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There was a knock at her door around eight that night, which nearly caused her to jump right out of her skin. She was still a bit shaken from the events that had happened the day before, so much that she jumped at every little sound she heard. She all but screamed and jumped a foot off the ground when her neighbor dropped a piece of his car he was fixing. It had made such a clatter that she thought that someone was trying to break through her door.

The knock came again, but this time more persistently. Cuddy sighed and got off the couch to the door, switching off Grey's Anatomy. Guess she would be missing it for a second week in a row. Then it hit her. Why did she care about Grey's when Vogler could be the person at the door?

She cursed herself for her stupidity and took a deep breath to steady her trembling hand. Maybe it's House come to bother me. She smiled at the thought and quickly opened her door. The smile faded from her face and her eyes widened. It wasn't House, but the very man she feared.


Could this guy not take 'no' for an answer? She leaned against her doorframe, pulling the door a bit closer to her body. She was not going to give him the opportunity to try and step inside, though if he was to decide to barge in, there was no way she could stop him. There was no way her small body could stop his massive one.

"Yes?" she asked, holding her head high, not giving him the satisfaction of knowing that he truly made her tremble in fear at the thought of him being able to crush her body under his and have his vulgar way with her. Small goose bumps formed on her skin as the thoughts coursed through her mind. She was drawn back to reality when he finally spoke.

"I wanted to apologize for my behavior the other day." He said it like he meant it, though Cuddy had to be sure and stayed quiet for a moment, searching his eyes and expression for a fault.

"I'm not sure that's really forgivable," she retorted and stepped back inside. She started to close her door but the dark skinned man held out his hand and stopped it. Cuddy frowned, frozen to her spot. "Move," she muttered almost too quietly.

Vogler ignored her demand. "I thought I had made it clear that I wanted you dressed fancy for tonight," he hissed.

"I thought I made it clear that I had no interest in obliging," replied Cuddy in a much stronger and more confident tone as she glared at him.

"I guess you thought wrong." He refused to move his bulky body away from her door.

"That makes two of us."

Vogler smirked, glancing down at her bare feet and then trailing up to meet her eyes. She felt his stare penetrate her body and held back a disgusted shudder. It was like he was undressing her with his eyes. Her thoughts were confirmed when he licked his lips and grinned.

"You can argue anything, can't you?" His voice was low as he stared into her attentive sea blue eyes.

She smiled tightly for a brief moment. "I've had practice."

"I'm sure." He paused for a brief moment. "Well, since you seem to be busy with other things for the moment, I'll leave. I'll keep in touch to arrange another date."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "What is it with you men?" Her temper came into play causing her to raise her voice slightly. "You think no means yes and yes means…YES! Is there no definition for 'no' in your thick skulls?!"

He shook his head 'no' and smiled slightly, turning and heading out the door. He got to her porch and turned around. "Good night, Lisa."

"It's Dr. Cuddy." She quickly slammed the door and locked it before he could even respond or decide to barge back inside.

She leaned against her door and breathed a sigh of relief.


The following Monday had been busy and quite tiring for the Dean of Medicine. Patients needed surgery, nurses needed raises, doctors needed firing and replacements need to be hired. She had no time to think about what had happened Saturday night. Not that she wanted to think about it. She skimmed over another resume and put it in the 'maybe' pile.

She looked up as her door banged open. "What do you want, Wilson?" She was mildly surprised by the way he had entered her office. Wilson never just barged in. She had expected House to do that. Wilson always knocked timidly.

"When exactly are you planning on telling the police that, that…asshole is harassing you?" Cuddy froze. His voice was angry and on the verge of yelling. He had never spoken to her like that…ever.

"I'm sure whatever problem you have can be dealt with on a professional level…especially since you're talking to your boss," she said with a hint of steel to her voice.

"I'm not talking to you as an employee right now. I'm talking to you as a friend." Now she knew something was definitely wrong.

"Who ruffled your feathers this time? House?"

"No, you!" he yelled. Cuddy, taken aback by his anger and sudden outburst, put everything she was doing aside and gave him her undivided attention.

"What have I done, James?"

Wilson, giving her an angry look, took out a card from his pocket and a rose tucked into his jacket. He then opened the card and read it aloud.

Dear Lisa,

I know we got off on the wrong foot at first and I want to make it up to you. Just remember, you can't escape someone you can't resist. As for our date, I'll pick you up around seven tonight, I won't take no for an answer this time. I can't wait to see your gorgeous eyes rest on me once more, or the way your hair shines in the candlelight. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

With love,


Cuddy paled. Wilson planted both hands firmly on his hips and waited for an explanation.

"What?" asked Cuddy.

"Why the hell haven't you called the police yet? He said he won't take no for an answer this time, which can only mean he's asked you countless other times."

"The cops can't do anything. It's them against a billionaire! What do you think is going to happen if I call, tell what's going on, and they called Vogler in for an interrogation?" She was yelling now, almost in desperation. She was scared, stressed and Wilson's anger wasn't helping.

"At least you would have tried! Then they can't say you were an idiot for not calling them earlier for help!" A few nurses looked in the office and were utterly speechless when they saw that is was Wilson, of all people, yelling at the most powerful person in the hospital. It was even more interesting when Cuddy got up from her chair and yelled back.

"Damn it, James! What do you want from me?! You know as well as I do it will only anger him and God only knows what he'll do to me once he's free from the cops!" She took a deep breath to calm herself down. She had to get her temper under control.

Wilson came to the desk, anger radiating off of him. It was so odd to see him this way. He had never spoken or even looked at her with the slightest hint of anger before. Annoyance yes, anger no. He crushed the note and rose in his grasp as he also tried to grasp a handle on his temper.

"What the hell do you expect me, a friend, to do? Sit back and relax while some…creep invades your personal life?" When he got no answer he slammed his fist down on her desk, startling her. Tears formed in her eyes. "Well?"

A tear slid down her cheek. "James…"

"Don't!" he yelled viciously. Noticing it was way more vicious than he intended it to be, he took a deep breath and tried again, this time more quietly. "Don't. Just tell me what you expect me to do." Her mouth gaped open but she remained silent, unsure of how to answer. Did she even have an answer to that?

House came in then, eyes wide. He had been standing outside watching the exchange between the oncologist and the Dean of Medicine with the rest of the crowd. He saw Wilson slam his fists on the desk and almost barged in. It wasn't until he saw a flicker of fear cross Cuddy's features that he thought it was time to intervene. He quickly turned to the crowd. "Ok everyone, there's nothing to see here. Let's go! Keep moving!" Slowly the people started to amble back to their jobs, but not before House threatened some of the nurses with his cane did the hallway clear completely.

He barged through the doors with lightning speed. "Wilson," he started, clearly more surprised than Cuddy to witness this side of him.

Wilson was breathing heavily. It took a moment for him to calm down but he did, to Cuddy's relief, and turned around. He passed House the crumpled note but took her rose with him. House placed a hand on his shoulder but Wilson just shrugged it off before storming out the door.

House watched him leave before turning to Cuddy. But she wasn't looking at him. While House considered what to say to her, he quickly skimmed over the note Wilson had shoved at him. House was filled with anger but decided not to show it. He was an ass but he knew that his anger on top of Wilson's would not be appreciated at the moment. "Lisa, it's time you told the cops. If you don't Wilson or I will."

He saw her nod. "Yeah, I know."

After a moment, he watched as she turned around and smiled at him, clearly trying to hide the hurt from her eyes. It didn't work.

House stayed silent for a moment, watching her try to compose herself in front of him.

"House…" she said softly. She looked behind him to see if anyone was watching and felt a bit relieved to see that everyone had gone. "…can you…?"

He nodded and watched her turn around once more. She wanted him to leave, he got that part, but he wouldn't. No, he was going to stay right where he was until she phoned the police. He went to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He felt her tense but marveled at the smell of her hair. Lilac. Soft and yet strikingly exotic.

"What are you doing?"

"Shut up." he snapped.


"I'm comforting. Now shut up before you embarrass me and make me change my mind." She sighed in defeat and let her back relax into his chest.

"He seemed really pissed at you." he started, referring to Wilson.


"So…?" He buried his face in her hair, taking a deep whiff of her dark locks.

"So?" She only felt slightly uncomfortable at having him sniff her hair but loved the feeling of her body fall into all the right places with his.

"What are you going to do about it?"

"I don't know."

"Me, I'd make him even more pissed and laugh silently in his face. But you're not me. You're Dr. Lisa Cuddy. You always do the responsible thing. I think he was just surprised that you didn't seek help when things first got serious. After all he is one of your very few friends." Cuddy smirked. Figures he'd try to make light of the situation by teasing her.

"I know. I think I should go talk to him." She tried pulling away but he held her in place.

"Nu-uh, not until you call the cops."


"No buts." She turned and looked up at him; his gaze was just as serious as James' only it didn't have that…angry spark to it. No, House's was threatening and totally filled with what seemed to be unfulfilled lust. She glared at him but picked up her phone and called the police.

Cuddy spoke to them for a few minutes and told them everything that happened. As she listened to what the woman on the other line was saying, she forgot House was behind her, forgot he had his arms wrapped around her. Forgot how his very touch made her quiver for reasons unbeknown to her. She gave the police her address and phone number and quickly hung up the phone. It was only then did she remember what she had so conveniently forgotten a few minutes earlier. All of her feelings for him came crashing back and took her completely by surprise. She looked behind her, right into the blue eyes that showed his intense curiosity.


"Let me go, House. I have to talk to Wilson." She ignored his questioning stare.

"What did they say?" He ignored her command, holding on tighter, causing her lower back to grind against his straining cock. He held back a groan. Thank God his new jeans were a thicker brand than the usual worn ones he always wore. She gasped at the feeling but quickly composed herself.

She cleared her throat. "Well, if you let me go long enough so we can get to James' office, you'll hear the plan the same time he will."

House grudgingly let go of her and then headed to Wilson's office, right behind Cuddy.


The confrontation with James Wilson had gone rather well in House's opinion. Cuddy said sorry and told them both the plan the policewoman had created. Wilson pondered it for a bit but decided to accept the apology. After the hug exchange, Cuddy had told them she was going to leave and prepare for the cops. Wilson being the caring friend he was, demanded he go with her to ensure her safety. Only then did House speak up and demand he go as well. They both stared at him with a questioning stare.

"What? The last thing I need is you two getting caught 'doing it' by the cops and then get arrested for having illegal kinky toys and using them to make a sex tape in front of small children."

Cuddy just rolled her eyes. "House, if you want to come because you care about my safety or you just don't want me and Wilson to be alone together then just say so and let's get on with it."

House then grinned. "I'm all in for 'getting on with it.' How 'bout you, Jimmy?"

Wilson then rolled his eyes and turned away from both doctors to hide his blush and walked out of his office, fully satisfied to hear both doctor's follow behind him. When they had gotten to Cuddy's car she stopped.

"Are you guys sure? I can do this alone you know. I'm going to have at least two to four cops come to my home and wait for Vogler's arrival."

Wilson gave her a look that said 'I'm coming whether you like it or not' and House rolled his eyes. "Oh shut up and let us in. You know very well that even if you didn't take us with you we'd hop into Wilson's car and come by anyway." Cuddy tried hiding her grateful smirk behind a glare and unlocked her doors.

Ten minutes later, they made themselves comfortable in Cuddy's living room and waited for the cops to arrive.

"You guys want a drink?" she asked, getting up to get one for herself.

"Water's fine. Thanks," replied Wilson. Cuddy turned to House.

"Coffee." Without commenting on House's lack of manners, she got up and walked into her kitchen. She ran a hand through her hair on the way there. Other than that small gesture, that was the only thing that indicated she was nervous.

House glanced at Wilson and watched as he looked out her window for the tenth time in the past five minutes. "Relax Jimmy."

James looked at him. "I am relaxed."

"No you're on 'smite-anyone-who-comes-near-Cuddy's-door' mode."

He sighed. "I'm concerned. Is it so bad to feel a little bit of concern for someone else?"

"Are you kidding? That would be un-human," he said, his voice laced with mockery.

Wilson rolled his eyes. "You need to get laid."

House frowned. "I need to get laid?" He didn't make an effort in keeping his voice down.

"Keep it down," Wilson hushed. "Yes. You need to get laid. Maybe then you'll feel some sort of compassion for the one you're having mindless sex with."

House then smirked at his friend from lack of a better response. "Are you implying I should have mindless sex with Cuddy so I can feel some…compassion for her?"

Wilson's eyes widened. "No! I'm saying-" At that moment Cuddy walked in, giving both of them a smile before setting down their drinks in front of them. Wilson smiled back at her while House nodded his thanks and took a sip of his coffee. She sat down opposite to them in her one cushioned chair. She curled her legs under her weight and took a sip of her own steaming coffee.

"You're sure he's coming tonight?" asked Wilson sipping his water, noticing that Cuddy had thoughtfully put a slice of lemon in it.

Cuddy gave him a small smile. "If you have other things to do you can go." She tried for the tenth time to tell Wilson she'd be fine but again, for the tenth time he refused to leave. "Thank you. Both of you."

"Don't mention it. That's what friends are for," Wilson responded with a small smile of his own. House rolled his eyes and continued to drink his coffee.

Cuddy looked at her clock nervously.


She jumped as a knock on her front door resounded loudly throughout the quiet house. She nearly spilt her coffee all down her front but steadied it just before it tipped. She took a deep breath to steady her rapidly beating heart. She looked at House and Wilson who were looking at her with concern. She knew that they could see how traumatized she was but tried to smile. She was too upset and nervous to hold up the smile for more than a few seconds though, and she got up to answer her door. They followed her but made sure they were out of the way and couldn't be seen.

She opened the door. "Vogler," she greeted coldly.

"Hello, Lisa."

"Didn't I tell you it was Dr. Cuddy?" House and Wilson heard Vogler laugh a bitter laugh that they would never forget. Wilson nearly walked into the room but House restrained him. Not yet, he mouthed.

"And didn't I tell you to dress up fancy?" Vogler asked, looking up and down at her power suit. He took a step closer to her, "Or was that request just too complicated to follow?" He smiled at her as if he had been joking but she knew he wasn't. "No matter. I'm sure we can find something suitable for you to wear tonight."

House's grip tightened on his cane. He was ready to bash this mother fucker's face in right then and there. This time he stepped forward but was stopped by Wilson before he had the chance to make his presence known. Wilson wasn't exactly happy about the second meaning behind his suggestion either but he wanted Cuddy to have a chance to have a say and defend herself before House and he both lost control and contorted his face into an uglier shape than it was already.

'Damn it! Where are the cops when you need them?' Thought Wilson to himself. Just then he caught the reflection of a cop in Cuddy's vase. From what he could make out there were two cops, armed with guns, silently making there way to the side of Cuddy's home.

Everything happened in about five seconds as Cuddy stared at him open mouthed. "How dare you?! You can't just waltz up to me, call me stupid and then expect to get sex out of it!" she yelled, her temper coming into play.

"Oh but I can and you will submit to me. Who's here to stop me anyway?"

Wilson had had enough of listening to him talk. He and House stepped from around the corner and stood by Cuddy's side.

"Hello, Vogler. Fancy meeting you here," Greeted House. Wilson just glared…hard.

Vogler didn't look scared at all. In fact, he threw his head back and laughed. "Is that the best plan you could come up with, Lisa? To get two of your best doctors to come and protect you? What are they going to do? Hold me down and hit me with a cane until I turn black and blue and promise not to bother you anymore?" His expression turned violent. He raised his fist to strike House, his most hated enemy. However he froze when he heard a click from behind his head.

"Freeze! Make one more move and you'll regret it!" yelled one of the cops. His partner came around the side of the house and took Vogler's hands and cuffed them while stating his rights. Vogler didn't take his eyes off of Cuddy the whole time. She frowned at him and watched as he was taken away.

"This isn't over yet, Lisa!" he called before he was pushed into the police car. Cuddy closed her door and leaned against it and sighed. Wilson sighed with relief and grabbed Cuddy and pulled her into a tight hug. "My God, Lisa, I thought I was going to have a heart attack!"

House stayed silent; his rage hadn't yet passed. Cuddy glanced up at him and he nodded to her. She mouthed 'thank you', looked back down and buried her face into Wilson's shoulder.

House moved back into the living room to finish his coffee before leaving. Wilson took that moment to poke his head through the entrance. "Hey, want to get a bite to eat with me and Lisa?"

He glanced down at the coffee and back at Wilson. "Sure why not?" He smirked at his best buddy as he limped his way to the door. When he didn't spot his boss he turned to Wilson with a questioning look.

"She's changing," came his short reply.

Cuddy walked out of her bathroom dressed in a pair of low rise black jeans and a red low cut spaghetti strap top. She strode over to her closet and to find a zip up sweater and was satisfied when she found a gray one hanging neatly with her other sweaters. She left her hair down and just brushed it out to free the tangles. She checked herself out in the mirror, touched up her makeup and opened her door to meet House and Wilson in her living room. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she nearly bumped into House's chest. Wilson stood behind him looking ashamed of himself.

"It was all House, I swear."

"Sure blame the rambunctious best friend. You were all for it, saying 'Greg I can hear her changing. Listen, Greg!' My God was it ever embarrassing!" Wilson blushed and narrowed his eyes at his supposed 'friend'. Cuddy grinned at House, knowing Wilson had nothing to do with it. She guessed that the reason James was looking ashamed was because he didn't stop House in time from getting caught trying to hear her change.

"Sorry to disappoint you, boys." She said it in a tone only ever meant for them and them alone. She rarely ever spoke to them in a tone quite so teasingly and husky. She moved past them, reveling in the knowledge that House was taken off guard by it once again. Only he didn't try to hide the fact it turned him on. Instead he whistled and checked out her ass in the tight jeans she wore as she walked to the door.

She glanced at him over her shoulder and made the smallest little giggle.

Oh God, not the giggle. House adored that sound coming from her. He rarely ever heard it and would do literally anything to hear it over and over again. He knew Wilson didn't feel the same way about it as he did. Wilson would always smile that goofy smile he always displayed when he was around the people he was comfortable around. He smirked. Yup, Cuddy did something to both of them but only one was going to capture and lock her heart and that would be him. Wilson had already taken her on three dates and if he had any other interest in her besides just being friends he would have gone for a fourth date and then a fifth and a sixth and somewhere in between, would have had sex. But he didn't, he either kept it professional or just friends and just friends was clearly what he wanted to stay as.

House, on the other hand, couldn't wait to get his hands on her body at least once more. They had a one night stand many, many years ago. It's been so long that he had forgotten what she tasted and smelled like in the midst of passion. Oh how he wanted to take her again. He watched as she slowly straightened and fished around for her wallet and keys.

Wilson glanced over at House but had to do a double take. Was that…lust on House's expression? No, it couldn't be! He shook his head slightly and stared a bit more closely at his friend. Wilson couldn't do anything but snort softly and grin. He looked down at his feet and ignored House's gaze as it flickered to his. Gregory House was totally falling for Lisa Cuddy. Sure it was a little obvious he had 'a thing' for her, anyone in the clinic could see it, but House was actually lusting for their boss.

House was actually capable of having some other sort of feeling other than hurt, remorse, boredom and depression. Wilson's eyes widened at the realization and he suppressed his laughter. If they somehow started a relationship, whether it was just sex at first but developed into something more…His smirk widened a bit, earning a questioning glare from House.

Wilson's thoughts were interrupted when the sound of triumph could be heard from Cuddy. He glanced over and saw she had finally found her wallet and keys.

"It's on me," piped up Wilson. Cuddy turned and smiled at him.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah." She nodded and opened her door for them, pocketing her keys. How she was able to accomplish that with those tight jeans, House would never know.