Hogwarts Heirs and the War of the Houses

Chapter 3: Diagon Alley

"Jack, hey Jack!" Corey called out, to his best friend. "Hey Corey, what's up man?" "Nothing much." Corey responded. "Seeing he's not going to do it, hi I'm Sasha, his twin sister, and I'm starting Hogwarts this year." "Cool, what year will you be in," both of the twins looked at him funnily, "What?" he asked "Let me re-introduce myself, Hi I'm Sasha, his twin sister." "Oh, well anyway have you met any girls in our year yet?" "No I haven't, Corey wouldn't take me to meet Tessa and I've only just got here so, no I haven't," replied Sasha. "Well, wait a moment I'll be back, I will go get my cousin, she's a Hufflepuff." Jack told her before quickly running off.

The twins could see Jack pulling over a tall girl with straight black hair and pale grey eyes. "Katy, this is Sasha, Sasha this is my cousin Katalin," "Hi" the two girls said at the exact same time, then laughed. "Hey, Sasha do you want to walk 'round with these two losers or do you want to come shopping with me and my friend Alyssa?" "Hey! That's not nice." the boys protested, while Sasha laughed out loud and walked away with Katalin.

"Jack, how could you let your cousin corrupt my sister, how could you?" Corey moaned. "Oh Corey, stop being a melodramatic dumb ass." Jack snapped. "Sorry." Corey replied sarcastically.

"So what house do you want to be in?" Alyssa, Katalin's friend asked. "Ravenclaw I guess, but according to my brother their 'nerdy' and don't like most sports, but that's not me really because I love just about every sport. Gryffindor or Slytherin sounds like the houses that really care about sport and stuff like that but although I'm reasonably ambitious and brave, I don't think of them as my best traits, I'd much rather be loyal or even wise and Hufflepuff apparently is ok about sport but not as much as Gryffindor." "So basically, Hufflepuff would be best for you," Katalin questioned. "yeah." Sasha had immediately hit it off with the Hufflepuff and Slytherin girls. Alyssa was practically the opposite of Katalin, she was short, had mid-back, curly, strawberry blonde hair, and light blue eyes.

"So, Sasha do you have a boyfriend?" Sasha blushed "No I haven't had one before either, I was home schooled and there weren't many teenagers where I lived." "Oh, so why were you home schooled but Corey not," Sasha sighed. "Well my parents split up, I lived with my dad and Corey our mum, and for some reason my dad wouldn't let me go, when I asked he always just said because I'm in charge, it really sucked mind you, as much as I love my dad, it really, really, really sucked."

"So, do either of you have a boyfriend?" "Alyssa blushed but Katalin just smiled and said "I might." "Ooooh tell me, tell me, tell me please." Katalin smiled and said you wouldn't know him but he's a Ravenclaw in the year above us. His name's Jacob Thompson." "Do you have a boyfriend Alyssa?" "n…n…no but well…." "why are you stuttering?" Sasha asked but before Alyssa had a chance to respond Katalin spoke for her "she likes your brother!" Sasha cracked up, she was laughing so hard she looked as though she was about to fall over "you…li…like Corey…oh my gosh," she managed to gasp out before she started laughing again. She stood up suddenly and was serious. "Wait isn't he going out with Tessa?" "Well yes but our opinion of Tessa isn't very high." "Ah, is she a bimbo?" "Worse she's a bitchy bimbo, she's so annoying and up herself, but most guys drool over her it's so annoying." "Oh" "yeah it sucks. Anyway onto more interesting topics, what classes are you looking forward to?"

"Well I can't wait for Sword fighting, I love all sports and am a really physical person, wait…that sounded wrong, I am good at sports like Rugby and Soccer because of the physical side to it." Sasha replied. "Well you'll probably be good at it, I mean Corey is like the best in our year." said Alyssa. Sasha turned to Katalin "Does she have a biased opinion or is he really the best?" Sasha questioned. "Nope, he's definitely the best" Katalin responded. Sasha smirked. "Sash, why are you smirking? It's really creepy it looks like when my friend Blake does it." Alyssa commented. "Cool, I want to meet him, what's he look like?" Sasha asked. "Well he's really tall, even taller than Katalin, He has dark, pitch black hair and these incredibly bright blue eyes, basically I reckon if he wasn't pretty much my best friend in the whole world who I've known since I was 3, I'd probably be in love with him, but as once again I've known him since I was 3, and seen every baby picture there is to see of him we're just friends." "Cool, you're so lucky to even know guys your age, because as I said before the only guy I know my age is Corey and thinking of your own brother as hot is just creepy," Sasha said shivering.

"Your sister's hot Corey." Jack told Corey matter-of-factly. The two of them had been arguing about it for the past 20 minutes. "Fine, if you want to think she's hot you do that and its fine if you want to go out with her, but if you break her heart I'll break your legs!" "Whatever, Oi Blake, get over here, Blake!" Jack called out. "Bloody hell, Jack are you trying to deafen me, I just had to let my dad know where I was going," "Oh sorry Blake, anyway how was your summer? Oh and you have got to meet Corey's twin sister she's really hot!" Jack announced. "Gross, Jack stop talking about my sister like that, anyway how was your summer Blake?" Corey asked. "It was good I guess, but did you do the summer homework?" Both Corey and Jack looked down at the ground and mumbled something about being busy." Blake laughed out loud at that; it was the same every year.


"Corey, oh Corey," his girlfriend cooed. Sasha shuddered; she hated Tessa from the sound of her voice. It was hard for Sasha to hate anyone, because of her kind personality, even if the other person didn't like her she always put in an effort. "Hey Tessa, what's up?" Corey asked, kissing Tessa on the mouth. "Eeew, Corey are you trying to brake the world record of how long it is possible to snog someone." Sasha teased. Corey looked up and laughed, while Tessa looked up at Sasha and frowned. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Tessa snapped. "Oh sorry I'm Sasha," she replied, coolly. "So" Tessa sniped back. "Sash, be nice, you too Tess." Corey said "Who is this girl? Are you cheating on me?" Tessa yelled, tears forming in her eyes. "Merlin's beard! No babe, this is my twin sister." Corey said, hugging Tessa. "Oh." Tessa said, smiling. "Once again, hi I'm Sasha," Sasha desperately wanted to laugh at the look on Tessa's face. "Anyway sorry we have to go Tessa, we still have to get my sword and my wand." Sasha said, ending the conversation. "Oh, see you Corey baby," Tessa said as she walked off. "Well bye to you to." Sasha said sarcastically, completely pissed off that Tessa hadn't even said goodbye to her.


"Aaaah, finally the fourth enters, I have waited a long time for you Miss Tinder and Mr. Tinder how good to see you." The wand shop owner said. "Mr. Ollivander, it really is good to see you." "How is your wand? Still working properly" Mr. Ollivander questioned. "Of course sir, when have any of your wands stopped working," Corey answered, the elderly man laughed. "Well let us get down to business. Miss Tinder, which hand is your wand hand?" Mr. Ollivander began. "Um, I am left handed if that's what you mean." Sasha answered, not sure of what he meant. "Right then, could you please stick your left hand up." Sasha did as Mr. Ollivander instructed, he immediately handed up a wand. "This Miss Tinder, is a beautiful wand, it is 12 ½ inches made of white oak wood with an ebony handle, it also has a drop of unicorn's blood, which would normally be bad luck but the blood was given willingly, so it is actually very powerful." The old man said. "Cool, thank you so much sir, how much does it cost." Sasha questioned Mr. Ollivander. "For all the good I know you will do with it you can have it for 8 galleons and 3 sickles." Sasha looked towards Corey wondering if it was a good deal. Corey nodded and handed over the money for her. "We'll take it," he said unnecessarily.


"Welcome," said a mysterious voice from the back of the Sword Styling Shop. "Finally I meet the fourth, you will be better than the rest at swords, I am sure it is true. So Miss Tinder have you ever sparred before." "No ma'am, although I pretend sparred with Corey here with two long sticks two days ago." Sasha replied. "Well to start with you must call me Yukari, now if you step into the back room with me, we will spar. The three of them walked into the back room. Corey called it "one, two, three, GO!" Yukari struck with her fencing sword while Sasha blocked. The two of them continued for 15 minutes neither of them striking the other. Block, slash, slash, block, stab, block, and so on. Neither of the two wanted to give in. Yukari suddenly stopped. "Well, if you have never sparred before you did a magnificent job. Judging from the way you sparred I would put you as a saber style, although I am convinced very easily if need be you would be able to fight rapier, longsword, sword and shield or even fencing." Yukari announced. "Um, ok that meant nothing to me but I think it was a compliment." The small Japanese woman laughed softly, "Yes Sasha, it was a compliment. Now Sasha we are going to try with a few different models of Saber then we will decide which model and what quality depending on what you are prepared to spend." "Ok, let's get started then."

The two continued to spar for the next two hours, although normally Corey got bored watching other people sparred he was so absorbed in the matches he didn't notice all the time that was flying by. Finally they decided on a longer sword in saber style.


"Wow, I thought Ollivander was creepy, but Yukari even creepier." Sasha declared. "I know Sash but don't worry about it; they were like that when I got my first wand and sword." Corey answered. "Hey Corey do you know what Yukari and Mr. Ollivander meant when they said, I was the fourth or something?" Sasha asked. "Sorry Sash I don't know, although both of them said to me being something about one in four as well, but they're both a little strange so I wouldn't worry about it too much Sash." "Thanks Corey." Sasha replied.

The twins headed to where they had organized to meet their parents. When they got there they saw their mum holding a cat basket. Sasha burst into a wide grin. "Is it for me!?" Sasha asked. Aaron nodded. The basket opened and out stepped a white cat, with bright green eyes and a black stripe on it's forehead. Sasha picked it up and cuddled it. "I'll call it Streak, because of the black stripe it has." Sasha announced. Here family smiled and they headed back to their residence in Hilltop.

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