First of all I want to thank you for all the reviews I still didn't reply to all of them but I am trying my best

First of all I want to thank you for all the reviews I still didn't reply to all of them but I am trying my best. I am so sorry for the long update I will update the other stories as soon as I can. Here is a new chapter I hope you all like it.

Hinata sighed she was sitting on her bed that stupid argument with Hotaru. Spoiled her good mood and got her grounded again and that on a Saturday she already called the girls that she wouldn't be going to the mall. Although she was grounded she would alwayes sneak out but being grounded twice in two days was a little too much. Now she was stuck for two weeks and not just one. She tried to apologize but her father didn't want to listen. She sighed again she never argued with her father before but since Yumi and Hotaru entered her life she had an argument every day. She lied back down on her bed she looked around her room and tried to remember her old room the one her mother, Hanabi decorated but every time she would see her old room she would start to cry because it reminded her of her mother and sister. She smiled a little her sister would defiantly like her new room. Except for the fact it was decorated in white and bleu. She had a queen size bed which was placed on a platform. Her room was so big that she split it in two halves. Her bed, desk and closed. The other half excited out of a big round sofa it was a small and comfortable living room.

She stood up and walked towards her balcony well one thing was great about this and that was the fact that she had the only room with a balcony. Well I didn't know Hotaru boyfriend was that good looking she thought with a blush. She smiled a little when she remembered how mad Hotaru was she was screaming so hard that even her mother got crazy. Well it doesn't matter how pissed of she is her boyfriend is going to stay with me for a whole week starting from today. Well at least I found something to annoy Hotaru with. She thought with a grin. She was enjoying the view and thinking about Itachi when she heard the door bell. Strange Hotaru, Yumi and Hiashi all left and of course she wasn't invited not that she would go if she was. She wasn't expecting anybody. She was still thinking about Itachi when she opened the door only to reveal the Uchiha himself.

Hinata could feel a blush coming up, "O hey Itachi-san what are you doing her so early?" she asked surprised. She noticed the Uchiha staring at her with a small grin which started too broad. "Morning Hinata-Chan sorry to wake you up"

Hinata raised an eyebrow why did he thought that he woke her up. That was when she noticed that the only thing she was wearing where her sleeping garments which was a short black tight strapless dress with fishnets right above her chess area. She started to blush. Itachi grin only widened.

"I well… you see I was…. W…" Hinata blush deepened.

Itachi cocked his head, "don't tell me I interrupted something" he asked in a mischievous voice.

"Interrupt…. No! You… well I was in … I …" o great now what do I do. Hinata thought.

Itachi decided to stop her before she would die of embarrassment. "I was wondering If Hotaru was home" he asked facing her with a mischievous grin.

"Hotaru…?"She repeated. Hoping she could die.

Itachi grin only widened at that answer, "yes Hotaru your sister remember?" he asked.

"O Hotaru no she… she is not home they left to visited her grandmother well I think they left for her grandmother" Hinata replied who got a hold of her self.

"And you are here because?"

Hinata shrugged, "Not invited, grounded and well that is about it" she started to smile "not that I would go if I was invited but... Eum… sorry that you are here for nothing" she wanted to close the door, "but they would be back around five I think they left last night and bye"

Itachi grinned again she wanted him to leave fast but he wouldn't let her go that easily, "I actually came for you"

"Me!" Hinata blushed again, "why would you be here for me?" she asked.

"Don't tell me you forget that contest" he asked grinning.

"O the contest no well you see I am actually grounded so I am stuck"

"They will be back around five you said right" Itachi asked.

Hinata nodded, "what has that to do with the contest"

Itachi's grin widened, "you will see, but I think it's better for you to change in something well…. more comfortable"

Hinata only blushed deeper, "well I don't know if that is a good idea"

"What? That you will see or you to change into something comfortable" he asked.

"Both" Hinata replied.

Itachi surpassed a grin, "that is fine I really don't mind you wearing that" he said referring to her clothes. "It is a big change of what you wearing yesterday, didn't know you to be type to wear such revealing clothes"

Hinata facer turned into ten different shades of red, "I am not and I wasn't expecting anybody"

"You did open the door in that now didn't you? You should be glad I was the one at the door"

Hinata frowned, "and may I ask why?"

"You to be glad?" he asked.

Hinata only nodded.

"Anybody else wouldn't be so nice to keep it at looking"

"O and you kept it at looking because" Hinata asked annoyed.

Itachi grin widened and he took a step towards her, "tell me Hinata-chan are you disappointed"

Hinata blushed, "I am not disappointed where did you get that idea"

"I don't know you are the one asking why I kept it at looking."

Hinata didn't know what to say he was making her nervous.

Itachi took another step towards her he was standing right in front of her now, "tell me Hinata why did you wanted to know why I kept it looking?"

Hinata didn't move she started to blush and shifted her face to her left trying not to look into his eyes.

"You where disappointed weren't you" he asked with husky voice.

Hinata was starting to get irritated, "for the last time I am not disappointed"

'Hmmm… if you say so" Itachi had an amused glint in his eyes, "but that makes me wonder do you always where that at night if so I really don't mind by only keeping it at looking"

Hinata blushed, "no…."

"Tell me Hinata what would you do if I didn't kept it at looking"

'I would…" Hinata mind went blank she couldn't think with him so close. what was wrong with her. She couldn't be attracted to him he was the boyfriend of Hotaru.

"Cant find a straight answer? let me help you a little what would you do if I would…" he started and leaned closer his lips almost brushing hers. "What would you do Hinata-chan?"

"Itachi…" Hinata started.

"Hmm… yes Hime?"


Itachi grinned, "just tell me what you want Hinata-chan what is it that you want me to do" this is dangerous I shouldn't be doing this Itachi thought. But he couldn't stop wondering how she would taste he wanted to kiss her. He leaned in and kissed her gently. Hinata gasped what is he doing why is he? Her thoughts didn't go any further. She sighed and kissed him back. Itachi pulled her closer while slowly deepening the kiss.

They where interrupted by the sound of the gates. They both stepped backwards Hinata was shocked she just kissed the boyfriend of her stepsister and the worst thing of it all was she liked it... "You better get in and change your clothes" Itachi said softly.

Hinata only nodded and wanted to close the door but was stopped when Itachi said something. "You have an audition at twelve"

"What…" Hinata started.

"Do you want to explain why you are at the door wearing that to your father and Hotaru?" Itachi asked.

Hinata shook her head and closed the door right before the car arrived.

"Itachi what are you doing here?" Hotaru asked surprised seeing her boyfriend.

Itachi turned around to face her, "I just came by to say that I have work to do so I can't take you out" he replied. Well that was partly true he only came by to see Hinata he wanted to cancel their date to take Hinata to the audition.

"Well you can come in if you want" Hotaru started and pulled him with her towards the door.

Hotaru opened the door entered the huge estate which was owned by the Hyuuga family.

"Hinata we are home" Hiashi yelled. It didn't take long before Hinata came downstairs wearing a pink top and a white skirt right above her knees. She stopped when she spotted Itachi and turned around facing her father "hey dad back so early"

Hiashi smiled, "yes it wasn't that of a thrill so we left early"

"O okay I am glad your back" Hinata said.

Hiashi turned to face Itachi, "A Itachi-Kun nice to see you again, how are you doing"

Itachi faced Hiashi, "fine" was his cold reply

Hiashi nodded, "o I almost forgot have you met my daughter Hinata"

Itachi faced Hinata, "not really it is nice meeting you Hinata-san" a grin appearing on his face.

Hotaru frowned, why did he said he haven't met her before

Hinata smiled, "It is nice meeting you too Itachi-san"

Hiashi smiled, "okay o Hinata why won't you prepare breakfast I am starved and I think that Itachi would want to eat to"

Hotaru beamed, "that is great" and she pulled Itachi with her, "will be in the garden o Hinata call us when breakfast is ready"

Hinata frowned, "hey we don't even know if Itachi wants to stay and besides you can prepare your own breakfast"

Itachi raised an eyebrow when she dropped the san in front of her father but luckily for the both of them he didn't hear it.

Hotaru turned around her green eyes flaming, "excuse me! I think dad told you to prepare breakfast"

Hinata tried hard to surpass her anger, "fine whatever but if your boyfriend doesn't like it it his problem and not mine"

"Hinata show some respect" Hiashi yelled.

"Sorry, I…didn't mean that" Hinata said before she turned around and left for the kitchen.

Hotaru took a seat on one of the benches in the garden and turned to face Itachi, "Itachi why did you say you haven't met Hinata you did brought her home right"

"So if you call that a proper meeting than yes if not than not" was his simple reply.

Hotaru frowned again, "what has that suppose to mean, o and what do you mean you have work to do it is Saturday"

"It is a big company Hotaru; I have a lot of work to do"

"O it is okay" she replied and leaned against him. The both waited till Hinata would call them for breakfast.

Hiashi faced Itachi, "and tell me how everything in the company is going well I presume"

Itachi nodded, "yes it is the most of the time I am abroad

After thirty minutes Hinata called that breakfast was ready.

'They where eating peacefully when Hinata turned to face her father, "Dad can I go out today"

Hiashi looked up facing his only daughter, "why Hinata, you know that you are grounded"

Hinata smiled gently, "Please dad can I go, the girls want to go the mall and than they want to go to the fair please dad I havent visited the fair at all and it is the last day" she begged.

Hiashi sighed he could never say no when she used those eyes on him, "Fine you can go but I want you home before …"

"I know midnight, Thanks dad I love you"

When they where done eating Hinata stood up picking up the dishes and took them to the kitchen.

"How are you going to the mall" Hiashi asked when hinata returned.

"Well I can take the bus" Hinata started.

"The bus but Hinata dear you cant, isn't that a long journey with the bus" hiashi asked,

"Euh yeah but I don't have a car so I think I would be taking the bus" Hinata replied smiling.

Itachi stood up, "she can drive with me, if it is okay with you"

Hinata eyes widened, "euhm I …."

Hiashi smiled, "thank you Itachi, if it isn't to much of a trouble for you"

"It is not, it is on the way so it wont bee that of a problem"

"Hinata, you better hurry, Itachi doesn't have all day" Hiashi replied.

"Okay, just give me five minutes to change in to something comfortable" Hinata said .

Hiashi raised an eyebrow," Why? That is just fine"

"Euhm because…., never mind it is fine" Hinata mumbled.

Itachi faced the older Hyuuga, "Ill bee going than"

Hiashi smiled, "you should visit us a little more often"

Itachi faced hinata, "Ill consider that, are you coming"

Hinata blushed. "Yes, euhm thank you"

"Don't mention it, Ill call you Hotaru" after that said the Uchiha left.

"Hey wait up" Hinata said running after him right before she went through the door she turned around facing her father, "thanks dad, I love you bye"

"Me to and have fun" Hiashi replied.

Hinata finally cached up with the uchiha, "why are you in such a hurry"

Itachi shrugged, "you start at twelve, and that is over an hour"

"May I ask how you managed to get me an audition?"

"No" Itachi replied talking place behind the wheel.

"What do you mean no" Hinata asked stepping in the car.

"Just as I said, it was easy I talked to the schools direction"

Hinata raised an eyebrow, "and they listen because"

Itachi smirked, "I was the one talking"

Hinata sighed, "That is still not answering my question"

Itachi shrugged, "that is than your problem"

"You are so arrogant; I just can't see what Hotaru sees in you"

"You tell me" Itachi asked.

"Why is that" Hinata asked.

"You are the one that opened the door in nothing else but a very revealing night gown"

Hinata blushed, "what has that to do with this"

Itachi shrugged, "everything, what will you tell your father if you are allowed to enter"

Hinata sighed, "I don't know"

Itachi faced her, "you should think of something"

"Like what? I really don't have any ideas; I can't tell him you brought me there"

"Why not, I don't mind" Itachi replied.

Hinata blushed, "because…. Well it's just that hotaru wont like it"

"That is nice of you considering the fact the both of you don't go along"

Hinata shrugged, "Ill think of something" after a drive of twenty minutes they both arrived at the Konoha School of performing arts.

"We are here" Itachi started facing her.

Hinata nodded; well here is your one and only chance. Please mom, Hanabi help me, I really need your strength. She sighed and followed the older Uchiha to realize her dream.

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