summery; And then he was gone. Just like that. We never thought it would happen, not to Beast Boy. Honestly, I thought I'd be the one to go again, but he definitely proved me wrong. 1st chapter drabbles. pairings undecided but there will be romance and agnst and possibly some thing else, I just can't think of what yet.

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And then he was gone. Just like that. We never thought it would happen, not to Beast Boy. Honestly, I thought I'd be the one to go again, but he definitely proved me wrong. The happy-go-lucky jokester proved to me, the mysterious former sidekick of THE Batman that anyone could do it.

It al happened much like the Soto incident. Beast Boy wanted someone to talk to and we all turned him down. I was 'busy' researching; Cy was trying to fix the TV. Raven blew up when she laughed at Beast Boy (at Beast Boy, not with), Raven was meditating and Star was making some sick Tameranian meal that consisted of some form of dung beetle. None of us could even give him the courtesy of turning him down nicely.

So he left. None of us were sure where, none of us cared to ask. But where ever he was, so was Slade. I could have blamed Beast Boy for getting himself captured, for leaving his communicator behind, but I don't. One of us should have been there with him in the first place, but we weren't.

How were we to know Slade would take him quietly? How were we to know Beast Boy would take it upon himself to go out alone? As far as any of us know, he didn't tell anyone. But then, he could have told everyone and it wouldn't have made a difference.

How were to know Slade would be there at all? How were we to know he would take Beast Boy? Nobody heard anything, nobody saw anything, there was no trace of anything left behind. Anything.

I guess I'm trying to put the blame on somebody other than the Titans, but in actual fact, it was our fault. My fault. The Titans east said he did call earlier on, just to see if anyone wanted to hang out. Speedy was sleeping, Aqualad was in Atlantis, and Bubble Bee had taken the twins out.

Besides, even if they weren't busy, the only one who'd actually had any contact with Beast Boy outside of missions was Aqualad. We should get them over some time. We should save Beast Boy first.

Ever since the Beast incident I haven't really talked to Beast Boy, but then, I was pretty hostile to him. The only time I really talked to him was when we were both talking to Cyborg. He kind of connects us, with out him, me and Beast Boy would probably never talk to him.

At some point, I teased him about being a vegetarian. I told him it wasn't manly. Kind of. Cy and I were eating a steak. I said to Cy that there was nothing more manly than eating a steak, as a joke. Cy laughed and the joke expanded, and expanded, and expanded, and it started to get malicious.

Beast Boy got angry, really angry. He didn't laugh. But Cy and I, we did. Laughed. Loud and hard.

"Cool it," I told him. "It was just a joke," after all.

He said "Well I'm not laughing. It wasn't funny. You should get some new material. You know, some thing creative."

"Oooo, we have a comedian."

I smirked. "Why bother when I have some much to work with?"

His ears dropped. We laughed. "Come on Beast Boy. If your gonna be all mopey, just go hang out in your room so we can't see it."

He smiled at me, and I was confused. He bowed down, way down. He's a lot more flexible than we realized. "Yes master."

And that was it, I snapped. Well, I punched him. Cyborg cheered me on, screeching for us to fight, but I think I punched him to hard, he was out cold.

"Oh dang." Was all Cyborg could get out before the girls came running in. Star grabbed Beast Boy of the floor. Raven gave me the death glare before running of after Starfire to the medical room.

I will never forget that. I had brocken his nose. I don't know why he fell unconscious though. I guess he was just really shocked. He hadn't realized I was gonna lash out at him. Truth be told, I didn't expect me too, either. No one did.

He don't give him any creadit. He really tries out there, on the battle field. He's a really good fighter, but I think he needs to train more. He could do really well. I guess I should have told him that. Maybe we should actually take the time to listen to him. We might like what we find, if we tried to look.

We don't treat him well, at all. That was probably the nicest thing the girls had ever done for him, protecting him against me. None of us got along with him, not really. I guess that's why I've never had a proper conversation with him when no one to voice their opinion but us.

I wonder if that's why I feel so bad. I wonder if it's because I think that I could have made a bigger effort to get to know him, all of us could have. None of us knew his real name, where he was born, where his parents are. I didn't know he was part of the Doom Patrol until this year when Mento called his Doom Patrol communicator to check up on him. I didn't even know he had a mentor.

We've been looking for weeks now, and there has been no sign of him at all. We've asked around, every where. Nobody's seen him.

So that's it then. Some leader I turned out to be. One of my team has gone missing, and I know nothing about them. It's going to be really hard to find him, if we find him.

Everyone refues to give up. Beast Boy may not know it, but we really do care about him. But they would choose me over them any day. That's what scares me. I'm not that great, no matter what my girlfriend says, no one is perfect. Beast Boy is far from erfect, but I'm willing to look for him if he's willing to be found.

THE END (maybe)
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