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Cuddy stormed from her office, after having just received a call from her head of surgeon's department. Apparently a certain diagnostician stopped a very critical surgery that took hours to prepare. The damn nerve of the man! He had harassed her for the damn procedure and now he was calling it off. Well, he had another thing coming if he thought he was going to stop it and expect her to do nothing about it.

The nurses kept out of her way when they caught the 'pissed off' vibe she was giving off. They could only assume it was House again…well…they more so knew it was House. Their fast retreating boss only had that stride and look on her strikingly attractive face when House had caused a problem or a problem led to House.

They stopped staring at their boss when she entered the elevator, jammed the floor she sought with her finger and turned to them, silently knowing full well that they knew something was up and had been staring at her as she sashayed passed them.

When the doors opened, she immediately knew House wasn't there anymore but she decided to check just in case. She angrily made her way to House's office and swung the door open. House was seated at his desk, not even bothering to look up. He probably already knew she was coming for him.

"Are you intentionally dense?!" she yelled. She had used that same line before when they were arguing over amputating Alfredo's hand. She found she really needed the line again. Chase and Cameron, she guessed, were running tests and keeping an eye on their latest patient. Foreman, however, was in the joining conference room. She saw he had looked up from House's medical terms book upon hearing her outburst.

House, the only man that could get totally under her skin, sat there calmly looking at her with false interest. "Have I mentioned that you look incredibly sexy with that scowl on your face? And what makes this situation even better is that your sexy expression because of me."

The dark haired woman took in a breath and let it out as she straightened her back. She refused to grin at his comment and she was doing a damn good job too.

"You knew your patient was unstable. Why the hell would you stop the surgery?"

"Oh I don't know. Maybe because I like to put my patient's life on the line or maybe it was because the surgery would have killed her considering she doesn't need it," replied House, leaning back on his chair swinging his cane.

Cuddy narrowed her eyes at him before turning on her heel and walking to the door. She stopped, suddenly remembering why she was there in the first place. "Don't go to the surgeon's department anymore without my consent," she hissed out and left without giving him a chance to reply back.

Don't go to the surgeon's department anymore she says. Well, Lisa Cuddy had another thing coming if she thought he was going to do as he was told.


The morning slowly disappeared into the afternoon and Cuddy was getting really tired just sitting at her desk, going through files and schedules. She stood up after peeling her heels from her feet and stretched. She had taken her black blazer off a while ago to now reveal a low, V cut, navy blue blouse. Her slim, knee high skirt, slitting up between her legs to her mid thighs, swayed with her body as she paced her office. She turned around to her door when she heard a knock.

"Uh, Dr. Cuddy? Is it all right if I take my lunch break now?" asked her secretary. Cuddy looked at her clock and saw that it was five minutes after twelve.

"Sure, just be back by one," replied Cuddy and turned back around and rubbed a hand threw her hair. A few moments went by before her door barged open without a knock, and this time she was sure it was House. When she turned around, House wasn't who she saw.

The boy looked as frightened as a rabbit about to be eaten by a fox. He had unruly, dark, wavy hair ruffed about his head, which looked greasy and uncombed. His wide brown eyes looked back into the hall and when he spotted the person he was hiding from, he ran and hid in the corner of the room.

"Can I help you?" asked Cuddy without missing the fear in his eyes. The boy remained silent and hid behind a couch. Cuddy was about to go over to him and ask for his name and where his parents were but a movement outside her door caught her eye. She turned her head to see a muscled man heading for her office. When he came in Cuddy got a clear view of his chubby, rugged face. He had a scar that went from one eye all the way to his nose.

Not forgetting her manners, Cuddy smiled at him. "Can I help you?" God, she sounded like a broken record asking that question twice in the last two minutes.

"I'm lookin' for mah boy. You seen 'im? He's 'bout four years ol', dark hair…"

Cuddy's eyes flickered to the movement behind her couch then back to the man who was at least six feet taller than her. Yeah she knew where he was, but she'd be damned if she'd let the man take him without a social worker looking at him. Cuddy looked at his hands briefly, noticing they were red and bruised, as if he had hit something, or rather someone, more than once.

"No I haven't. When I do, I'll let you know. He couldn't have gotten far. I'll have a search team look for him."

The man nodded his thanks before turning to the door and then back to her. "I'd better give you my number. I'm late for a meeting." He jotted down his number on a piece of paper he had pulled from his pocket and grabbed a pen from her desk. He handed the paper to her and strode out the office, completely oblivious to his son's presence in the room.

When Cuddy was sure he wasn't going to come back in, she set the number on her desk and quietly moved to the couch. She kneeled on it and bent over so she could see the boy.

"Hey, it's okay. You can come out now," said Cuddy softly. The boy's dirty face stared at her for a long few moments before deciding to trust her and lift his arms up to indicate he needed help getting out from between the wall and the couch. Cuddy lifted him up and set him on the couch.

"Was that man your daddy?" she asked softly, as not to startle him with the voice she knew could have men of Vogler's status cowering in submission. Cuddy lowered herself to the floor and knelt in front of him. The boy avoided her question by putting his hands over his face and burying it deep within the couch.

"Can you tell me you're name?" The boy mumbled something but she couldn't understand him. "Say that again, hun." Here eyes widened in surprise as the term of endearment tumbled out of her mouth.

"Thomas," he said louder and seemed to relax slightly.

"Okay Thomas. Was that man your dad?" Thomas nodded. "Why are you hiding from him?"

Once again he was silent, but he trusted her enough now to uncover his face. He lay on his side with his shoes on and curled into a ball facing her.

"Daddy is going to hurt me." He spoke softly, almost to quiet for her to hear.

She opened her mouth to say something but Thomas didn't let her speak. "He hurt mommy and sent her away. Now it's just the two of us. I want mommy to come back."

Cuddy frowned a bit and dragged her tongue over the right side of her teeth before breaking eye contact with him. "How does he hurt you Thomas?"

"Daddy told me not to tell anyone. He said that if I did he would find mommy and hurt her again."

"Please Thomas, you have to tell me. It's very important." She held back the tears that threatened to slide down her cheeks. The last thing the child needed was to see a strange woman weeping over him when he had much bigger problems on his mind.

Thomas turned on his other side and kept his mouth shut. Cuddy didn't know if he wanted her to leave him alone or if he was indicating to look for the bruises herself. She chose the second option and reached out and took the hem of his shirt, slowly lifting it. When Thomas said and did nothing, she pulled it up further. Her eyes widened and a hand covered her mouth to hold back a gasp and any other sound that threatened to escape. Bruises of all sizes and colors formed on his tiny back. She gently pulled down his shirt and cleared her throat to make sure her voice wouldn't crack.

"You're not going back with him," she said softly and ran a hand through his dirty hair. He tensed and cringed when he moved onto his back to look at her.

"But daddy will hurt you too if you try to take me away."

Cuddy stared at him. "I'm a big girl, Thomas. I can handle myself. Do you have any other relatives that you can stay with until this is all cleared up?"

"No. They went to hell when daddy put their heads in the toilet at home." He had said it casually, as if this sort of thing happened everyday.

Cuddy turned away as a few tears slide down her face. There was no way in hell she was letting that...beast take this child back. "Take a nap-" She turned around but stopped talking when she saw he already had his eyes closed and was trying to sleep. He obviously trusted her enough not to call his father, or he was just too exhausted to care.

Cuddy picked up the phone sitting on her desk and was about to dial social services but hesitated. Should she call them now? They would most likely want to come now and take him away. She shook her head of all hesitation and dialed the number. As much as she didn't want to, she had to phone them for Thomas' sake.

After a few rings a young woman's voice greeted her. "Hello, social services, Veronica Derangio speaking, how may I help you?"

"Hi, this is Dr. Lisa Cuddy from Princeton- Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. I have a child here in my office. I think he's being abused by his father."

"Can you give me his name?"


"Last name?"

"I don't have that information."

"Well next time get it."

Cuddy's mouth gaped open. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me. We cannot do much research on the kid if we don't have his first and last name."

Cuddy scoffed. "Bull shit. Next time, Veronica, you come to the walk in clinic here in Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, I'll be sure to remember your name. Don't worry about Thomas., He'll be fine with me," she all but hissed in the phone before slamming it shut, completely forgetting that Thomas was resting on the couch until he stirred and mumbled in his sleep.

She breathed a sigh and rubbed a hand over her face. When she looked up her eyes widened. House was headed for her office. She looked to Thomas and then back at House. Shit! She wasn't sure if Thomas could handle being confronted by House. She moved quickly and swiftly. She made it outside her door and met him in the small room separating her office from the rest of the hospital. Her assistant was about to say something to House but upon seeing Cuddy make it out before she could speak, she shut her mouth and sat back down, resuming to whatever task she had been doing.

"Hello Cuddy. Lovely day isn't it?" he asked with that smile of his. The smile that said 'I'm-bull-shitting-you.'

"What is it, House? I'm kind of busy."

"With who?" House looked over but saw no one in the office. "You're not hiding men in tight leather suits in there, are you?"

Cuddy sneered and rolled her eyes. House knew very well she hated leather and all leather related things. She tried to ignore how much he was annoying her and how edgy he made her feel and tried to focus on the task at hand: get him to leave before Thomas woke up.

"I need a consult."


"You know that surgery I pulled this morning?" Cuddy nodded, not sure if she was going to like the next thing that came from his mouth. "Well, as it turns out, it's needed, only this time my patient will die if she doesn't have this surgery."

"Fine, do whatever you need to do." She watched him nod and then leave before turning and heading back into her own office. Thomas was still on the couch, sound asleep.