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Chapter Eight

After that first dance Angelina and Jessie were inseperable and they dated on through Grade School, High School and into College. Angelina wanted to be an Attorney and Jessie wanted to be a Doctor of Pediatrics. Well they both succeeded in achieving their goals.

One evening Jessie came over to talk to us and we both figured that he wanted to marry our angel and Seto was acting like a hard ass till I told him to behave or else. Jessie proceeded to ask Seto for his daughters hand in marriage and with tears in his eyes Seto told Jessie "you may marry our Angelina, but if you hurt her in any way your life will end right then and there and that is a threat that's a promise."

Jessie looked at Seto and said "I would rather cut my own throat then harm one single hair on that beautiful woman's head. I love her and will show her that love till the day we die." Seto shook Jessie's hand and welcomed him into our family.

The Wedding was beautiful, we had it in the back yard and as the Minister pronounced them Husband and Wife two dozen white doves were released into the air. So today we watch our little angel leave with her husband and all of a sudden there appeared in the sky a brilliant rainbow and Angelina said "look mommy and daddy are smiling too."

Seto and I are sitting on the couch remembering when we first brought that special little princess into our home and as we look at pictures of her we have to wipe our eyes because of the tears of joy and Seto looks upwards and says "Cassandra our girl is all grown up and is now a married woman, I think that we all did a great job."

THE END………………..

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