her now enemy.

The rugged looking troublemaker was amused that fate led him with her again. "It's you. The bitch that owes me a hundred dumplings."

Fuu rolled her eyes, walking pass him to her seat. "It's you. The stalking creep who won't leave me the hell alone." Fuu sat on her seat as quick as a rock falling on the ground. Like gravity, it seemed Fuu's world was falling apart in one, single day.

Azayaka-Sensei wrote some English on the chalkboard before returning her gaze on Fuu. "All right, since… umm…," she began and then paused.

Fuu sighed. "My name is Fuu, Sensei," she plainly said.

"Yes, since Fuu is our new student, can someone volunteer to give her a tour of the school grounds during class? Anybody?" Sensei suggested kindly.

No one raised his or her hands. Fuu twitched with anger in her seat. Damn jerks…, she thought.

"What about you? Um… J-Jin, show the new student around," Azayaka-Sensei asked.

Fuu turned to see Sensei was talking to the boy sitting next to her. Fuu felt like fainting. It was the handsome, young man with glasses she had bumped into earlier. Yes! She exclaimed.

As Jin was half way of standing up, suddenly, Fuu felt her arm being pulled. She realized the creep sitting in front of her who was pulling her out of class, much to her dismay. "I'll do it," he volunteered, dragging the now in despair Fuu away.

Fuu groaned and moaned in her head. Out of everyone, why him? Why the guy I hate most on this earth?! I wanted that Jin guy! Nooooooooooooo!

Azayaka-Sensei nodded. "All right, umm… uh… M-Mugen," she agreed.

Mugen turned around at the doorway before leaving. "You don't mind, do you?" the cocky student asked Jin. Fuu turned as well, hoping Jin would mind, for she thought she would die if she had to be around the guy she owed one hundred dumplings to.

Jin sat down stiffly. "Be my guest," he replied.

"All right, then. Come on, wench," Mugen ordered, pulling Fuu away.

Fuu felt defeated for the first time. Won't someone save me?



It had been but nothing but silence for the past time. Fuu glanced at Mugen who was walking beside her in the hallway. He was walking heavily with his hands in his pockets. "Hey. You," Mugen spoke.

Fuu said nothing.

"Hey," Mugen repeated.

Facing him, Fuu glared. "My name's not 'hey,' and it's not 'you' either, so stop calling me that!" she hissed. "My name's Fuu!" Mugen shrugged, clearly ignoring her. Fuu rolled her eyes. "Why did you volunteer for this?" she questioned, "What exactly are you getting out of this?"

Mugen shrugged. "I just wanted to ditch class. I could've done it with or without you, but the chance was too much to resist."

"You're using me to ditch class?!"

"Yeah, pretty much."

Jerk… Fuu glared at Mugen. "I don't owe you anything, you know. You tricked me today, so the deal's off," she stated sharply.

Mugen chuckled, tapping Fuu again with his kendo sword that always managed to appear out of nowhere for some odd reason she could never understand. "Better watch your words, or else…," he warned. Fuu faced him with intensity.

"Well, if you don't need me, then leave and go who knows where!" Fuu hissed at him with her hands on her hips, "Because I don't need you!"

Mugen walked pass her. "Gladly."

Fuu turned and walked downstairs as Mugen kept going down the hall with his wooden sword by his shoulder. As she walked down the steps, she could hear Mugen's voice echoing from down the hall.

"Have fun getting lost…," he sneered with laughter.


Damn you…, Fuu thought, stomping downstairs. I don't need you anyway. I can find my way around Edo High School all on my own! Just you wait, Mugen… Just you wait! Opening the glass doors to the courtyard of the first floor, Fuu looked around. She knew the school had a building for all the students' classes, the building she was just in, as well as other buildings like the office, auditorium, gymnasium, music building, and so forth. But considering most of the buildings looked the same, it seemed Fuu would be walking around for hours rather than one class period. This is just peachy…, she mumbled sarcastically. This just can't get any worse…

"Hey… You're that new transfer student in 1-S, right?"

"Who wants to know?" Fuu questioned, turning around to find herself surrounded by thugs. Fuu could tell by their uniforms they weren't from Edo High; they were probably from a neighboring school. She frowned. Just by their expressions, Fuu could tell her day had just gotten worse. "What do you want?" she asked quickly with suspicion.

"Nothing," one of them said with a smile, "We just wanna ruff you up a bit, that's all."

"It'll sure piss Mugen off when he finds out," another hollered.

Fuu flinched. "Mugen?" she asked.

"Yeah," the third explained. "You're Mugen's girlfriend, well, the one he's interested in this time, right? We saw you talking with him twice. You guys even sit next to each other in class."

This morning and in the hallway too…, Fuu realized what they were talking about. She shook her head immediately. "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not Mugen's girlfriend!" Fuu stated with annoyance.

"Oh, really?" the fourth person of the gang questioned. "Well, we'll still ruff you up, just in case." He turned to four other people in the group as he snapped his fingers. Two of them pushed Fuu into the wall of the east building as the two others held Fuu's arms. But that didn't stop her from struggling.

"Let me go! How many times do I have to tell you?! I'm not Mugen's girlfriend! He doesn't even like me, and wants nothing to do with me, all right?! He's just a stalking creep who thinks I owe him one hundred dumplings!" Fuu argued.

"We can't take your word," the one holding her right arm said.

"Yeah, you might just be lying, and then you'll run off and tell Mugen to kick our asses. Now we can't let that happen, now can we?" the one holding her left arm added with a chuckle.

"Why do you guys have a problem with Mugen? I know he can be a jerk, but…!" Fuu demanded, glaring at the eight troublemakers.

"He kicked our asses last week after we said how crappy his fighting skills were. We thought roughing out up would be our little revenge," the first stated.

Fuu couldn't believe this. "You guys are cowards! At least Mugen has enough pride to defend his name, but you eight would take the lowliest way of just pissing him off! He'll just kick your asses again if you do this!" she snapped.

"Sure," added the second, "But at least we'll be able to take away his pride without getting the crap beaten outta us."

"So…," said the third as he walked in front of Fuu, pulling on her collar. "Stay quiet, or else…"

"Or else… what?!" Fuu shouted, kneeing the third troublemaker in the groin. The third one backed away and collapsed as the fourth one quickly took his place and cupped Fuu's chin tightly. Fuu only spat on his face and glared with her chestnut brown eyes with furious rage.

"… That's it! You're dead, bitch!" the fourth person of the gang snapped as he raised his fist, ready to punch her.

Oh, no! Fuu flinched, closing her eyes quickly. But she felt nothing. She suddenly felt her arms had become loose. Opening her eyes, Fuu gasped. Her eyes widened in shock. The fourth one had been knocked out and was unconscious on the ground. She looked up to see who had done it. Fuu could not believe her eyes. "Mu… Mugen…?" she asked, her voice dry with surprise.

He quickly knocked out the other four guys as he glared at the two standing next to Fuu. They quickly tried to run pass Mugen, but were knocked out in an instant as Mugen swung his kendo sword. Mugen turned his attention to the still shocked Fuu. "Hey… You okay?" he asked. Fuu was looking down; her brown hair was tied up, but Mugen couldn't see her face. "Hey… Did you hear me?" Mugen repeated, irritated, walking over to her. "I said 'are you okay?'"

"I hate you!" Fuu shouted, staring at Mugen coldly.

"What the…?! I fucking saved your life! Those guys would've raped you!" Mugen argued.

"They were gonna rape me to get back at you! It's your fault! They wanted to rape me because they thought I was your girlfriend!" Fuu shot back.

"Well, I saved you, didn't I?! So stop shouting!"

"You're the one who's shouting!"

"Hey!" He put his left hand on Fuu's shoulder, shaking her. "Will you shut up and be thankful for a second?!" Mugen demanded.

"I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" Fuu snapped, hitting Mugen over and over on his chest with anger. She couldn't believe how insensitive he was. It's all his fault! Why won't he just apologize already?! Mugen, you're such a jerk! She thought. "I hate you! I hate you!"

Mugen looked away, not knowing what to say. "I… I'm sorry…," he said quietly.


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