"Hum, to think this was going to be easy but in all this was just as hard." Kuyo white hair hung low as He finally re-broke the code as was able to access into the main system.

"Now where getting somewhere." A faint grin came across his face as his hands became stained with red

"Hinata, is everything alright?" Sakura sat down on the desk as she pulled out the paper work and was doing the normally tending.
"Yea I'm fine I guess….." She couldn't keep her mind straight it kept wondering off.

"Well stay focus and hear me out for one minute." Sakura looked up as once again Hinata was staring off.
"Hinata, I know it's hard to believe but Naruto is dead I'm sorry." Sakura felt bad for Hinata because she knew for the longest time how much she liked Naruto.
"Naruto, why would worry about that, he means nothing to me." Hinata's lips moved slowly as Sakura was completely shocked.

"To think I new Hinata like a book, I never thought those words would be spoken by her." Sakura bright ivy green eyes closed as her thoughts kept going on threw her head.

"It's true Sakura, I'm not a child anymore I liked him when I was a kid I've out grown that and moved on." Once again her eyes didn't move nothing shifted no expression across her face.

"Well I'm sorry you feel that way Hinata." Sakura leaned on the desk as her back was killing her and she need to move around.
"It's like you with Sasuke, you moved on with him just as I have with Naruto, just a past memory that doesn't exist anymore." Hinata's word came sharp as so much has gone on in her life that it has change her so much, she never smiled she wasn't shy no more, she rarely spoke to any one.

"Like I said I'm sorry you feel that way, Sakura rested her chin on her hand as she kept watching her wandering what was going threw her mind.
A light grin came across her lips as she closed her eyes and shook her head.

"I will never understand you Hinata." Sakura spoke to herself as she watched her leave.
Hinata's foot steps echoed as so did her mind with empty thoughts no matter what she did Naruto was still a big part of her life; it was something she just could never get over.

Hinata are you ok?" Kiba put his hand on her shoulder as she was sitting on the windowsill.
"Yea I'm fine,….her words drifted off as she frowned.

"Cheer up, he put his hand under her chin as his lips touched hers and he nipped her lip a bit making her lips curve with what he wanted a soft smile on her face.
His dark black eyes locked on her white grey misty eyes as his hands went threw her soft hair.

"mm I love you." Kiba brushed by her cheek as he climbed over her and sat in the bay window with her.
"I love you too Kiba." Hinata sat up on her knees as she crawled over to him and sat on top of him as he had his back against the wall.

Her hair gleamed in the only light from the moon, while her soft skin brushed by him as her hand held onto his.
"I know you're still thinking about Naruto and I understand, but you got to move on sometime, don't you think?" Kiba's under right eye curved as his head cocked.

"Kiba, why don't you have a shirt on?" Hinata's hand brush by his collar bone as he grinned.
"Shouldn't you be asking why you don't?" Kiba laughed while he leaned forward put his forehead onto hers held her one hand and licked her cheek.

Hinata pushed her body forward as she gave him a long deep kiss as she did Kiba raised his hand and pushed her hair behind her ear. Hinata stood on all fours as Kiba had his legs out wearing nothing but baggy black pants.

"I want you by my side forever; you mean so much to me." Kiba pulled her shirt down a bit as she smiled and whispered under her breath, "I know."

"If you know then let me show you…"Kiba smiled again as this time Hinata sat on his lap as his knees came up. She pushed her body up against him as her hands went on the wall.

"I think you do need to show me." Hinata whispered in his ear, as she did her voice sent shivers threw his body as his hands were already on her hips.

"If that's what you want, I will then, I will do anything for you Hinata." Kiba looked up to her as he slowly raised his head to match her gaze. Her one hand lifted off the wall and lightly touched his check as it drifted down his neck.
She leaned forward and kissed him under the neck. Then looked up to him and winked.

Hey Rino is this Sensei's house?" Kiari grinned as he leaned up against the window.

"We shouldn't be here." Rino frowned as she really didn't want to get caught.
"Look its 10am she wanted to meet us at 12pm were just going to grab that scroll and use its powers, don't be such an ass." Kiari grinned as he pulled back her window and jumped in.

"Now where's that scroll………oh dam….." he stopped dead as he saw Akamaru a 10 foot dog 700 pounds sitting on the scroll.

"Hmm…something about this place, I remember something long time ago about this place, what's the name of this place?" Naruto looked over to Kuyo as he didn't look over and instead he spoke softly but clear enough for Naruto to hear.

"It's called the Hidden leaf village."