Chapter 28


As Danny arrived back at the spot he left Clock Work, his eyes turned back to a shade of baby blue as he turned back into his human half. Blinking the remaining tears away, he breathed out and looked up at Clock work. Exhausted, he still stood his ground. "The portal has been sealed, Vlad is gone, we are at peace."

"Good good.." Clock Work slowly began to smile, "One last thing, Danny." he said lifting up his hand. "You get one more wish."

"W-What?" Danny asked his eye widening. "One more…why?"

"You made a wish at midnight and made a deal with me…with out even realizing it. You kept your word." Clock Work looked down at him. "Would you…like for me to bring back your friend Sam?" he asked noticing the glint of happiness in his eyes. "Or…make it as if nothing like this even happened? You would get the life you have always wanted. The life that was stolen from you."

"Will I…still be able to be with Sammy?" Danny dared himself to ask, looking up at him.

"Yes, but she won't be with you." Clock Work said, before Danny could even open his mouth he finished. "But you can always win her over like you did this time around."

"Win her over…" Danny smiled slightly. "I guess I could always do that."

"She won't know of this time line, no one will but you, Danny." Clock Work said firmly, "You must not mention it to her. It would throw things out of balance."

"Alright then…I guess it sounds like a good plan." Danny said shrugging. "Less sadness, maybe I can help Sam get in control of her powers."

"You will have to help her with that, Danny…you also will need help," Looking away Clock Work glanced up at the moon. "We must work with haste." lifting up his time staff, it began to glow a dark blue. "Good luck, Danny."

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