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The Changeling and the Bird-boy

Chapter 2 the sound of footsteps.

The only sound heard in the tower was the sound of footsteps and the quiet tapping of Cyborg clicking on one of the computer keyboards.

At the beginning, the tower was alive with movement and bustle. Everyone was doing their own thing to help Beast Boy. Searching by sky, by land, or online, we were going to find him, no matter what. It was only a matter of time.

Rushing away to any clue, to any sign of the green skinned thirteen-year old. Books, papers, anything to help him. Everyone was pitching in. Titans east and all the honoraries.

There was noise and running about, but we soon ran out of ideas. No more clues to find, no more leads to follow. Our pace became slow, our hopes faded.

Months passed and we saw no glimmer of Garfield Logan. As far as we knew, he was gone. We had given up hope; we were on the verge of quitting. I had never lost a man, never! And a man so young… They had always been found with our endless source of resourses. Not Beast Boy, our resourses ended.

I stopped walking, my thoughts swimming around in my head. The main doors opened with a whoosh. Light spread across the hallway and, although I was wearing a mask, I covered my eyes from the bright glow.

"Friend Robin, what will we do?" Removing my hand from my eyes, I shrugged and continued walking. "Friend Robin?" I stopped walking again and grunted.

"We will find him Robin. Don't worry, we are close!" But we weren't. "Beast Boy would not want us to worry, he knows we will prevail!" Stupid cheerful optimism.

I doubted it. I'm pretty sure that he wants us to come. I'm pretty sure he's given up hope.

I sighed. "Maybe, Starfire. I hope so." with what little hope I had left.

"Perhaps," she started, "we should see how the others are going with the search?"

I sighed again. "Okay Starfire, let's go."


"Hey man, how's it going? You look like you haven't sleped in days!" I was greeted by the loud – yet no longer cheerful – call of Cyborg.

"Weeks, actually." I casually strolled over to his computer. "What have you found?"

He spun around in his chair to fully face me. "Alot, but you seriously need to sleep."

I shoved him out of the way, his wheeled chair spinning across the room. "What do you mean 'alot!' Tell me!"

Cyborg jumped up and launched himself at me. I winced as I felt his cold body connect with my skin, and grunted when my head hit the ground. "I won't tell you unless you sleep!"

"But what if something happens while I'm asleep!"

"Then you'll wake up! Not even Beast Boy can sleep through the blaring alarm and bright red light for too long!" We all paused expecting a quip or comeback from Beast Boy. When it didn't happen, we still remained quiet.

I pushed Cyborg of me and walked to the computer. "Now," I started calmly. "What was it you were saying?"

"Well," Cyborg stood up and brushed metaphorical dust from his lap. "We know that Slade was kept Beast Boy alive…."

"Cyborg, do need me to tell you the definition of the word 'alot?' That is not alot!"

"Robin, shut up and I'll tell you more! Besides, that's a good thing! The first in a few months! Listen, we also found Slade has a knew assistant."

"What do you know about him?"

"Her. She's a bit older then us, and she holds much power." Starfire landed next to me, throwing in her comment.

Even Raven got up from her chair, closed her book and added her comment. "She leaves her signature all over the city. But that's all we know."

"And Beast Boy, you mentioned he is alive?"

"Yes, but we don't know if he is hurt or not, or what condition he is kept in."

"Now," Starfire grasped my hand, "Please friend Robin, will you go to sleep?"

I threw her hand out of my own and stomped off. "Fine. But if anything…"

The alarm sounded. "Titans! Trouble!"

Medusa chuckled. It was a good day, the sun wasn't shinning, rain was pooring, and the birds had stopped signing around the time she had thrown the bus down the street. Slade had told her to be subtle when contacting the Titans. Insulting! Like he doesn't even know her!

She frowned at the number of people she killed. Five. "Hmm," she mused. "Not my best. I must be tired today." She flicked her hair and sighed. She hated wearing it up, but Slade liked it that way. It draws less attention to her. She snorted and went back to carving her signature into a building.

"Stop right there!"

Medusa stopped and grinned to her self. She turned to face the teens.

"The Teen Titans!"

"Stop! Come down and fight coward!"

"Is something wrong?" She smiled inncoently down at them.

The robot and orange-skinned girl looked at each other. The got-girl's eyes darkened knowingly. "Who are you?" The leader barked up at her.

"Oh, I do believe you have not had the pleasure of meeting me yet! Sorry," she finished of the carving and hopped down the building in front of the Titans. "But I have places to go, people to see. Maybe another time. Over tea?"

"Is that all the damage you'll be doing today?" The spiky haired brat said while looking at the carving, genuinely surprised.

"Obviously," Medusa said, looking at her nails and then grinning maliciously at them, "you haven't seen downtown yet."

The brat's eyes narrowed again. "Why would Slade send you? You're just a pawn in his game."

Medusa spied something atop one of the shorter buildings. She outstretched her arm. "Why would he send a pawn, when he could send a knight?"

The robot quipped "Good Question! We should ask him! Some knight…."

Again she shot them a sinister smile before her fingers lengthened and began changing colour. From her fingers came long, thick pythons. They shot up and grasped a limp, lifeless body from a building.

The mechanical man whistled a low, impressed whistle. "Some knight!"

Medusa dragged the unconscience boy down and dangled him above their heads, shaking him a little. "Wakey, Wakey!" She called up to him.

The Titans gasped, and the boy's eyes flicked a little. "What's wrong?" Medusa asked again. Her eyes darkened. "I'm just taking the dog for a walk!" She chuckled. "Wake up boy!" his eyes opened slightly, trying to focus. "There's a good boy! Say hi to your friends!"

She tightened her hold on his waist and Beast Boy's eyes shot open. He cried out in pain, squeezing his eyes shut.

"No!" he cried.

"Be quiet child!" Medusa sang merrily, "or you get more of this!" She squeezed a little titer and he quieted, holding his breath.

"Stop! You are hurting friend Beast Boy!"

Medusa growled "You spoke against Slade's word and my actions. You will pay through his pain!"

Again, she tightend her grasp on him. He screeched in pain and, when his voice dulled, he blackened out.

"Well," she stated. "I've had enough fun talking to idiots." She turned to Raven. "Beast Boy is ours now. He is Slade's! We have our own plans for him. We need to know everything about him, his past, his powers. If you don't tell us, we will kill him, and move onto a new Titan.

"When you have done this, you will be rewarded with your life, as well as grass stain's! You have forty-two hours. And to show we're serious, you have twenty-four hours." With that she leapt away, leaving the Titans alone in the destroyed streets.

Back at the tower, we were fighting. What Raven was suggesting was suicide!

"But friend Raven! You don't even know this about friend Beast Boy! What will you do?"

"I am telepathic. By touching some thing he holds dear, I should be able to find much about him."

"But you're not thinking of helping them!" I cried. She was not, she couldn't be! ...Could she?

"Beast Boy will live if I do, and so will we."

"Now you trust her too?" She was crazy. There was something wrong. I will never help Slade and his pet snake!

"She doesn't go against her word. She never has, never will."

"You know her?"

"Yes. I have meet her briefly."

"Briefly? And yet you trust her?"



"Yes, and I know she is trust worthy. Not being honest goes against her morals."

"Some morals…" Raven glared at Cyborg.

"It doesn't matter. It's the only way."

"Friend Robin, what do you think?"

"I don't agree. But it is the only way to ensure Beast Boy's safety. I will follow you Raven, but when something bad happens, I'll be the one beside you saying I told you so." With that, I turned and left. The only sound behind me was that of my footsteps.

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