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Chapter One

The littlest princess came into our lives when she was two days old. Cassandra Miller was one of my dearest friends and when she came to me for a favor I told her I would do anything for her. Cassandra was pregnant and the father had been killed in an accident and her pregnancy would be a difficult one, being that she had a bad heart and the doctors didn't know if she would be able to carry the baby to full term. Cassandra needed my help because she didn't have any money and needed a place to stay and so I asked her to come live with Joey, Mokie and me.

Joey and I have been married for a little over a year and Cassandra is alright with it. She loves Mokie and Joey and they love her too. She was put on constant bed rest and with Joey and Mokie's help they made it less stressful for her. My personal doctor found a great gynecologist to care for Cassandra during her pregnancy and Doctor Miller is very good for her. As her time became closer, Doctor Miller comes everyday to make sure that her health is fine.

I'm worried about her mental health because she knows that sooner or later she will die and leave her child motherless and it must be a terrible feeling. We talk about it all the time and the other day Cassandra asked me "if anything happens to me will you and Joey adopt my baby and raise it as yours?" I had tears running down my face when I told her "you know that we will." She seems to be a little more at ease because she knows that her baby will have parents to love her or him.

Doctor Miller determined that she needed to do a C-section as soon as possible because Cassandra's heart was getting worse. She was almost to full term and the doctor wasn't worried for the baby as much as she was for Cassandra's. Cassandra was moved to the Hospital and they did the C-section and she delivered and beautiful baby girl. I was there beside her as they delivered the baby and I got to cut the cord and when they laid her daughter in her arms she smiled at me and said "isn't she beautiful?" I had tears in my eyes and I told her "she's as beautiful as her mother."

Cassandra lived another two days and then one morning we got a call to come to the Hospital right away. When we got there Doctor Miller and Doctor Higgins were in with Cassandra. The Nurse came and got us and we went into the room. Cassandra was fighting to stay alive and as we stood there beside the bed she smiled at us and in a soft voice she said "I want to thank you both for taking my daughter and raising her as your own, she is a very lucky baby." Cassandra closed her eyes and passed away with a smile on her lips.

In her will Cassandra asked that her daughter's name would be Angelina Marie. Today as I hold our little angel, we say goodbye to her mother and my best friend. She will know who her mother was and of the love that she had for her little baby girl.

We had our daughter baptized Angelina Marie Kaiba. As Joey and I hold her the Minister says "here is the littlest angel that has come to us from heaven."

Cassandra's Lawyer called today and said that he had several packages that Cassandra wanted me to have after her death. We went to get them and as I opened them we found that they contained pictures of Cassandra when she was a little girl all the way through her life. There was even a picture of her and her husband and so I took them to a friend of mine and he put them into books for Angelina to see when she gets old enough to understand about her birth parents.

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