Chapter 1

Cowinky Dink

Yusuke Urameshi was in a bad mood. Ever since the Sensui incident his temper had been on the rise. His day started off like any other when he wasn't saving the human world from some kind of demon incursion, he had a fight with Keiko and then was late to school. He then was caught trying to sneak to class by Mr. Takanata his guidance councilor who dragged him off to his office and repeated his, If you would apply yourself speech for the hundredth time. By the time Mr. Takanata finished lecturing Yusuke it was time for Gym. Yusuke hated Gym, instead he opted to head to the roof for a nap. On his way to the roof Yusuke ran into Kuwabarra who was on his way to gym.

"Hey Urameshi where you headed? The gym is this way." Kuwabara pointed down the opposite way Yusuke was walking.

Yusuke didn't even notice Kuwabara and kept on walking with his hands laced behind his head.

SMACK " Hey punk don't ignore me when I'm talking to you" roared Kuwabara as he shook his fist at Yusuke .

"OUCH, KUWABARA WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?" yelled Yusuke has he rubbed the back of his head.

"It looked like to me someone needed to knock you in the head" said Kuwabara.

"Well allow me to return the favor" said Yusuke with a amused looked as he started to crack his knuckles.

"Just you try it punk" said Kuwabara shaking his fist at Yusuke.


Kuwabara was staring at Yusuke as he continued his way down the hall from his crumpled position on the floor.

"Jeese he must be in a bad mood" muttered Kuwabara.

Just then Okubo one of Kuwabara's friends walked up.

" Hey Kuwabara, lose another fight to Urameshi ?"

"What? What makes you say that?" spouted Kuwabara.

"Well the fact that your twisted like a pretzel on the floor is a dead giveaway" said Okubo.

"Oh yeah uh hahahah." laughed Kuwabara.

"Well we better get to gym class before were late" said Okubo. We don't want to miss the girls in their swim suits today, the coach is having them dive and I get to keep score."

Kuwabara was up and walking down the hall the next second with Okubo all pain forgotten.

Yusuke found his way up to his favorite spot on the schools roof and just laid down and stared at the clouds.

He let out a loud Sigh. "I'm bored" Yusuke said out loud"

"Well have I got the cure for that." a familiar female voice said out loud.

Yusuke looked off to his left where he heard the voice and saw a Cyan haired female in a pink kimono sitting on a oar floating in mid air.

"Oh hey Botan" said Yusuke with a bored tone.

'My my Yusuke don't we look down in the dumps today" giggled Botan as she sat atop her oar.

Yusuke ignored her.

"What happened did you have another row with Keiko?"

"I don't want to talk about it." said Yusuke . "Wait a minute Botan why are you here? I'm not Spirit Detective any more in fact the last time I checked Spirit World wanted me dead."

"Well that's the good news" cheered Botan. "Koenma went to bat for you against his father King Yama. It took him awhile but he convinced King Yama that you're not a threat so the SDF (Spirit World Defense Force) has been called off of you."

Yusuke sat up pointing at himself and faced Botan "Really, he went to bat for me against his father?"

Botan snapped her fingers and winked at Yusuke.

" He sure did and it wasn't easy either, do you remember hearing about the Earthquake that caused the Tsunami in Indonesia.?" asked Botan.

Yeah of course" said Yusuke "it was all over the news."

"Well there you have it" said Botan.

"You mean what cause that quake and Tsunami was King Yama and Koenma arguing over me?" asked Yusuke with a surprised look on his face as he pointed at himself again.

"It sure did" said Botan. "and that's not even the best news yet. You have been re-instated as the Spirit Detective of Earth and you have a pending case."

"WHAT" yelled Yusuke . " No, no way Botan, I'm not doing it again."

"Oh come on Yusuke , I thought you would be thrilled about the news" pleaded Botan. "It's better than you mopping around her all the time".

"No way, every time I get mixed up in a case it turns out to be some megalomaniac that either, A. wants to kill me and my friends or B. destroy the human world. I'm happy with things the way they are now." said Yusuke and he crossed his arms and turned away from Botan.

"YUSUKE URAMESHI" screamed out a rather childlike and muffled voice.

Yusuke turned around and had the day lights scared out of him buy a transparent toddlers head sucking on a pacifier floating right behind him.

"AAAAHHHH" screamed Yusuke has he raised himself on one leg and put both hands out to protect his body from the disturbing scene.

"How dare you act like that after I went through hell convincing my Da that you were not a threat to Spirit World and Earth." shouted the floating toddlers head.

Yusuke composed himself and then bellowed out at the little floating head.

" Well first of all Koenma HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT TO ME! And second, I didn't ask to be Spirit Detective again."

"Look Yusuke were really in a pickle in Spirit World and you also have some problems on Earth. Since Sensui was able to cut a hole through the barrier it weekend other parts of the barrier and Demons were able to get through and they are not the D and C class I mind you, even thou they are getting through in droves. I mean B and A class."

Yusuke raised one of his eye brows.

"We are stretched thin in Spirit world plugging all these new holes popping up, for heaves sake we still haven't fully fixed the hole that Sensui made. And need I remind you where these Demons are heading. How do you think I convinced my father to allow you to be Spirit Detective again. We are being over whelmed."

Yusuke sat down and crossed his legs and closed his eyes thinking.

"All right Koenma, I will be the Earth's Spirit Detective again but under a few conditions."

Koenma sweat dropped.

"And they are?" asked Koenma squinting his eyes if it were any more possible.

Yusuke got a big smile and rubbed the back of his head.

"I'll let you know as soon as I think of a few."

Koenma hurrempthed.

"Very well Yusuke, think of what you want and then come down to my office in Spirit World tomorrow morning, you might as well as bring Kuwabara along as well."

With that Koenma 's transparent head faded from view.

"Oh goody" clapped Botan, "I just knew you would never turn down being Spirit Detective again."

Things are looking up thought Yusuke.

"I better go find and tell Kuwabara" said Yusuke as he jumped up and ran for the stairs. "See you later Botan."



Botan had just brought Yusuke and Kuwabara in through the front door of King Yama's palace. They all walked into Spirit World Administration section on their way to Koenma's office only to be met by pure chaos. Orc's of every color imaginable where running all over the place with stacks of paper, screaming into telephones and others were just freaking out, one in particular was screaming about there being no coffee left and that they were all gonna die.

The trio hurried through to Koenma's office and closed the door. As the door shut a muffled child's voice yelled out, "George if that's more paper work I'm going to strangle you and then have you reincarnated as a ant and then squish you."

"Ah Koenma sir?" said Botan confused because she couldn't see Koenma , just his desk and mountains of paper work. "

"I'm back her Botan." cried out Koenma.

All the sudden a mound of paper work was pushed off the desk and fell all over the floor revealing Koenma behind it.

"Good your all here", said Koenma "let's get started shall we. First there..."

"Excuse me Koenma " Interrupted Yusuke. "I want to go over my list of demands first."

"Very well." said Koenma "make it fast."

Yusuke reached into his pocket and pulled out crumpled sheet of paper. and gave it to Botan who in turn handed it to Koenma who started reading the list.

1. 2 life time tickets to the Martial Arts World Championships.
2. I want me and Kuwabara to have a salary (and don't be cheap about it).
3. I want 3 weeks of paid vacation a year. All expenses paid to my choice of location.
4. I want full medical and dental.
5. 2 tickets to Megallica next week in Tokyo.
6. I want to be able to recruit new Spirit Detectives.

As Koenma read each line his brow wrinkled more and more until he got to the last line, then his brow relaxed and he looked up at Yusuke.

"Well Yusuke line six is a Cowinky dink. It has to do with one of the task I wanted you to perform." said Koenma excitedly .

"Well what about the rest of it?" asked Yusuke.

Koenma furrowed his brow again.

"Fine. You can have line one and I will pay you both two thousand a month and I will give you two weeks vacation not three. I will also put you on the Spirit World Medical and Dental plan, the co-payment's aren't that bad really, but as far as line five goes even I can't get thoe's tickets, they were sold out months in advanced."

Yusuke and Kuwabara both sweat dropped.

"It's a deal then" said Yusuke pleased with himself. He then patted Kuwabarra on the shoulder and said "Sorry man I tried."

"GEORGE" yelled Koenma .

"Yes sir" said a blue Orc that popped his head into the office.

"I want you to take this paper to admin and have them provide Yusuke and Kuwabara with what they asked for on it according to the notes I scribbled on it."

Koenma quickly stamped the paper with his seal and handed it to George.

"Yes sir." said George.

As George walked out the room he looked at the paper and wined as he left the room.

"Man, even I don't get Medical and Dental."

"Any ways getting back to what I was saying, it's a Cowinky dink you want to recruit more Sprit Detectives. So do I. We realize that with the increased demon activity you won't be able to handle it all Yusuke, and were also expecting a increase of Demonic activity around the globe and so really the only option left to us with our man power shortage was to recruit more Spirit Detectives for Earth."

"Makes sense." said Yusuke.

"Any ways that brings me to your first case. There is an A class Demon by the name of Yosho terrorizing the Tokyo suburb of Nerima."

Koenma picked up a small remote control and a screen lowered behind his desk from the ceiling.

"I want you to eliminate this Demon and then while you're in Nerima you can meet our first candidate for Spirit Detective."

Koenma pressed a button and the lights were dimmed and a picture popped up on the screen of a Japanese teenager with black hair and a pig tail wearing a red Chinese shirt.

"Meet Ranma Saotome." said Koenma very please with himself.

END OF CHAPTER 1- Cowinky Dink

All right there it is the end of my first chapter of my first fan fic. As you can probably tell I'm starting Yu Yu Hakusho time line right after Chapter Black. I will be picking up the Ranma time line right after the failed wedding so Ranma is at his peak power. I started off Yu Yu Hakusho at this point because I don't want Yusuke all super powerful because it is my belief that at the end of Three King Saga Yusuke is ranked as a Super S classed fighter. Ranma at his best is A class. This is hotly debated in many circles but this is what my story will reflect. If any of you wonder if I will have any parings, well I'm not going to say it's a story and it will ruin it if I tell you. I know there may be inaccuracy's with the story's or time lines at some point but I will try my best. Feed back is welcomed good or bad. Just let me know if you liked the story or not. Thanks for reading.

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