Look At Us Now

By ValkyrieWarrior

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For all the times that we ever couldn't be

Look at us baby, look at us now...


Chapter 1: Back Home


Somewhere in the middle of a forest, the laughter's of a woman can be heard.

"Naruto...hahahaha, please stop that...hehe..haha...it tickles." Sakura tired to get Naruto to stop licking her belly, but she was too weak from the feeling to do anything. All she can do was sit there and plead. "Naruto, I swear...hahahah...if you don't stop now I will make you regret it." (Alright, maybe plead was the wrong word to use).Tears were starting to form in her eyes from laughing so hard.

Flashback five minutes ago

Naruto and Sakura were resting against a tree. Sakura sat against it while Naruto rested on her lap. She was slowly brushing his hair with her soft hands as he seems to be sleeping. Of course, Naruto was just waiting for the right moment to jump in and tickle her until she begged him to stop. So, as Sakura was closing her eyes to rest, Naruto made his move. Without warning, he flips them over with him on top. Sakura was unable to move from her confusion.

Naruto smirked.

Sakura was a little scared of that look.

Before she could scold him, Naruto attacked her stomach. He first used his hands to rub the sides of her abdomen, but then decided that that was too easy. So he immediately switched to a more effective device, his tongue. He was proud to hear her shriek in half surprise, half joy.

Back to present

Naruto stops his work to look up on her, "Oh yeah, what are you going to do?" he said mischievously, clearly not threatened. He stops what he's doing to give her a chance to answer.

She thinks for a moment before she says, "Well you see, we have another day or so 'till we reach Konoha. I carry our food supply and you get hungry every hour. So, unless you don't want to eat ramen for a while, I suggest you let me go." Sakura replied with a smirk. She knew Naruto places a high value on ramen, so he had no choice but to comply.

'Damn it...she's too quick for me.'

"A slug is quicker than you." Kyuubi barked back.

'Shut up!'

Naruto looks at her and smiles. He knew she would do what she threatened, no more like promised to do if he didn't stop tickling/licking her. He wasn't about to make Sakura mad at him. Also, he wasn't exactly fond of the idea of not eating for two days. A hungry Naruto, think of the nightmare. He decided it was best he stopped, besides he could always do this later when their alone.

He leans in and gives her a quick but tender kiss on the lips before getting up.

"Well in that case, we should start moving then if we ever want to get back." He extends his arm to help her up.

She accepts his hands as she gets up, "That's what I thought."

"AHH!!!Woman what is your problem, I was loving that!!!" Inner Sakura said, she was infuriated.

Sakura decided not to reply, instead she just started packing her things, while Naruto was doing the same. Not long after, they were ready to go back home

"Why you evil little bitc-"

"Hey Sakura, ready to go?" The young man asked her.

"Yeah, let's go."

They made their way down the dirt path. Naruto wasn't sure whether he should hold her hand.

'I should hold her hand.' He was about to extend his hand, but decided against it. 'No I shouldn't. I'll let her determine where we are. She might hit me if I tried grabbing her hand anyways.'

Sakura noticed this and decided for him. After a quick peck on the cheek, she grabs his hand and intertwines it with hers. They soon departed.

Inside the Hokage's Office----------------------------------------------------------------------

"Are you sure?" Tsunade asked her assistant again, not really believing what she just heard. Tsunade had been sleeping on a pile of paper on her desk, with sake on her hands. She was interrupted by the woman in front of her now, the younger woman had said that it was urgent.

"Yes Hokage-sama. The letter is here." Shizune hands Tsunade the letter. The aged woman carefully reads the letter and her eyes widen. "Hokage-sama? What are you going to do?"

Tsunade looks down as she contemplates on what to do.


With Naruto And Sakura----------------------------------------------------------------------------

"So, umm, Sakura-chan, does this mean we're dating?" Naruto moves his head to the side to look at his beautiful cherry blossom.

Sakura decided to mess with a little more, just for the heck of it. "Well Naruto, how could we be dating if we haven't gone on a date? Besides, you haven't asked me out yet this week." She turns to look at him with an innocent smile on her face.

Naruto chuckles a little before he stops walking. He turns to her and captures her in an intimate hug. Ever so sweetly, he asks her, "Sakura, will you go out with me?"

Sakura returns the hug, and with the same tender tone, she replies, "I would love to go out with you, my Naruto."

Outside of Konoha, near the gates. Two days later.-------------------------------------------

A girl walks back and forth in front of the gates. She was waiting for the arrival of her friends.

'Ah, stupid forehead said she'll be back today. Where is she?' the blond girl paced back and forth.

'Why am I even complaining, I'm the one who wanted to greet her.' Ino walks over to a nearby bench and sits down.

'Man, will she laugh her head off when I tell her about me and Sai. Quite honestly, I never would have thought it could happen, but it did. And I'm so glad it did. He's so strong and cute and...' her thoughts were cut off by the sound of someone's footsteps. Ino turns to look, hoping to see Sakura, but to her dismay, it was only Shikamaru. She signs and slouches her shoulders.

"Hey Ino." Shikamaru comes and sits by her.

"Hey there Shika." Ino didn't even bother to turn her head. This seemed to hurt Shikamaru. For sometime, no one says a word. Ino was too busy thinking about her new boo, while Shikamaru was having an inner battle with himself. He couldn't take it anymore and decided to break the silence,

"Nice day, huh. You can see the clouds clearly it's so nice."

Ino just looks at him like he just spoke another language. This didn't make him feel better. So, while signing, he decided to get to the point.

"I heard about you and Sai," he was interrupted by Ino's obnoxious voice.

"Yeah!! He and I are a thing now. I'm so happy Shika. He is so great; he has such nice eyes..." Shikamaru couldn't take it anymore.

"This is too troublesome. I'm going now." Ino was surprised about his reaction. She thought he would be happy for her, considering he was her friend, but something didn't seem right with him. Shikamaru was about to get up when another yet loud and obnoxious voiced screamed its way into his delicate ears.

"FOREHEAD!!! Took you long enough. You know how long I've been waiting here for you! I swear if I-" Ino stopped talking immediately when her eyes caught sight of Naruto and Sakura holding hands. "What's going on here, you guys hiding something from us?" Shikamaru only look their way, while thinking to himself, 'this is so troublesome.'

'Ino will never let me hear the end of this.' Sakura, never letting go of Naruto's hand, walks over to where Shikamru and Ino are standing.

"Well, not really. Its just Naruto and I are going out now." Sakura clearly replied to her rival/friend. All Naruto could do was nod in agreement. He learned a long time ago not to butt in when these two were talking.

"What!! When were you planning on telling me about this forehead?!" Ino stated/screamed while she waved her fist in the air.

"I just did pig." Sakura was now doing the same thing that Ino is. Sounds of electricity hitting a water can be heard, while a flash of thunder seemed to flash out of nowhere from each of the girls forehead and meeting halfway.

"So, how was the mission, Naruto?" Shikamaru focus his attention to Naruto, drowning out the creaming girls in the background.

Naruto turns his head to Shikamaru. "Huh? Oh, it was fine. Gaara made sure we had a great time. If you asked me, it felt more like a vacation than a mission." Naruto simply replied with his eyes close as he scratched the back of his head.

"I see. So you and Sakura, huh? Well, congrats man. You're lucky." Shikamaru said with a little more enthusiasm than his regular self.

"Hehehe. Thanks. And I already know I'm lucky. I'm with the person I love. How luckier can you get than that!" Naruto said with his 'believe it' thumps up.

The girls were done screaming at each other by this point. Though it may not seem so, they are actually quite close. Best friends even. The occasional screaming and death threats were just the many ways they express love towards each other. They really are close. No seriously they are.

Ino completely forgot that she just wanted to kill the woman standing in front of her when she remembered why she came in the first place.

"Oh, oh, oh, guess what Sakura."

"You got a sex change?" Sakura said laughing.

Either Ino didn't hear her say that, or she was so excited to tell her Ino didn't bother to listen to her reply.

"What? I don't know what you said. But anyway," Ino screeched in a high pitch, "I have a boyfriend, and it's Sai!! AHHH!! I'm so happy."

"Run away before it's too late." Inner Sakura pleaded.

All Sakura could do was stare at her in wonder.

"Sakura, say something." Ino was looking into her eyes.

"Now, do it now. Run for it."

'How in the world would Ino want to go out with him? Never mind, its Ino where talking about here. But what about Sai. Well, I suppose Ino could keep him in check with her, well um, Ino-ness.' Sakura thought. 'Huh, I almost feel sorry for that guy. Almost.' Sakura starts to laugh, 'haha, if anything this will be fun to watch.'

"Why are you still standing here? Run for it already. I want to see Naruto!" Sakura's inner self cried to herself. (AN: That wasn't confusing at all! )

'Okay, just let me say bye to her.'

"That's great Ino. I'm happy for you two. Well, umm I have to go now and talk to Naruto."

"Oh right, you guys are a thing now too. Well see ya later forehead. Don't do anything I wouldn't in the first date." With that, Ino darted away from a fuming Sakura.

"PIG!!!!" Sakura was once again waving her fist in the air, "I'll kill you!"

"Well, I'll see you later dude." He turns around and begins to walk away with his hand waving a 'later' in the air.

"Bye Shikamaru." Naruto waves goodbye to his friend.

After the welcome-back party was gone, Naruto walks over to his sweet cherry blossom. Sakura was still shaking her fist in the air screaming bloody murder, but then she felt something on her waist. Looking down, she notices that someone has wrapped their arms around her waist. She could feel the person's breathing against her back, making her calm down. Sakura closes her eyes and relaxes, she already knew who it was holding her. Naruto holds her tighter.

"Sakura-chan." Naruto whispers in her ear while he hugged her from the back. Sakura bucks her head on his neck to get more comfortable. This was bliss to the both of them.

"mmmm?" she was too relaxed to say a real word.

"I love you."

He kisses her from the side. It was sweet and romantic, but soon turned into a heated, passionate one. Sakura turns so she was face to face with him. Her hands were traveling from his waist to his arms. She rubbed it for some time, feeling the well built muscle that he has gotten over the years of training. Finally, she moves again and finds his cheeks as she cupped it. She draws his head closer to her, making their lips closer than before. She moans as she asked for entry this time, licking his lips everywhere.

Naruto was in a state of euphoria. He loves the ways she caressed his muscles, so he flexed them just for her. But soon they were gone. He felt something pulling him deeper into the kiss, so he leans in. Not long after, he felt Sakura licking his lips everywhere as if they would disappear from existence. This made him shiver, and very excited down there. He opens his lips, then he was taken back by her sudden aggressiveness as she plunged her tongue into his mouth.

She was forceful, demanding.

He wanted to satisfy her so he fought back with just as much force. Their tongues wrestled each other, either one giving up in the struggle. He licked. She moaned. She kissed back. He shivers from the sensation while letting out a groan.

Naruto was getting excited, really excited.

"Damn we must be really good if he's already excited! Grind him, grind him." Inner Sakura chuckled while waving a Narusaku flag in the air.

Sakura didn't need her inner persona to convince her to be more aggressive, she just wanted to go slowly. She stops fondling with his hair and moves her arms around his neck. Naruto in turn places his hands around her waist, pulling her even closer than before.

"I think she already knows you're hot for her. No need to draw her to the obvious kit." Kyuubi said. But he only got a 'yeah, whatever' from his container. He may not outwardly admit it out loud, but the Kyuubi was also loving every moment of this. He loves a mate that can take control.

Then Sakura took it a step further. She slowly, teasingly rubs her lower area against his obvious bulge.

Naruto moans loudly from the feeling. Oh he was going to get her later for this! But for now, he returns the favor and grinds his pelvic area into her. They were doing this for a while, grinding each other, while all the while making out. However, realization soon kicked in and they remembered that they were in public. Sakura was the first to break apart, being the reasonable of the two.

"Naruto, we shouldn't do this here." She pants out, her erratic heart rate not yet back to normal.

"Your right, lets get out of here."


"Oww, what was that for?" Naruto rubs the bump on his head.

"I didn't mean it like that. I just meant we shouldn't be doing this in public, nor are we going to do it anytime soon with you acting like this."

'It was worth the try.' Naruto signs in defeat. But he wasn't going to force her into doing it either if she wasn't ready.

"Okay Sakura-Chan." Naruto jumps in and captures her into another lung crushing hug.

"Nar-Naru-...I c-cant---air." Sakura was trying to grasp the air, as if she would suddenly be able to breathe again if she did.

"Oh, sorry Sakura-chan," Naruto realizes her, "it's just that I'm so happy were finally together. I just can't control myself at times." He said smiling innocently.

"It's okay Naruto. I'm happy too, but I'll be happier if I didn't die because I couldn't breath." Sakura smacks him playfully on the arm. "So, I have to go home first. I guess I'll see you later?"

"Yeah. Let's go somewhere tonight. Pick you up around eight?" Sakura nods and kisses Naruto one more time before the two parted ways.

Somewhere in a random building, rookie 6, team Gai, plus Sai---------------------

"AKAMARU. Stop, put down Hinata's bag." Kiba was chasing the dog around the room, trying to get the bag that Akamaru has confiscated from Hinata. Hinata was trying to say something but couldn't, so she just watched as her team members run around the room. Akamaru was now running under the table that Neji and Tenten were sitting near by. By now, Lee has joined the chase just for the fun of it. The dog runs pass by Choiji, who was standing next to Shikamaru.

"For the love of Kami, someone stop that dog already." Ino cried out from the corner that she shared with Sai. "It's making to much ruckus."

Akamaru kept his pace as Kiba and Lee followed behind him. The dog turns to look back on his pursuers to see if they were catching up. It seems Lee had enough and sat back down. The dog turns back ahead.


Akamaru hits something. Kiba has by now caught up to the dog.

While trying to catch his breath Kiba says, "Thanks Shino." Shino nods his head and fixes his sun glasses. Kiba scolded Akamaru as he picked him up and returned the bag back to Hinata, who gave him a week 't-thank-you' in return.

"Say Ino, where are Sakura and Naruto. I thought they returned today?" Tenten inquired from her friend.

"Oh, well I guess they're out somewhere. They are dating now, so I guess we'll see less of them from now." Ino replied as she snuggled closer to Sai. Shikamaru turns his head the other way so he didn't have to witness that.

After hearing what Ino said, Hinata looks down.

'Naruto and Sakura are dating?' She asked no one in particular. She had always wanted Naruto ever since she first saw him. 'I guess that's not going to happen now. Well, I hope you're happy Naruto.'

"I didn't know dickless had it in him." Sai said in the corner that he shared with Ino.

"You're one to talk." Shikamaru once again shifted his attention to the couple. He seemed really bothered by Sai lately.

"What is that suppose to mean, lazy ass?" Sai fought back.

"You know what I meant. Anyone in this room has more balls that you could ever wish for." The two were now walking towards each other, ready to punch it out. Lee saw this so he decided to go in and stop it before it got too far.

"Guys, you shouldn't waste your youthful energy on this." Lee said with his highly energized youthful voice, which got him a glare from both the youths.

"Fine." Sai walked back to Ino.

"Whatever. This is such a drag." Shikamaru said as he walked out the room.

"What was that about. Is Shikamaru feeling okay? He's saying more words than he usually cares to say." Ino was looking at everyone for an answer. She looked at Sai, who simply looked her in the eyes. She turned to Choiji, but he was on his way out as well.

'What's going on?' Ino was a little worried by Shikamaru's actions lately. First at the gates, and now this.

"Well, I guess I'm going now." Tenten said as she got up to leave. Neji followed soon after, leaving only the rest in there.

"Yeah, I have to go now too." Lee waved goodbye to his friends. One by one, they left. Soon it was just Hinata and Kiba in the room.

Hinata was still thinking about Naruto. She still couldn't believe what she heard. But she wanted to be happy for them. 'Easier said than done.' Hinata was looking out the window when a voice brought her back to the world.

"Hey, Hinata. Ready to go?"

She looks to Kiba and nods.

Somewhere outside the borders of Konoha-----------------------------------------------

"Naruto, where are we going?" Sakura was blind folded from the time being. She was being guided by Naruto so she doesn't slip.

"You'll see. Where almost there." He holds on to her tightly, making sure not to slip and make her fall. About three minutes later, they arrived to their destination.

Sakura felt the blind fold being lifted off her, so she slowly opens her eyes. What she saw next stunned her. They were on a hill top, with the most beautiful view. It was Konoha as the sun set. You can see the layers of daylight slowly being replaced by the night. The village looked calm from the top view. She could see the Hokage tower and the monuments. It was spectacular.

"Naruto, it's beautiful." Naruto looks her in the eyes and, never breaking eye contact, said, "Yeah it is." Sakura understood exactly what he meant by that and blushes a little.

Naruto grabs her hand and leads her to a nearby tree. He sat down against it, pulling her down with him. He cradled her as she rested on his chest.

"Naruto this is nice. I want to stay here forever." Sakura closes her eyes and leans against his chest. Naruto looks at her resting from, losing himself in her beauty. He folds his arms around her as they cuddled. This is heaven. Naruto had never been happier in his life. He knew now that he wanted to face each and everyday with her, just like this. Whatever life threw at him, he knew he would get through it. Because now Sakura was by his side and he had no intentions on changing it. She was his happiness now, his everything. Without her, he was nothing. He wanted to cry, not because he was sad. No, definitely not out of sadness. He wanted to cry because he was so happy. Never in his life has he ever felt more love.

She was his savoir. She lead him out of his loneliness and into a whirling journey. A journey that they will face together.

Naruto's thoughts were interrupted bye someone's voice. He feels Sakura trying to get up to see who the stupid idiot that dared ruin this moment was. He does the same and sits up. A man was running towards them. Naruto helped Sakura up on her feet.

Panting, the man said, "Naruto-san...Sakura-san. Come...pants...quick, the H-Hokage...wants to see you...both." The messenger was still panting hard.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Sakura said, she looked concerned.

The messenger has gather enough air to properly speak, "There's a message for you two...from...Sasuke."




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