Chapter 6


"Ranma wait", called out Yusuke. Yusuke and Kuwabarra caught up to Ranma in the street. "You know it's a trap." said Yusuke very seriously.

Ranma turned toward Yusuke with a irritated look on his face. "Gee detective, did you figure that out all on your own? sneered Ranma. "Of course it's a trap, it's always a trap when Akane is kidnapped."

"Then you know running off half cocked isn't the answer." said Yusuke. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but we need a plan. The last thing we need to do is exactly what Yosho wants."

Ranma turned back around and continued on his way down the street.


Ranma stopped in his tracks and just stood there for a minute. Ranma then turned around and faced Yusuke and Kuwabarra. "Your right. What do you have in mind?"

Yusuke grabbed his chin and rubbed it with his thumb while he thought out loud. "Usually I'm a kick in the door and kick some ass type of guy, but this is no ordinary guy were dealing with. He will be watching for me and Kuwabarra and if you don't come alone he will hurt Akane. I think I have just the thing." Yusuke grabbed his equipment case out of Kuwabarra's hands and knelt down and opened it. He then held up what looked like a little purse.

"Uh, Urameshi, why do you have a purse? Is there something I don't know about you? said Kuwabarra.

Yusuke ignored Kuwabarra. " This is what Botan uses to hide her oar when she doesn't need it." Explained Yusuke. How about we play a little Trojan Horse."

Kuwabarra got a confused look on his face.

Ranma just smiled.

Akane woke up in a dark room. "What happened?" She mumbled to herself. Then she remembered the red eyes, the horrible red eyes staring at her through her window, then her window smashing and glass flew everywhere, then nothing.

She looked around and could only see a small slit of light at the bottom of what she assumed was a door. She stood up and walked to what she thought was the door and felt for the handle and found it. She turned the knob but the door wouldn't budge. Of course, she thought. So Akane started feeling against the wall looking for a light switch, as she moved away from the door feeling along the wall her feet got tangled up in something and she fell.

Akane reached over to see what made her trip and felt a hand full of cloth. She grab the cloth and stood up using the wall to brace here self. As she stood she brushed against the light switch and a small light hanging in the middle of the small rectangular room turned on throwing light to every corner. Akane blinked her eyes for a few seconds adjusting them to the light. As her sight improved she looked down to see what she had in her hands. It was a blue school uniform like the dress she wore to school only, they were shredded and full of what looked like blood stains, she looked around the room and it slowly dawned on her. She could she shredded clothes, dresses, pants, shoes strewn all over the room. Each article of clothing had deep blotches of blood on them, as Akane looked to the walls and the floor she could see blood splatters all over the room. She had found the missing girls of Nerima. Just as the horror of what happened in this room washed over Akane there came a loud rattling at the door. Akane squeezed her eyes shut and prayed.

Ranma stood outside of Rickabe Mansion. The place was old and falling apart. No one had lived here Ranma had heard for the better part of 40 years. It was supposedly haunted from all the stories Ranma knew about. How right they were, thought Ranma. Ranma turned the knob to the front door and the door opened without any resistance. She stepped into the foyer of the house and found herself looking up a grand stair case that forked left and right up to the 2nd floor. Suddenly the door slammed shut behind Ranma. She turned her head and went into a defensive stance ready for a fight, only there was no one there. When she turned her head forward Yosho was there standing on the landing at the top of the stairs before it forked left or right. He was in his human form wearing a white tux but this time with a white top hat and white walking stick.

"Welcome, my dear, I am glad to see you accepted my invitation." Yosho went from a playful tone to a very sinister one. "Where are the spirit Detectives? And need I remind you your friends life hangs in the balance over the question."

"I told them I would meet up with them later to hunt you, I slipped away after that to come here."

Yosho snarled "Do you expect me to believe that? I have not lived this long by being stupid. Oh I know your planning something, but fun and games with the Detectives in due course. Besides my familiars watched you approach and they haven't seen the buggers. I would hope that you would dine with me tonight?"

"I think I don't have a choice." replied Ranma

"Indeed you don't my dear."

Yosho walked down the stairs and motioned Ranma to a door way on her left. "If you come this way my dear to the dining room." Ranma walked towards the door Yosho indicated. She left a respectable distance between her and him.

"My dear what a stunning dress you are wearing. It is most fitting for our night together. I love the white floral pattern." I have to wonder if you chose it to match me, but that ugly little hand bag your carrying doesn't suit you at all."

Ranma wanted to get Yosho's attention of the hand bag "Enough games" said Ranma, "Where is Akane?"

"Patience my dear, Patience. First Dinner then we will get to your Akane over desert.

"I'm not hungry" insisted Ranma.

"I insist" said Yosho dangerously.

They walked into the dining room. As Ranma thought, it was just as decayed as the rest of the house except for the long table in the middle of the room that was set with fine china for what looked like a feast. Yosho pulled out a chair for her at the end of the table and motioned for her to sit down. Ranma hesitated.

"My dear you don't have to worry, I won't bite, at least not yet."

Ranma sat down. Yosho then went to the other end of the table and seated himself. As yosho sat down Ranma noticed someone walk out of the hall way which she assumed led to the kitchen. As the person walked out of the shadows into the light Ranma's eyes got very big. It was a naked girl, but there was something wrong. She didn't move right. She moved with what looked like extreme effort. She walked closed into the light and stopped by Yosho. As the light played over her, Ranma could see what Yosho had done to her. She looked like she had been mauled by a bear. She had deep claw marks in her body and what looked like huge bites taken out of her all over her body. Ranma didn't know how her body was even staying together. But the worst part was her eyes. She looked like she was still there. Pain and fear filled those eyes. Ranma looked away from her.

Yosho must of saw the look on Ranma's face. He turned to look at the girl. "Pitiful thing isn't she? Yosho reached up and took her right breast into his hand and squeezed.

"Not very pretty any more is she?"

Yosho pushed the girl away and wiped his hand on a napkin.

"They have their uses like this thou, but they burnout after awhile, I guess their rotting body can't hold on to their soul. You can think of them as like unwilling puppets. Don't worry, you won't be sharing their fate, at least not yet, I have special plans for you my dear."

Ranma had seen alot of horrible things in his life, but nothing ever compared to this. He was determined to end this now. Ranma unfastened her purse and dropped it under the table.

"I hope you like dinner my dear. It's Pheasant with a black pepper and rosemary crust. Just smell it."

Yosho took a deep inhale through his nose and stood up in a rage and in a flash morphed in to his demon form. His arms extended and fingers turned into claws and his head swelled and his mouth filled with sharp teeth and sharp spikes came out of his back.


Ranma was on her feet in a fighting stance with a smirk on her face. Just as Yusuke and Kuwabarra appeared from under the table.

"You see Kuwabarra, I told you" said Yusuke "farting while in that bag would give us away."

Kuwabarra wasn't listening to Yusuke, as he stood up his eyes locked on to the girl standing next to Yosho and was busying processing what he was looking at.

Yosho yelled out "Destroy the spirit detectives, bring their entrails to me." and started to move out of the room at blinding speed. As Yosho was fleeing the room Ranma was right on his heels.

Suddenly with more speed than she seemed capable the girl let out a mournful shriek leapt across the table scattering the fine china and candles to get at Yusuke and Kuwabarra. Kuwabarra was stunned and stood there. Yusuke just managed to get out of the way but stunned Kuwabarra just stood there. The girl leapt off the table and leaped onto Kuwabarra wrapping her hands around his neck and taking him to the ground as she started to squeeze.

To Kuwabarra all of this happened in slow motion with him unable to move. His eyes were locked with the girls eyes as she leapt off the table and wrapped her hands around his neck and took him to the floor. As he was falling he could see the fear and pain in those eyes and he knew she was still in that body suffering incredibly. As he impacted the floor he knew what he had to do, it was something he hoped he would never have to do. Only what a real man would do.

Yusuke picked himself up of the floor after diving out of the way of the crazy girl. As he whirled back towards Kuwabarra ready to help his friend, he saw the girl on top of Kuwabarra trying to squeeze the life out of him. He started to move towards his friend when he heard a agonizing scream from Kuwabarra and stopped suddenly in his tracks when Kuwabarra's Spirit sword exploded from the girls back. The girl went limp immediately and stop moving. Kuwabarra rolled the girl off of him and got to his feet with a wild expression on his face. He stood there with Yusuke looking down at the girl. Yusuke noticed she had a serene look about her face as if she were at peace. Yusuke put his hand on Kuwabarra's shoulder to comfort his friend after the terrible task he just did. The moment was soon over after they heard more shrieking coming from the kitchen followed by heavy foot fall. Kuwabarra turned to face the new menace.

"Go help Ranma, you have to get to Akane before Yosho does. I will handle this.

Yusuke ran from the room without answering Kuwabarra knowing every second counted. They may of surprised Yosho but until Akane was safe. Yosho had the upper hand, and only god knows what other horrors they would find in this house.

End Chapter 6

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