Haruhi sighed heavily as she sat down and leaned back on the cushioned chair in her classroom.

After having to spend over an hour trying to persuade her maids and bodyguard to let her go to school without any of them accompany her, she had to further persuade her grandparents to let her walk to school instead of taking the limo.

Unfortunately, she forgot to calculate the time between the Tsutsumi mansion and school, so she had to let her chauffer drive her to school, only to stop him a mile away and persuade him to let her walk without him following.

It was tiring to say the least. She looked up as the twins made their entrance and greeted them.

As soon as Haruhi entered the double doors in the Tsutsumi mansion after school, a loud, "Haru-chan!!" screamed out. The bubbly voice echoed around the foyer but the maids didn't pause in their work and looked like they were expecting it.

Haruhi looked up at the speaker located above the doorframe.

A part of her turned cold. Could that have been…Honey-sempai?

The thought was completely dashed when a streak of pink flew down the stairs and jumped into her arms. A couple of orange-uniformed maids hurried down the stairs following the blur.

"Haru-chan, Haru-chan you're back!!"

Haruhi visibly relaxed. She looked down into her smallest cousin's face. Long crisp curls of silky black hair framed the adorable face. Bangs swept over the girl's brown eyes, twinkling in happiness. A pert nose and thin glossed lips completed the absolutely adorable face of her almost-six-year old cousin, Tsutsumi Miki, daughter of Haruhi's mother's second oldest brother, Kenichi, and little sister of the expressionless Zen. The hyper gene must have skipped for Zen and gave Miki way too much.

"Haru-nee, Haru-nee, welcome back. Ojii-sama told me you're going to stay here forever!" Miki exclaimed with excitement. She didn't wait for a reply before giving Haruhi another big hug. "I missed you so much. Let's go play. Play! I wanna go to Disney World. Let's go let's go!"

"Uh wait Miki-chan." Haruhi wasn't given a chance to finish before Miki pulled them to Grandfather's office.

Miki didn't even knock before walking past the guards and opening the door. She ran across the spacious office and jumped into her grandfather's arms.

"Ojii-sama, Ojii-sama, I found Haru-nee. I get to go to Disney World right? Right? Right?"

Teishu laughed at his granddaughter's excitement.

"Haru-chan just got back yesterday. Let's give her a little more time to get used to things before going to Disney World. Miki-chan, your birthday is next week isn't it?"

Miki nodded, a big smile on her face. Knowing what her grandfather was going to say, she clapped her hand in agreement. "Then let's go to Disney World on my birthday." Suddenly, Miki looked sad. "But…I wanna go somewhere fun today with Haru-nee."

Teishu pretended to think about it. "Well then how about going to test out the newly built indoor tropical park?"

"What indoor tropical park?" Haruhi asked, looking towards Teishu.

"We recently built another indoor tropical park to help our patients recuperate. It's called Tropitarium #16."

Haruhi sweatdropped.

"Yea yea, Haru-nee let's go!" Miki shouted. She didn't wait for a reply before running upstairs to get her things. "Reni-nee, can you braid my hair?" Miki shouted over her shoulder as her short legs carried her over to the elevator. Reni, her head personal maid quickly followed her charge.

Teishu laughed. "Well, go on Haru-chan. It'll be plenty of fun. The drivers know where it is. Oh and take your swimsuit. It's a place for swimming."

Haruhi nodded uncertainly but turned to leave nonetheless. She went to her upstairs room and found Yiri there waiting for her with a bag in her hand.

"Miki-chan told me about your plan to go to Tropitarium #16. I, of course, will be accompanying you."

"Good, I was worried." Haruhi smiled at Yiri in gratitude.

Haruhi followed Yiri downstairs to the front gate. Two limos were waiting for their arrival. Miki was jumping up and down beside the second one, her chauffer waiting for her to enter the limo.

"Haru-nee let's go!!" Miki shouted happily, her twin braids moving up and down. Haruhi marveled at how long Reni took to braid up Miki's hair and ready her for the trip. Reni, dressed in an orange maid uniform, was waiting beside her with Miki's beach bag in her hands.

Reni helped Miki crawl into the limo before they entered too.

Haruhi and Yiri entered the first one and they set off.

Tropitarium #16, as its name implies, is the 16th one in its line. It was the most recently built and was equipped with the most recent technology. It took up almost the size of 10 football fields put together. Glass panes surrounded the edges in a pyramid shape. After putting up glass panes for the ceiling, they thought better of it and decided to leave it open during the day and installed a ceiling that was able to retract during rainy days or at night to protect the facility. Most patients preferred clean natural air and cloud watching. It was equipped with friendly service, Jacuzzi, flowing stream, exotic animals, fruits, vegetation imported from Jamaica, wave maker, weather changes, hiking trails, exploration, gambling, masseuse, and a hotel. The other side of the building was filled with water slides, Rolla coaters, and everything else that would appear in a water amusement park.

The building was completed. The opening was scheduled for next week, on Miki's birthday, but since Miki decided not to spend her birthday among so many people, they moved the opening day to the previous day. Miki insisted that she be the one to cut the big red ribbon at the opening.

The limos parked directly outside of the glass sliding doors. Guards were posted at the entrance to turn back any reporters that wanted a quick glance. Miki and Haruhi exited their limo and entered the glass automatic sliding doors. Warm air breezed throughout the facility for it was still a little chilly outside.

Miki excitedly led Haruhi past the front desk and into the ladies change room. Reni helped Miki change into her pink and white bikini and comfortable slippers.

Yiri helped Haruhi change into her tankini and let Miki drag her away.

Another double sliding door appeared at the other end of the change room. Miki pulled her through and stopped at an intersection. The sign on the wall read: Shortcut to hotel and casino. A small arrow pointed to the right. Underneath, another sign read: Shortcut to tropical paradise. A small arrow pointed forward.

Beneath that, the last sign said: Shortcut to water park. The arrow pointed to the left.

All three signs were followed by translations into over 8 different languages.

Miki led Haruhi over to the left. After a while, they finally arrived at another sliding door. As they entered, Haruhi was reminded of what happened earlier that day at the Host Club. She shivered.

Miki looked curiously at Haruhi.

"Haru-nee? Are you cold?"

"No I'm not. I just remembered something…scary." Haruhi shivered and smiled warmly at Miki.

Miki nodded before turning to look at a small window high above the ground.

"Excuse me. Haru-nee's cold. Turn up the heat." Miki shouted toward the small window. Haruhi look at Miki like she was crazy. I mean you would think that too if a six year old suddenly started screaming and ordering a window to turn up the heat.

A loud voice sounded through the speakers and echoed around the silent Tropitorium. "Yes Miki-sama."

A light warm breeze ruffled Haruhi's hair.

There was a soundproof wall dividing the amusement park from the rest of the facility. The soundproof wall was there to allow the patients on the other side to not be disturbed in their rehabilitation.

As Haruhi stepped closer to the wall, the heat got more intense. It wasn't melt-your-skin-off kind of heat but standing-directly-in-front-of-the-heater kind of heat.

"Is that better?" Miki asked.

"Uh yea. Thanks Miki-chan."

Miki smiled happily and let go of Haruhi's hand to go climb the high water slide.

"Haru-nee come on!! Let's play!"


-nee – older sister

Even though Haruhi isn't Miki's older sister, Haruhi is an older female in Miki's generation. Therefore, -nee can refer to anyone older than you but still in your generation. –nee implies closeness and familiarity.

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