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Hinata was lying on her bed. The only place in this entire house she liked. Her room was decorated in bleu and white colors. She sighed, her father was mad at her because she asked if she could go to the Konoha School of performing art. She knew why he was so mad her mother went to the same school. She could feel the tears stream down her face. He grounded her because she asked if she could go, her home teacher said that she could be the best if only she would get a chance. However, he refused he even went to school and asked what the meaning of this was. His daughter would take over his business that was her future and nothing else. Mom would never do that she would stand at my side no matter what I wanted to be. She did not like this at all the only thing she wanted was for everything to turn back to normal. But she new that it was impossible her beautiful and kind mother died in a car crash together with her younger sister. She sighed; she did not like her stepmother and her stepsister was worst. She was living with them for two years now. She had to leave her old neighborhood behind and started her at Konoha High. She had great friends but still it was not the same. Dad wanted to leave everything what reminded him of mom. He married Yumi and ever since that day she had a stepsister called Hotaru. She did not want to leave her friends behind her and especially her beloved boyfriend.

"Hinata get down here" she heard her father say.

Hinata sighed, and stood up from her position on her bed. In addition, went down stairs when she entered the dining room she noticed that Hotaru was there on the phone and Yumi was setting the plates down on the table.

"Yes father" Hinata asked.

Hiashi sighed, "We are eating so why wont you sit down" He asked.

Yumi looked up, "I really think you shouldn't be spoiling her like that Hiashi"

Hotaru looked up, "Mom is right dad she will only ask more and more", and she put her cell phone away.

Hinata could not take it anymore she wanted to leave maybe she could stay with Tenten for the night. She took place on the table and started filling her plate. They where eating peacefully till Hotaru opened her mouth, "I heard you wanted to go to the Konoha School of performing art"

Hinata looked up, "Yes I want to go" Hinata replied.

"You should better study economics or something like that and keep that whatever you do as a hobby" Yumi replied.

"A hobby, A hobby" Hinata asked. "Singing and dancing is not a hobby something you do like collecting stamps it is my live I love it"

"Well do you know how much your father does for you and than you ask something like this? You are studying economics miss so you can help your father and that is final," Yumi said.

"Yumi is right dear it is better for you to study economics instead of going to that school" her father joined in.

Hotaru smirked, "Besides it is not that you would pass in the first place your future is not granted at least with a study there is something you can hold on, right dad"

Hiashi nodded, "They are right dear it is better for you"

"Better for me? what do you know about what is better because if you really want to know something dad if you really want the best for me you should have send me to the Performing art school in the first place" Hinata yelled.

"Hinata you are not talking to your father like that show some respect," Yumi yelled.

"You are not my mother" Hinata yelled right back.

"Hinata" Hiashi yelled, "I will not let you talk about her like that"

"You forgot about mom right? You just forgot all about her because if you really loved mom you would not forget your promise. Mom would let me make my decisions and stand by my side no matter what I wanted," Hinata yelled she could feel her eyes sting but she refused to cry. She jumped up and headed towards the front door. After a second, they heard the door slam behind her. Hinata run all the way towards Tenten house.

"Hinata what happened to you" Tenten asked when she opened the door. "O you poor girl come on in" and she pulled Hinata with her.

"I am so sorry Tenten but… but can I stay for the night," Hinata asked.

"Another fight, Sure you can stay besides the entire gang is here" and she pulled Hinata with her towards her room. "Hey girls guess who just arrived" Tenten asked.

"Who is it?" a blond haired girl asked.

"Well our favorite girl in the whole world" Tenten replied.

A pink haired girl looked up. "Hinata is she here well let her in"

Hinata stepped in the room and noticed that all her friends where here. She took place next to a blond haired girl and put her head on her shoulder. "I am sorry Temari but I just need comfort I can't take it anymore"

Temari put an arm around her friend, "hey you can always come by when you need a shoulder" She replied.

"What happened" Sakura asked.

"I had another fight with my father" Hinata replied and smiled at her pink haired friend..

"About what" an other blond haired girl with bleu eyes asked.

"The same as always Ino I thought you should know it by now" Tenten asked.

"Is that true?" Ino asked.

"Yes, Kurenei said that I could go the performing art school of Konoha"

Sakura jumped up, "Really that is wonderful when you are going to start"

"Never" Hinata replied.

"What never why" They all asked.

'because Yumi said that it wasn't good for a girl to enter that world she kept on talking about how hard it was and of course that every body wants to be the best and that they will do anything to get there"

"And your father believed her" Temari asked.

Hinata nodded. "Yes he did"

"Well let's start talking about boys that will get your mind of all those problems" Temari started. "You first Sakura how is it between you and Sasuke"

Sakura started to blush, "Why do ask?"

"Well he is your boyfriend right?," Hinata asked with a smile.

"Yes he is , but he is for only six months my boyfriend" Sakura replied.

"Well that is a lot longer than girls normally last" Ino said.

"Maybe because you guys said you would kill him if he hurted me in any way" Sakura said with a smile.

"And he listen right" Ino replied.

"What about you Tenten" Sakura asked.

"There is nobody," She said with a blush. Thinking about a certain pale eyed boy.

"Aahh… Tenten is in love with Neiji," Sakura said in a teasing voice.

"Tenten and Neiji sitting in the three k-i-s-si-n-g. First comes love than…" Temari, Ino, and Sakura singed.

Hinata smiled, "Neiji is very kind"

Tenten blush deepened, "Would you guys shut up"

They kept on talking about who went with whom and who was dumped. Thanks to Sakura and Ino who knew about every gossip in and around the school.

"Sometimes I think you two are the source of all the gossip it is creepy how you two know about it before well I don't know every body else" Hinata said.

Sakura smiled, "It is a talent just like your dancing and singing"

Hinata face fell. "O I am sorry I didnt mean to start about it I keep on forgetting"

Hinata smiled a liitle, "It is okay allthough theire is a diffrents between having talent for gossips or dancing"

"Okay" Ino said and jumped up, "Let's go to the city and shop that will help you get over that little depression"

Hinata smiled, "Did I ever tell you guys that you are the best friends a girl could wish for"

"Yep every now and then" Tenten replied with a smile. In addition, stood up from the pillows she was sitting on.

"Lets go we better leave now and than catch a movie and some pizza" Tenten said.

'Great Idea I know a great restaurant" Temari replied and headed towards the door.

After they strolled through the mall and brought all the bags back in Temari car, they headed towards the cinema. They where talking and laughing all the way. Sakura was telling them about one of her arguments with Naruto. "And than that idiot said he was…" Sakura went on and on about all the stupid things he manages to do in just one day. "Please shut up Sakura we get the point," Tenten said.

Hinata was really enjoying her self until she saw Hotaru in the cinema. She was standing there with her friends. "Well if it isn't my little sister do you even know how mad dad is?" she asked. She was holding hands with a handsome black haired boy.

"Listen Hotaru you are not my sister got that and I am not going back till tomorrow" Hinata replied. She could not stand her she wanted nothing else but attention.

"Listen you can't have anything you want he just spoiled you to much" Hotaru replied.

"I am spoiled? You are the one that is spoiled I never asked my father for anything I am grateful but this is something I want Hotaru but you wouldn't understand"

Hotaru glared at her, "and my I ask why not"

"Sure because Hotaru dear you are just as graceful as a pig" Temari replied.

"You can't even dance with out falling over or killing your dance partner," Sakura filled in.

'And Hinata over there is a better dancer than I am the only thing she can dance is ballet" Hotaru replied.

"And ballet needs a lot of grace" Ino replied.

"Besides Hinata can dance on any music" Tenten filled in.

"Euh guys please stop," Hinata asked. Many people where gathering around them.

'Are you scared Hinata?" Hotaru asked.

"No but…"

"Than you will dance against me" Hotaru cut her of.

Temari gasped, "You against Hinata are you crazy"

"If you want to keep your dignity stop this nonsense," Ino said.

"Why should I if you got lessons of your mother you would be good right unless that mother of yours was just as worthless as you are now" Hotaru replied.

"Wrong move" Sakura said.

"You know Hotaru you can say anything you want about me but you will never talk about my mother like that," Hinata said.

"Fine so you take the challenge," Hotaru asked.

"Sure" Hinata spatted.

"Wait I got an idea" Temari interrupted.

"What is that great Idea of yours?" Ino asked.

'The winner gets a price," she announced.

"That is a great Idea," Sakura said. "And I got a perfect price in mind" she started to smirk. Itachi did not like that look he saw it more than ones when she was with his brother.

They all turned to face Sakura "well" they asked, "What is that price of yours"

"The winner gets Itachi for a whole week," she said as if she was making a weather broadcast.

"What!" Hotaru shrieked.

Itachi glared at Sakura he could have expected something like this from his brothers girlfriend.

"What is wrong? you are absolutely certain you will win right?" Sakura asked. She new Hotaru would loose. In addition, the face of Itachi would be priceless. She and Sasuke would be enjoying this for a long time.

"Well than let the games begin" Temari said with a smirk.

In addition, they all headed towards the Arcade. Itachi hoped Hotaru would win he did not want to spend a whole week with a girl he did not know.

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