Heir Chronicles 1: War of the Houses

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Chapter 1 Reunion

The cloaked figure moved silently through the crowds of the night, unseen and unheard. The figure kept moving people glanced at it and received a chill down their spine. It was in a small wizarding community known as Hilltop. The city was covered by a large disillusionment charm which could made the ordinary muggle see a plain hill a very large hill but with nothing on it but a few rocks and trees and a river running around the right side of the base. There were also many other charms, to keep sound blocked and other things like that.

The figure quickly found an back alley on one side of the community's infamous pub, the Spider's Leg. It wasn't a very nice pub but everyone said the drinks were good. The other good thing was that it was oping until three o'clock in the morning. The figure sat down, and began to wait. A group of drunk men came out the side door of the pub. They didn't see the cloaked one and just started a fight. The figure didn't know why. They fight ended up with them knocking each other out. "I can't have that." The figure said pointing its wand at them. "Avada Kedavra!" the figure whispered and a green light struck one man, the figure whispered it again and it struck the other man. The figure then whispered, "Abeo corpus " and pointed its wand to each man and they vanished. Drunks, I despise them… it thought. The figure sat down on a box and cast a camouflaging spell so it couldn't be seen easily. The friday night air was cold even though it was midway through summer and the figure was feeling the chill. "Flamma!" it whispered to start a magical fire that would keep it warm. It cast an invisibility charm on the fire so no-one would see it. The figure drifted into a light sleep as it figured it might have to wait a long time…


A man woke up in the dead of night, he had been awoken by a simple waking charm that he had timed to set off at midnight. His name was Aaron Tinder he lived on the Outskirts of Hilltop with his almost 15 year old daughter, Sasha. He got out of bed and dressed into some more presentable clothes and checked around his house to make sure no-one was awake other than him. He went to the room furthest from Sasha's bedroom and apparated so the distinctive pop would not wake up his daughter. He appeared about fifty metres from the Spider's Leg. He began walking towards trying to be quiet and kept his head down so no-one would recognise him. When he was almost there he stopped and thought about his life.

When his daughter was 5 he and his wife, who was Sasha's mother, divorced. They divorced because she was a muggle and he was a wizard a full blooded wizard. She couldn't cope with him being able to do much more than she could and decided the relationship wouldn't last. She left and took Sasha's twin, Corey with her, much to the distress of Corey and Sasha who were close and the separation wasn't good for either of them. Aaron had tried to get back together with his ex-wife but she was seeing other men, so he tried to see other women. For almost 6 years he hadn't had much luck. Then he met someone, a beautiful woman who told him he mustn't send his daughter to Hogwarts a renowned school of witchcraft and wizardry. He didn't know why and to this day still doesn't know why he stopped his daughter from going to Hogwarts, but now thought it might be best to start sending her so she could control her magical powers. He and the woman started a small relationship, once a year they had a drink, and talked usually about his daughter. That was where he was going now. He decided he would tell her that he was going to send Sasha to Hogwarts and end their relationship however small it was.

He reached the back alley and woke the sleeping figure, the beautiful woman. She awoke with a fright not expecting him. "It's so good to see you Aaron lets go inside, would so we can be warm and maybe then we can have a nice drink?" She asked. "Yes, that would be nice and it's good to see you too." Aaron replied.

They entered the Spider's Legs and he went to the toilet while she ordered two butterbeers for them. When he returned, they began to talk. They talked about the past year and what they had done. After half an hour the woman realised Aaron hadn't touched his drink. "Aaron why aren't you drinking!?" she asked. Aaron looked her in the eye. "I'm not very thirsty and besides I don't plan to be here much longer." He answered. "Why not?" she asked looking concerned. "I'm sending Sasha to Hogwarts this year and nothing will change my mind and secondly this relationship is over." He replied and stood up and walked to the door. She looked at him and said: "Ok, but she will be in danger if she does go." The woman said. Aaron took no notice and walked out the door. The woman looked angry. Not an heir, she thought, This could ruin everything! She stood up and apparated to her own home an apartment in London. The barman looked where she had been in disbelief. "No respect these days!" he mumbled picking p the glasses and tipping them in the bin.


The next day when Aaron and Sasha were having breakfast he said to her. "Sasha, this year, I'm sending you to Hogwarts." He told her. The chair Sasha was sitting in fell over backwards. Aaron got up and saw his daughter on the ground. He became worried. He bent down and checked her pulse, it was still there and beating strong. He started to laugh. Well, well, well, I think she's fainted! He thought to himself.


Corey woke up on Saturday morning with a start. He looked around his room but his long brown hair obscured his view. He brushed it away and then looked at his alarm clock. "What!? Twelve o'clock! Better get ready." He said to himself as he bolted into the bathroom to have a shower. Corey's long hair got in his eyes as soon as it became wet. Corey was almost 15 like his twin Sasha. He was taller and stronger than her but she was older which was something he liked to tease her about. About 5 minutes later he rushed downstairs and wolfed down his breakfast. "What do you think you're doing?" his mother asked. Corey looked at his mum. "Getting ready fast so I can pack quickly so I'm not late when I'm going to dad's place." He replied through a mouthful of cereal. "Don't speak with your mouth full, its bad manners!" his mum said. He swallowed his food and repeated his sentence. "Ok, but you'd better be ready by lunch time." She replied. He nodded and ran back upstairs. He pulled out his wand and muttered "Sarcina!" as he thought of everything he wanted to pack into his bag and it was all packed. It's a small spell the ministry won't be annoyed…he thought.

As he was thinking of the ministry sending an owl he remembered his own pet. It wasn't an owl, it was a falcon, which Hogwarts were allowing as well as owls. It was a peregrine falcon named Razorwind who he kept in a large aviary in his back yard. The Aviary had a disillusionment charm on it so nobody would see it and a noise dampening charm as well. He looked at his watch that said 12:58 and he knew there were only two minutes before lunch. Dammit got to hurry!! He thought, placing Razorwind into a small carry cage while running to his cupboard where he grabbed his Firebolt broomstick. He ran to put it by the door and then ran to his mum. "Made it!" he yelled just as it turned one o'clock. "Lunch is ready and so are you." His mother replied.

As they sat down to eat lunch They began to talk. "Remember your Father will be taking you and Sasha to the platform." She mentioned. "Sasha's going to Hogwarts?" he asked. She nodded. "Your father decided last night, and Headmistress McGonagall has given you and your father Authorization to attempt to bring Sasha up to speed, so you have to pack everything your taking to Hogwarts and all your old stuff for Sasha to read." Melissa added (for that was her name). "When did you find this out mum?" Corey asked. "This morning, your father called, while you were sleeping." She replied while emphasizing those last few words. "Sorry, my alarm didn't go off." He replied, leaving the table to pack the extra things.

About half an hour later the left and began the 3 hour drive to Hilltop. When they reached where Hilltop should be an escort of wizards came and made the car invisible so no-one would see it and took them to the Tinder residence in a horse drawn cart. They were left outside the front gate and went in to knock on the door. Sasha opened it hugging her mother and then her brother. Sasha was older than Corey by 2 minutes something she used to tease him gladly. Melissa looked at Sasha and then at Corey. They may have been twins but they weren't identical, because where Corey had a lighter more chocolate brown hair and blue eyes, Sasha had almost black darker brown hair and turquoise eyes. They went inside and Corey and Sasha took his stuff to her upstairs bedroom, which left Aaron and Melissa time to talk. "It's great to see you again!" Aaron said wrapping his arms around his ex-wife. She nodded in agreement and hugged him back. "Should we tell them?" Melissa asked a few seconds later. Aaron looked her in the eye. "Of course they should know." He replied kissing Melissa.

A few minutes later the twins came downstairs and their parents turned to face them. "Your mother and I have some news." Aaron began. Melissa looked at her children and smiled. "We're getting back together again." She added. She looked at Corey. "You know that I haven't been in a relationship for a while and its because of this. By Christmas we'll all be living here I hilltop and your father and I will be re-married in the summer." Melissa said. Sasha looked at them. "Wow, this can't get any better can it?" she asked almost in disbelief. Corey shook his head in answer to her question. Aaron looked at Melissa in the eyes. "But for now your mother has to go back to your home and begin to settle things." He said. They all exchanged goodbyes with Melissa as she headed back home.

As the other three returned inside, Aaron looked at his children and said. "We're going to Diagon Alley on Tuesday, and we'll meet your mother there, who by the way, is now able to use magic thanks to KWIKSPELL. But until then," he turned his gaze to Sasha, "Your brother and I will begin to teach you magic and hopefully get you more prepared for this year." He added smiling. The twins grinned and ran upstairs and entered what would be their bedroom.

Two beds were now in the quite large room and Sasha and Corey lay down on their own beds. Sasha turned to Corey. "How cool is this! I'm going to Hogwarts and Mum and Dad are getting back together!" She exclaimed. Corey nodded. "I know, its awesome," he leant down and grabbed something out of his bag and handed them to Sasha. "These are all my old books, notes and all, so you can read those to help you." He added. She nodded a thanks to him and she began to read through some of the books, laughing at some of her brothers 'notes'. A while later she said: "You know what it will get better because our 15th birthday is the 15th of October," she said as she looked at him writing.

"What are you doing?" she added. Corey turned to look at her. "I'm trying to create a spell, its tricky and I need the right words for it." He answered. She looked sceptical. And grabbed his pits of paper looking at them intently. "Shouldn't that be advanced magic?" Sasha asked. Corey looked at her with a grin. "Yes, but, all my teachers say that I might be a spell weaver." He replied. Sasha gave him a puzzled look. "A spell weaver is a magician who can create spells. You can't learn to be a spell weaver you are born with the talent. And they are usually skilled at magic which, I am, I've been able to master spells faster than anyone else in my year." Corey added quite smugly. Sasha laughed. "Ok, but how do you make the spells, surely they wouldn't teach you that." She replied. Corey grinned again. "They have, I get special classes to learn but at the moment I can only make simple spells, and how I do it, you ask, is by using Latin. I pick either one or more Latin words and make the spell. To use it you have to use the magic energy you have within you which the words and your wand channel to create the desired effect. You also have to be able to imagine its effect for it to become a successful spell. Some wizards and witches can use spells without their hands, they're very good at magic." he answered.

She looked at one of his ideas. "Acer Ventus!" Sasha said trying to find some kind of magic in herself. Corey smothered a laugh. "At this stage you will need a wand to cats spells, like I do. But watch this spell, but I'll explain it first. Acer in Latin means sharp and Ventus means wind, together they make sharp wind. I wanted a word for razor, but I couldn't find one. But the effect of the spell is to send very sharp winds at the target, sharp as swords to cut and slash it. I'll use it on this piece of paper." Corey replied. Sasha held the piece of paper in the air and Corey pointed his wand at it. "Acer Ventus!" he said and the paper was torn to shreds. "Now lets see how tough it is," Corey added looking at Sasha. "Lets go outside and try it on a tree, hopefully it works well." He said. "Ok, but on the oak tree any other tree and dad will kill us!" Sasha replied bursting into laughter. Corey began to laugh as well and they headed outside. When they got there Corey pointed his wand at the oak tree and said: "Acer Ventus!" and the tree received deep cuts all over it's trunk. Corey turned to Sasha and couldn't help noticing how much she'd grown since he'd seen her last, at least how much more she looked like their mother, more of a woman than a girl anymore. She also looked older than him. He was still taller and he assumed stronger which wouldn't surprise Corey because he had always been fairly strong. "I know another spell, that wouldn't hurt but its more of a comical spell I like to use." He informed her with a grin. Sasha had a worried look on her face. Corey just laughed and said: "Foetor Ventus" and a very bad smell appeared with an accompanying sound. Sasha started to cough as did her twin. After about 5 minutes the smell went away and they both began to laugh. Sasha looked at Corey. "Well enough fooling around, it's time to start this training." She said, becoming serious.