Author's beginning note: Well this is my second fic. As my first one got 300+ views but only four reviews I'll keep it up but slower than this one.

Anyways this'll be a Dark Naruto fic where he becomes a missing nin after Sasuke leaves. It will start after the death of Sandaime though to introduce the survival of a certain character…hehe…

o------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 1: Survival--------------------------------------------------------------------o

"I remember...when I was inside that echoed."

"What echoed Kin-chan?"

"My echoed. It resounded. It plagued my ears, my panicked breathing. The rasped hitching of my sobs. The horrible feel of tears running down my face for the first time in years..."

"I'm sorry...but I'm glad you finally feel that you can tell me this."

" did save me..."

"Best thing I've ever done."


The Sandaime's funeral took place the day before. Still not quite believing that he was dead Naruto again visited where he had died. The effects of the rooftop battle still lingered. An acrid stench had not yet vanished. The three coffins: two of them open the other had been stopped. He sighed as he sat down. I guess he really is dead…Why… "WHY DAMNIT!" He yelled aloud. Nobody answered. Konohamaru is having a tough time. The entire village is mourning. I want to send that Orochimaru's a- His thoughts were cut off as he heard a banging resounding from nearby.

What the Hell? He thought and looked around. He heard it again. Shit! Where is that coming from?! He walked closer towards the sound. Metal? But the only metal around is… He paled and backed away.The…the…the coffins?!

He heard a weak voice. "H…h-elp…" It was sobbing. His blue eyes widened in shock. A person! In the coffin…m…maybe it's a…COOL! I wanna check this out! He ran over and tried to pry the only closed one open. The Sandaime had smashed it so it couldn't open normally…or easily. Naruto pounded at the coffin trying to bust it open. He took a kunai and finally pried it open. "Ha!" He cried. He saw a person inside. "Z...z...ZOMBIE!" He fell back.

Kin slowly sat up holding her head. "Uhh...oh...I'm...alive?" She looked around and saw a boy close to her age sitting nearby. He must have been the one who saved me! "Thank you!" She launched herself at him and hugged him in a death grip. "Thank you!"

Naruto was freaking out. A girl had just come flying out of the coffin. When she let go he saw her face and headband. "YOU?! But why were you..." Realization became etched onto his face. "HE WAS GOING TO KILL YOU?!" When the girl just nodded Naruto calmed down. "Orochimaru was going to use his own sacrifice?" Kin welled up in tears again. She'd been so close to death. Wha-what a monster. If that's how he treats...maybe that's why their Genin team was so mean during the exams...poor girl.

The young Genin helped her stand. "H...hey...I'll bring you to...oh damn the Hokage's dead..." He didn't know what to do. The council would probably kill her. "Oh the Hell I'll bring you to Kakashi-sensei!" He said.

The ex-sound girl made no protest as her headband was removed and let not a sound out as she was pulled up into Naruto's arms and carried through back streets and alleys to the boy's sensei's home. It was really just an apartment. A lot better than Naruto's. Kakashi's apartment was almost a penthouse. In fact that's what it would have been if he hadn't quit ANBU. Naruto knocked loudly. No answer.

Naruto growled. "KAKASHI SENSEI! THIS IS IMPORTAN-" He was cut off as the door opened into his face with a SMACK! "Yes?" A masked head said as it slowly peeked out. "Oh...Naruto. Why do you insist on screaming my name then falling to the ground?" Naruto was twitching. "You...opened it INTO MY FACE!"

As Kakashi and Naruto fought a rather one sided scream battle with Naruto being the only one screaming, Kin cowered in the corner. They're going to kill me...I know they will. I don't deserve to live. She sobbed. This caught Kakashi's attention. "Naruto...who is the girl?" Isn't of the sound genin?

He sighed. "Ok Naruto bring her in and explain this." Kakashi let his student and the Sound girl follow him in. They sat on a couch and an armchair in his living room. " shoot Naruto." Naruto began with how he'd found her and what must have happened. Kakashi nodded. " what's your name?" He asked the girl.

"T...Ts...Tsuchi...Kin..." She stuttered completely terrified of the masked man and what might happen. She was taken aback when Naruto stood up with a smile. "Don't worry Kin-chan! We'll take care of you!" And she could tell he meant it. can he mean that? W...wait? Kin-chan? Th...that...I like that name. She blushed slightly at his use of the chan suffix. "Thank you..."

Kakashi sighed. I have to talk to the damned Council...