Introduction by Vampassassin

First up: thankyou to everyone who decided to read this story! It's been floating around for awhile so I'm happy to finally start writing it. However, I need to make some points right away:

For those who have read my other Alex Rider story (Alex Rider Line of Humanity) I have this to say: I thought this story up around the same time as the other. It shares a Lot of the same points, but it is NOT related to my other one at all. Think of it as something similar but completely different at the same time.

You will only get new chapters if this is reviewed constantly. Yes that's evil, but it means my readers work a little. Also, reviews mean comments, opinion, suggestions and predictions. Every few chapters, I'll put in a readers response section. So review, you KNOW you want to see your comments online. I may even use some of your suggestions, who knows?

I want to say a special thanks to my friend Alex. Without her, my story would be a sub-quality piece of writing and this is bad because I LOVE Alex Rider and want this story to be right.

Anyway, thankyou again for reading my tribute to the Alex Rider series. I hope you enjoy the story. I must warn you though, I've rated it T for a reason. Those with delicate stomachs or minds may be slightly traumatised by the mix of action, thrill and humour. Don't say I didn't warn you!