Chapter 5 The Hunt

Tendo House

Ranma plopped the spoon full of curry into her mouth and waited for death. Something strange happened. There was no pain, no burning or urge to throw up. It was actually tangy and spicy. It was pretty good. Ranma ate another spoon full and then another and then another and then caught up to the breakneck speed that Yusuke and Kuwabara were eating at and before he knew it his plate was empty. Akane was beside herself with delight. "So you enjoyed it?" she asked. Ranma started to answer and then stopped. She had caught herself about to put her foot in her mouth again. "Yeah, it was great." said Ranma. Akane smiled. "Would you like another plate then?" asked Akane. "I sure would." said Ranma.

"You see that's how you do it." said Ranma's conscience. "You have to think before you act." "Are you calling me dumb or something?" Thought Ranma. "Never mind that!" said her conscience" just keep at it like that and things will get better with Akane. Now I bid you farewell." "Farwell." Thought Ranma "Where are you going?" thought Ranma. "NONE OF YOUR BUSSINES." Replied her conscience.

"Ranma, Ranma?" said Akane. Ranma realized that Akane was calling his name. "Uh yeah what's up?" replied Ranma. "Well you were looking off into space like you were thinking really hard about something. I was wondering if you were all right." "Yeah, I'm fine, actually more than fine. Akane thank you for dinner, it was wonderful." Akane blushed "It was no big deal." Ranma smiled. She then looked to Yusuke and Kuwabara who were on their third plate of curry. I'm gonna take a bath is it okay if we talk after? Asked Ranma. Yusuke didn't even bother to answer he just gave a thumbs up in between bites.

As Ranma sat in the hot water his thoughts drifted back to the fight with Yosho and also to the fact that Yusuke and Kuwabara were in fact Spirit Detectives. What the hell is going on lately thought Ranma. It's usually weird around her but this is just plain wacky. Ranma sighed. "I guess I should of expected this. Things always seem to go to a new level. This is no different than any of the other times." Ranma then stood out of the water and grabbed a towel. He had dodged Yusuke's questions long enough he might as well answer some of them, he also had some for Yusuke of his own.

Yusuke and Kuwabara leaned back from the dinner table patting their stomachs. "Man that was as good as Kasumi's said Kuwabara out loud." Akane smiled while she cleared the table. "Tell Yukina tanks for the pointers when you see her again." Akane told Kuwabara. Akane finished collecting the dishes and walked into the kitchen to wash them. Ranma passed by her on her way to the kitchen and smiled at her making Akane blush. Ranma made a mental note to himself that he liked Akane this way better. He sat down next to Yusuke and was about to ask 

him a question when Kuwabara had one of his own. "Uh, who are you?" Yusuke sweat dropped. "We all ready talked about this Kuwabara." Ranma's really a guy." "And I told you no she is not, I saw her Chi Chi's and they were real. Said an annoyed Kuwabara. Yusuke rubbed his temples. "Kuwabara for the last time read the dam Ranma file." Yusuke then threw a folder at Kuwabara and it hit him in the face and then dropped open into his lap. Kuwabara looked annoyed at Yusuke for hitting him with the folder but he saw Yusuke was in no mood to mess around so he started thumbing through it.

"Ah excuse me Yusuke." Asked Ranma "but why do you have a folder on me?" "Well, that's one of the things I wanted to talk to you about Ranma." Said Yusuke. "We were sent here for 2 reasons. One was to find and eliminate Yosho and the other was to meet you and decide if you would make a good Spirit Detective and then try to recruit you. Well maybe it's would be easier if I let the toddler talk to you." Yusuke pulled out a small briefcase out of his luggage and opened it up. Inside the brief case Ranma saw different kinds of gadgets and on the inside there was a small monitor. Yusuke flipped it on and yelled "YO KOENMA." A image appeared on the monitor that looked to be a toddler with a red pacifier in his mouth and wearing a blue hat with red trim on it that said JR. "Oh Hi Yusuke, oh I see you have Ranma with you." "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA" Ranma had fallen on his back with laughter. Yusuke smirked remembering his first reaction to seeing Koenma. "How rude." Muttered Koenma.

Ranma regained his composer. "I'm sorry." He said as he wiped the tears out of his eyes. "I didn't think Yusuke was actually telling me the truth. "Any ways" continued Koenma "I asked Yusuke and Kuwabara to find you because we are in desperate need of help. A lot of demons have broken through the demon world barrier and are causing havoc on Earth. I believe you have all ready had a run in with one of them?" "Yeah" said Ranma unconsciously rubbing where Yosho gashed him. "Then you understand the urgency of my request. Will you become a Spirit Detective?" Ranma rubbed the back of his head, "Well I'm not exactly sure, that's a big burden you're asking me to take on." Ranma thought to himself that things were just starting to calm down around here especially Akane and he wasn't sure if he wanted to leave the only home he's ever know his whole life.

"I understand" said Koenma, "it's a big decision and I understand if you need time to think about it. In the mean time would you help Yusuke and Kuwabara get rid of Yosho?" Ranma stood up and smacked his fist into his hand. "I would love to, he and I got a score to settle." "Excellent" said Koenma, "Yusuke we can't afford to waste any more time, incident reports are cluttering my desk by the minute." Koenma picture faded and Yusuke closed the case. "So where do we start" asked Ranma. Yusuke looked over at Kuwabara. "I'm not wearing a dress again punk" said Kuwabara. "That's not what I had in mind" said Yusuke, "besides there is only one person here that can pull off a dress." Both Yusuke and Kuwabara looked at Ranma. "Hey I don't like that look." Said a nervous Ranma. Yusuke and Kuwabara just grinned.

Unknown to the Spirit detectives Akane Tendo was standing around the corner by the kitchen door way listening to everything they said. She was worried. That thing that attacked Ranma almost killed him and they were planning on going back out after it. This troubled Akane. She almost lost Ranma once. It took Ranma almost dying for her true feelings to come out where she couldn't deny them anymore. She didn't understand why this time was different; Ranma's life has been in jeopardy before. Akane sighed a deep breath and decided to just accept it. Akane had no doubt that Ranma was the best Martial Artists in the world and that he would never turn his back on any one in need even if it meant him dying. The thought of Ranma dying terrified her but there was nothing she could do, or was there? Akane knew what she had to do. She had to let Ranma how she really felt. She couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to him without him knowing her true feelings. Besides someone had to break the stalemate between them about their feelings for each other. Akane summoned up all her courage and then walked around the corner

"Ranma" said Akane as she stepped around the corner from the kitchen. Ranma looked up from his conversation with Yusuke and Kuwabara to Akane. "Sup" he replied. "I need to talk to you; can you come out by the Koi Pound? asked Akane. Ranma exchanged glances with both Yusuke and Kuwabara then got up from the table. "Sure" he said.

Akane walked out to the Koi pound and stood there for a moment and with her back to Ranma she started talking. "I know you're planning on going back out after that thing that almost killed you." "Akane I…"started Ranma but he was cut off by Akane. It's okay; I want you to go after that thing. Someone needs to stop it before it takes another girl. I just couldn't stand the thought of anything happening to you while there is so much unsaid between us." Akane paused for a moment "When I saw you in Dr. Tofu's office in that condition made me realize something. It made me realize I was afraid of losing you, that I need you and" Akane turned around tears in her eyes" AND THAT I LOVE YOU!" Akane flung herself on to Ranma and cried. Ranma embraced her and held her tight. He bent his head down toward her ear and whispered "I love you too." Akane looked up at Ranma with tears in her eyes and also with the brightest smile he had ever seen on her before. He leaned closer to her and Akane tilted her head up towards him and they kissed. Ranma heard a voice in his head. "You see it wasn't that hard." Ranma yelled back at his conscience "SHUT UP AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, I got this on my own.

Yusuke and Kuwabara stood on the porch looking out in the yard by the Koi pound looking at Ranma and Akane embrace and Kiss each other. Kuwabara ribbed Yusuke "If now you can only do that with Keiko. Yusuke blushed. "Come on num nuts let's give them their privacy." said Yusuke as he walked back into the house.


Ranma, Yusuke and Kuwabara were sitting around in Ranma's room discussing how they were going to go about the process of dealing with Yosho.

"No way" said Ranma, "I'm not wearing a dress in front of that thing again, it creeped me out last time" "Look" said Yusuke" it's either you or Kuwabara and you saw how it turned out with Kuwabara last time." "Besides" said Yusuke as he pulled a cup of water out from behind his back and dumped it over Ranma, "You have boobs, Kuwabara doesn't."

Ranma crossed her arms and glared at Yusuke dripping wet, "fine but I get to choose the dress."

Akane was sitting in her room at her desk trying to concentrate on her home work and was losing the battle very badly. Her thought's kept drifting off to Ranma and the kiss they shared earlier. A knock at her door pulled her out of her thoughts. "Come in" she said as she stood up and turned to face the door. The door opened and Ranma stepped in. "Uh, Hi Akane" said a embarrassed Ranma. "Ranma why are you in your girl form? Asked Akane. "Well that's why I'm here" said Ranma as she scratched the back of her head with her right hand. "I need to borrow a dress." Akane raised one of her eye brows in response. "So I take it your gonna be the bait tonight?" she said casually. "Some thing like that" said a embarrassed Ranma. "Then I have the perfect dress for you." Replied Akane as she got a smirk on her face.

Un-noticed to anyone in the house there was something watching them. It stared into Akane's bedroom from just over the outer wall of the Saotome Dojo. It watched Akane pick a dress out for Ranma and then watched as Akane physically restrained Ranma and put the dress on her. Then it looked over into the next bedroom where the Sprit Detectives were sitting and talking. The thing unconsciously reach over and rubbed it's shoulder where there had been a hole previously a few days ago. It hoped off the wall and melted into the darkness where it felt safe and thought over what it had just seen.

So thought Yosho, the girl is now working with the Spirit Detectives that interfered the other day. They will probley use my lovely as bait and pounce on me when I move in. Perhaps I have a better chance if I make them come to me on my own terms thought Yosho, yes that's what I will do.

Yusuke and Kuwabara were sitting in Ranma's room talking about where they should try looking first for Yosho when the door opened and Ranma walked in. Yusuke's and Kuwabara's eye's got really big, and then they started giggling then they burst out into full gut wrenching 

laughter. "WHAT" shouted Ranma. "Nothing, nothing." Said Yusuke and he dried his eye's "Nice dress." Said Yusuke as he lapsed back into gut wrenching laughter.

Ranma stood there with her hands on her hips wearing a full length Red Chinese dress with white floral patterns on it, the dress had slips going up both of her thighs showing a generous portion of leg and it was tight in the bosom area showing more cleavage then it need to. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE DRESS? Shouted Ranma.

Kuwabara stifled his laughter long enough to say "I thought you were gonna be bait, not going out on a date with him."

"I'm wearing this dress because I have a high degree of mobility in it." Fumed Ranma. Kuwabara kept laughing. Ranma grew mad then moved with more speed than Kuwabara thought possible. Ranma aimed a high kick at Kuwabara's head and stopped just short of contact with the high heels she was wearing. Kuwabara froze looking shocked that Ranma got under his guard like that. Then his eyes drifted down ward and he started giggling again. "Nice panties" said Kuwabara looking through the part in Ranma's dress. Ranma dropped her leg and covered the slip in her dress with her hands with a red face.

"Okay guy's" spoke up Yusuke "enough fun let's get to business." Yusuke pulled out his briefcase and opened it and pulled out what looked like three very small ear pieces and handed one to each Ranma and Kuwabara. Communicators explained Yusuke, they transmit and receive signals, don't ask how they work, science was never my strong suit." The three of them put the ear pieces in and ensured they worked.

"Let's get going then" said Yusuke. The three of them walked down stairs and out of the house. Ranma walked out of the main gate and started walking down the dark street by himself. Yusuke and Kuwabara hung back long enough not to be noticed.

"Hey Urameshi" called Kuwabara in his ear piece. "What" replied Yusuke softly. "Are you getting any reading on Yosho on that doohickey your wearing on your wrist?" "I have been checking it all night," said Yusuke, "but no luck, he must be suppressing his Yoki energy."

Yosho watched his lovely and the Spirit Detectives leave the Dojo and waited. If everything went to plan he would have a snack followed by a main course and the souls of 2 Sprit Detectives. He knew if he could take out the Spirit Detectives and claimed their souls his master would reward him handsomely for it. He licked his lips and jumped over the wall of the Tendo Dojo.

Akane was sitting at her desk still trying to finish her home work but was having trouble concentrating on her math home work. She closed her book deciding she couldn't do it and would ask Nabiki to help her when she got home. She was much better at numbers any ways. Akane pulled her diary out of her desk and opened it and started writing about today's events 

and the revelations of her feelings for Ranma. As she was writing she felt something look at her, she turned her head and look over her shoulder at her door but didn't see any one. She turned her head back toward her desk and window and came to a complete stand still. She thought she saw something in the tree outside her window. She looked harder but didn't see anything, so she lowered her head back to her diary but the feeling of being watched was still there. She raised her head and looked out the window. She froze. There she saw the black outline of something but what she focused on more was the gleaming pair of red eyes looking right into her's. She could feel the hunger in the eyes. Something in her head screamed RUN, but she couldn't move, she felt like if she moved then the thing would see her and strike through her window. As she contemplated getting up and getting her mallet the black shadowy mass leapt from the tree to her window and crashed right through it towards her.

Ranma jerked her head in the opposite direction thinking she heard a scream. The hair on Ranma's neck stood up and he immediately thought of Akane. Ranma pressed her finger to her ear, "Yusuke." "Yeah" came Yusuke's voice. "Hey I wanna go back and check on Akane. That okay with you?" Asked Ranma, "What's up do you feel something?" asked Yusuke. "I just have a bad feeling, I wanna check on Akane." "Good enough for me." Chimed in Kuwabara, "let's go."

As Ranma approached the Tendo Dojo she got a feeling like a empty pit in her stomach. As she stepped closer and closer to the house that pit expanded until it filled his whole body. At last what seemed like a eternity Ranma reached the Main gate to the Tendo Dojo with Yusuke and Kuwabara in tow. She crossed the yard very fast to the door and stepped inside. She didn't see any one else's shoes but Akane's. She yelled for Akane but there was no response. Ranma ran up to her room and found her door closed. She knocked but there was no answer. He threw open the door and was greeted with a cold wind that blew out of Akane's room. The room was a mess, the window was shattered and glass was everywhere, the contents of Akane's desk lay scattered around the room.

At that time Yusuke and Kuwabara walked in the room and Yusuke said "There's no one else in the house." then he froze as he saw Ranma standing there and the mess in Akane's room. He watched as Ranma bent down and picked up a small pink book with what looked like a blood splatter on it. Ranma look down into the book then dropped it and fell to his knees. Yusuke and Kuwabara rushed into the room to help Yusuke. Ranma had a blank look on her face, "it's my fault" she said, I shouldn't of left her here alone. Yusuke looked from Ranma's blank face to the book on the ground she read. He picked it up and flipped through to the last entry. There in Akane's hand writing it said, I finally confessed my feelings for Ranma and he did in return and he kissed me. Then below it was a heart with Akane's name and Ranma's written in it then below the heart there was looked like words written in blood. Come to me my pretty alone, no Spirit Detectives and do hurry, Akane here is so tasty I'm not sure I can wait any longer. I'm at Rickabe Mansion on the outskirts of Nerima.

Ranma stood up and clenched her fist and started to walk out of the room. Yusuke grabbed her shoulder and said, "Stop Ranma it's a trap." Then his voice got really low. "She's probley all ready dead." Ranma didn't even turn around to answer Yusuke, she wrenched out of Yusuke's grasp and as she walked to the door she stopped. "It doesn't matter, I still have to go, you two stay here." Ranma then walked out of the room. Kuwabara and Yusuke both looked at each other in silence as they heard Ranma close the front door and head out into the night.

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