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Chapter 1

"Mother, please. I love him."

"No, I forbid you from marrying that commoner. I forbid you to have any contact with that man!"

"But Mother-."

"No buts! You are Tsutsumi Kotoko, second eldest daughter of the infamous Tsutsumi family. You need to be an example, an idol, to your younger siblings and also to the world. You are a member of the Tsutsumi family and as a member, we have already promised your hand to another man, a better ma-."

"Mother! I don't want to marry anyone but Fujioka Ryoji!"

The elder woman gasp, her hand flying to her chest.

"Young lady, marrying that lowly commoner will not only ruin your life but also our family name! The clean reputation the Tsutsumi family that we have used sweat and tears to upkeep these hundreds of years will all go to waste if you marry that man. Do you know how much you'll put in jeopardy? You need to stop being so selfish and start thinking about family!"

The elder woman paced back and forth, wringing her hands in frustration.

"The Tsutsumi family has always been a family that has developed brilliant and charming young men and woman to advance this world in technology and medical studies. We have claimed the title of being the third richest and famous family in the world." The elder woman stressed.

"For you to marry that man, it will ruin everything, everything! Do you really want that responsibility?"

The younger woman opened her mouth to argue but was interrupted by the elder woman again.

"You have caused nothing but shame since you came into the family. You disguised yourself as a boy and went into the men's washroom because of mere curiosity. The public was criticizing for a month!"

"Mother!" The young woman shouted, finally able to get a word in. "Mother, I have been doing everything your way after that incident. I went to the school you chose, I made friends that you approved of, I took courses that you chose, I wore the frilly clothes that you forced on me but this one thing, please let me have it!"

"Young lady do not shout at me! You think you've been a perfect angel? You snuck out of school to do God knows what! I had to make sure you made the right type of friends so that you wouldn't cause any more unsightly rumors. As a Tsutsumi, you were obliged to either take part in medical studies or technological studies. And finally, as a daughter of the upstanding family of Tsutsumi, you need to have appropriate clothes!"

The elder woman sighed heavily. "This is taking too long. No matter. You will not marry that lowly commoner. We have already made plans for your wedding with a refined young man-."

"Mother no."

"No, you listen to me. You will follow my instructions and marry hi-."


The room silenced.

"Mother…I-I'm pregnant with Ryo-kun's child already."

"What?" the mother breathed out in disbelief.

"I've known this for half a month already. Ryoji already bought a small apartment to live in with the baby and me. I want to live with him forever."

The elder woman's hand flew to her heart as she labored to take deep breaths.

"You…forget the baby. We can get rid of it."

"No! I want to keep the baby. I can't take this anymore. I never liked the rules in the family. No one did. I always had to be perfect. I never got to do anything else. It's always about honor, rumors, keeping the family status. I don't want that kind of pressure and I don't want that kind of pressure for my baby either. I want my baby to live in a carefree environment where it doesn't matter if she makes any mistakes. She'll be free from this cage."

"You…" The woman's hand shook from anger. "From now on, you're no longer my daughter. I NO LONGER have a daughter named Tsutsumi Kotoko. She's dead to me. Go! Go away!" The elder woman spun around and leaned over the small coffee table using her arm as a support. Her face was twisted with anger.

The younger woman fled from the room with tears streaming from her eyes.

The young woman threw away her last name, Tsutsumi, to adopt the name Fujioka in marriage. As she abandoned her past and her inheritance, she began on the road to become a lawyer.

Nine months later, the baby was born. It was a girl. Her name was Fujioka Haruhi.

Unfortunately, the happy life did not last. Fujioka Kotoko died six years after her daughter's birth.