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Wednesday March 16

Rex glared a thousand daggers at Cuddy from the witness stand, sending shivers of unwanted attention running down her spin. Had they been alone and not in the company of a judge and five police officers spread throughout the room, she surely would have been dead the second he laid eyes on her holding his son's hand.

So far the trial was going well. Cuddy and Thomas had already been on the witness stand, and now they were waiting for Rex to finish so the judge could give his verdict. The crown attorney stood when the defence sat down, finished with his questions.

"Is it true, sir, that you went into Princeton Plainsboro Hospital to look for your son?"

Rex frowned but said, "Yes, that's true."

"Is it also true, Mr. Finch, that you were lied to when you asked if Dr. Cuddy had seen your son?"


The crown nodded. "So then it's also true that you were extremely angry with her when you found out she lied."


"Good, good. I would be too. In fact, I'd be so angry, I'd want to hit her. And you did, didn't you?"


"Don't lie Mr. Finch. You have a record of domestic assault. There's no way you went in there with the knowledge that she lied to you and you didn't do anything about it." he leaned in close to Rex. "What happened Rex? The fact a woman outsmarted you, out right lied to you, make you so mad you just couldn't resist?"

"The bitch should have stayed in her place!" yelled the bigger man and had to take a breath to calm down. The crown attorney gave him a smug look and leaned away from him.

"If you're willing to strike a woman, I have no doubt in my mind you struck your own son countless times."

"You have no proof of that." he said darkly.

"Actually, I do." the lawyer went over to his table and grabbed a couple pictures and showed them to the judge. "These were taken a couple days ago as evidence. Most of them are gone but the real nasty ones are still there."

"Objection!" the defence lawyer stood.

"Overruled." snapped the judge and took a look at the pictures. His face contorted into a look of disgust. "Do you have anymore questions for Mr. Finch?"

"No more questions, Your Honour."

"Then this court finds Mr. Rex Finch guilty of domestic abuse and sentenced to prison for twenty years, with chance of parole; if Mr Finch shows promising results with a domestic counsellor." once the judge officially made the ruling, two officers cuffed Rex and took him down the aisle first. All the way he was glaring his hatred for Lisa but knowing she won the case, she glared at him right back and put a protective stance between him and Thomas, letting him know that she would do everything in her power to make sure he never got near him again.

When the attorney presented Cuddy with the adoptive papers, a look of surprise passed over her features. "But I thought I had to go through the system first." she said. The lawyer grinned, looked at House for a moment and back at Cuddy.

"Let's just say I owed a favour and pulled some strings."

"Um…thank you." she smiled kindly and when the lawyer left, she turned to House with a questioning look and mouthed through the crowd, "What did you do?" He only shrugged and walked forward so there wasn't anyone between them.

Thomas smiled up at House and took his free hand in his so they could walk hand in hand together.

One Month Later

"Thomas, come eat break feast or you'll be late for school!" called Lisa. It was eight in the morning and although the papers she had read and signed the day she got them hadn't been approved by the system yet, he was allowed to live with her and she was permitted to enrol him in school so his education didn't falter. Her and House's relationship had gotten a lot more intimate to the point there he stayed over for days at a time. To avoid suspicion from other doctors and board members, Wilson came every morning to pick up House and Thomas to drive him to school and then drive to work so the couple would arrive to work at different times.

Within moments of her calling him, she could hear loud giggles and a door kicked aside. House came around the corner with Thomas slung over one hip like a slack of potatoes. "Mom, what's for break feast!" Thomas asked in a mocking deep voice that made him giggle even more.

"You're going to have rotten cheese if you try to put a hanger up my nose again." said House in a mock serious voice.

Cuddy laughed and took the giggling boy from House's arm. "You're having fruit loops." she replied and sat him down. Then she turned to the man of her interest and put her arms around his neck. "And what would this big boy like to eat for break feast?"

House gave her a sly look and made sure Thomas wasn't looking when he brought her hips closer to his so she could feel him get excited and grabbed her ass. "What I had for dessert last night."

Cuddy didn't get a chance to answer because the door bell rang a few moments later, causing Thomas to yell "Uncle Jimmy!" and run to open the door. The two left standing in the kitchen shared a kiss and then went to greet the man that made their lives a hell of a lot easier.

"Hey buddy, I hear today's your first day of school."

"Yeah! Mommy said I get to bring my Batman toys but I have to bring them home."

"Well that would certainly be a good idea."

"Yeah. Do you want some cereal? Mommy made it." James laughed and patted his head but declined the offer, saying that he had already eaten his break feast.

"Alright, lets get you to school mister man." said House. He kissed Lisa on the cheek and waited until she said goodbye to her soon-to-be-son to take him to school.

When the three got to the school, he walked Thomas to the door where a teacher was waiting to welcome him in. "Alright little man, remember what I told you."

"Get to the best toys first, don't share unless the teacher says so and eat my lunch before the kids ask for any." Thomas recited.

"Right, now remember what you're mother said."

"Be polite, share, and ask the teacher if she needs any help with anything at all." with a confused look on his face, he asked, "but you said not to share."

"I'd say listen to me but you should probably listen to your mother on this one. Oh and if someone bothers you in any way…"

"I tell the teacher and then tell you."

"Right." he stood up straight and Thomas hugged around his legs. "See you after school."

"Okay." Thomas said smiling and ran into the classroom.

House lingered for a moment with a smile on his face. Although Thomas wasn't from his blood and he and Lisa hadn't gone public yet, this was what he was missing in his life. The pride and love that quickly swelled up in his chest when his boy said hello to his teacher without hesitation and only one more wave good bye before the door closed, made him feel that the misery he had gone through all these years was worth it. Knowing that he had a woman and a boy to come home to at the end of the day made everything worth it.

A honk from James' car brought House back from his thoughts and he reluctantly returned to reality where he had a dying patient and his girlfriend was his boss at work.

"So Jimbo, what do you say you get a girlfriend, have a kid and our boys can grow up together." said House once he got into the car.

"Boys? What makes you think my first born will be a boy?" asked James as he drove off towards the hospital.

"Who else will my kid annoy and torment if not your male offspring? If that boy learns anything from me, it's how to be annoying to his best friend. And he can only have one. Yours. Because if he's anything like you he'll stick by Thomas through everything."

Wilson gave House a look and gently said, "That almost sounds sweet but lets hope he doesn't learn that trait from you. God save my children."

"God will laugh."

"I wouldn't doubt it. Why else would he have allowed me to suffer with you for so long."

"He likes me more."

"Shut up House." but James couldn't help the grin from forming on his lips.

Greg smiled and said nothing more. He was happy. He had a best friend, a girlfriend he was quickly growing more and more affection for with each passing day and a boy he called his son regardless of the fact he was legally more so Lisa's. Happiness was definitely a feeling Gregory House could get used to.


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