It's funny what words could do to a child at the age of six...

A Promise that could last a long time...

A boy with short black hair sat against a marble stone wall, out looking a town. The wind cold as ice, but it didn't effect him. he kicked his feet back and forth as he stretched out. "Hey Sammy, can you promise me something?" he asked looking down at her smiling, light blue eyes looking down at her. "Please?"

A girl with short black hair shifted her view to him, her light pink dress blew in the wind. "What is it Danny?" she asked tilting her head slightly. "If it has to do with me getting out of this dress, please tell me."

The boy named, Danny laughed. "No no, it's about the future!" he said brightly.

"What?" Sam asked tilting her head slightly. "It's not coming for a long time!" she said looking over at him.

"Well...daddy told me I'll be growing up soon and going threw 'puberty' and I need to get things in line!" he said looking at her, then took her hand. "Sammy, tell me you won't change. Please?"

Sam looked at Danny with a confused look. "Okie? I promise." she said smiling. "Come on! I think mom is making pie over at my house!"

"Wait! one more thing!"

"What?" Sam asked tilting her head.

"When we get older, will you marry me?" he asked curiously.

Sam turned around to him, smiling widely. "Of course, that would mean we'll be best friends forever!"

"Yay, now let's go! I'm hungry!" Danny said running past Sam. "Let's go! I'll race you!"

Really really children misunderstand things..

Prologue end.

Hey everyone! No I didn't die. This is just the Prologue, it'll be better when I write chapter 1. Hope y'all don't get confused!

-Karen Kano