"Thank you Naruto." Hinata pulled off her masked as the rest of her squad sat on top of poles while Hinata did as well, her mask gleamed int the full moon as her hair shimmered down to her sides.

"Hinata, move towards the eastern gate well cut him off go!" a voice shouted out to Hinata while she slipped her mask back on and pulled out her sword. as she gripped her sword tight she jumped to the nearest roof top. her feet thudded loudly, as her long 5 foot sword made illusion lights in the night.

"Byukagen!" She whispered as she swung her body over onto the next roof top and slipped into the darkness waiting for the bitch to get there.

"Alright Hinata, you know what to do." Kakashi looked over to her as she jumped by him, she threw her sword up and down as she cut the girls hair. The girls brown hair fell to her shoulders as her black cloth still didn't way to showing her face.

"You're not going anywhere." Hinata looked up out of her cat like mask as the ninja only laughed and gripped a kunai.

"Teh, another anbu but you're not going to get me!" her voice was soft hard to take her serious as she jumped back while she slammed sword out of Hinata's gloved hand with her under foot.

"Ha, take that!" She grinned at Hinata, but to Hinata she was moving slow she was already behind her.

"Gentle fist divine strike!" Hinata's voice had greatly change as she took her two fingers, and went into all the main joints and snapped her arms back. It happen so fast the girls eyes went small as blood dripped out of the side of her mouth. Kakashi jumped down and pulled his mask back as he shook his head.

"Good job Hinata I'll take it from here." Kakashi looked up to Hinata as she let the girl's body dropped to the floor.

"Immobilized her again well done, its good to have a Hyuga on the anbu squad, like your brother." Kakashi picked up the girl as he disappeared into the darkness.

"So I thought too Kakashi, but it's not the same as I hopped for, Not with out Naruto." Hinata looked up to the moon as she wished Naruto would come back soon.

Hinata went over to pick up her sword as she slipped it into her back pouch and walked away slowly only sighing and wished for something more.

"Sakura, I need you to go with the medical squad there gathering herbs and you've been studying herbs for about year.

"Yes Tsunade." Sakura turned around as she wore an all black shirt with black pants and a black head band as she put her jounin vest on and turned to walk out.

"Sakura, I have good news." Tsunade flickered something as Sakura turned around and listened to Tsunade.

"Naruto will becoming back, soon of course but I don't want you telling him he is a chuunin at the age of 16, I will tell him." Tsunade closed her book as she looked up to Sakura.

"Yes Tsunade." Sakura spoke quitely as her voice had become deeper and more rich with a womans touch. she turned around and walked out.

"Jiriaya you kept him for 2 more years, how typically of him to go to such extent." Tsunade frowned as Shizune brought in more paper work.

"How is everything going with Sasuke?" Tsunade looked up to Shizune as she smiled.

"Just fine Orochimaru and Sasuke were found in the sand village but you know Gaara." Shizune spoke quietly as she put a couple scrolls onto the table.

"Yea I know but how will he feel everybody became jounins and Hinata and Neji are anbu's with Shikamaru." Tsunade put her chin on her hand as she looked up to Shizune.

"Naruto is a chuunin he'll be fine." Shizune turned around and walked away as Tsunade was thinking of putting Naruto at Jounin level or even anbu.

"Come on Jiriaya I want to see hidden leaf village come on, come on!" Naruto stood at the opening gates as he smelled a sweetness he hadn't smelled or taste in 4 years.

"Alright Naruto, calm down its no big deal." Jiriaya patted Naruto's head as he was becoming and feeling short around Naruto.

Naruto had started to look like the forth at a young age his hair wasn't as long but he was definitely looking as if he was the 4'ths son.

"Wow Jiriaya, uh is that you Naruto?" A jounin stood by the gate as Naruto and Jiriaya walked in.

"I thought that was the 4th Hokage there!" the jounin smiled as Naruto smiled and kept walking.

"I can't wait to see Hinata!" Naruto whispered as Jiriaya herded it clearly.

"Is this the Hyuga girl you like?" Jiriaya smiled as Naruto frowned.

"I…don't like her she is just a good friend." Naruto turned red as ran in front of Jiriaya and looked around the village.

"Oh, Naruto!" Sakura ran up to him as she hugged him and laid her head on his chest as she smiled.

"Hey Sakura!" Naruto looked at her as she stood next to him and smiled.

"Uh, You're a chuunin?!" Naruto looked at her vest as she shook her head.

"No, I'm a jounin, for the medical squad." Sakura stuck her tongue out while the rest of her squad came up behind her.

"Sakura we need to go now." A tall man stood behind her as she turned and walked away.

"Uh, Sakura is a jounin wow." Naruto grew quite as he felt emptiness in his body.

"Yea Naruto, Hinata she is anbu." Jiriaya mumbled as Naruto eyes went small.

"That shy little girl is an anbu!" Naruto jumped back as he couldn't believe it.

"She not the same she had one on one training from Tsunade for only 4 months after that she could take down b almost a rank missions by herself." Jiriaya didn't look down as Naruto almost dropped dead.

"Your kidding right…." Naruto grew quite as He had to see Hinata, she had always had a place in Naruto's heart as much as he didn't want to admit.

"Naruto she is a Hyuga, there not to be dealt with ease, the Hyuga clan is a strong clan not to mention she is from the main branch.

"Who else do I know is an anbu?" Naruto pulled on his hair as he waited for an answer.

"Neji, Shikamaru and I think Temari the girl from the sand village." Jiriaya closed his eyes as Naruto couldn't hold in his anger.