Look At Us Now

by ValkyrieWarrior

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The bells rang and the music played.

The newly wed couple walked down the isle as they acknowledge the people around them yelling 'congratulations' and various other things; and all the while the smile that has been adorning their faces since this morning never seizing to fade, but rather grew even wider as they walked closer and closer to that final threshold to face the world...together.

It was a joyous occasion, one that would never be forgotten.

As the bride and groom took their final step from the church; the groom turned to his wife and, with only his look as a warning, picked her up and carried her through the door.

Everyone clapped and rejoiced.

That was almost two hours ago...and Naruto sat on a chair that was, along with one hundred others of its kind, placed outside the Nara household to celebrate the new union. He looked intently on the wine glass that was on the metal table and then back to the open field that was the backyard to where she was.

She looked divine in her pink kimono that only seemed to highlight her intoxicating beauty. The way her dressed hug her curves made him...excited.

It had been almost three years since that day in the snake's dungeon. Occasionally he would visit, if only in his mind, that place again and remember how much he'd lost that night...but also how much he still has. His mind would replay it again and again, never letting him forget the night he lost Sasuke...but also got back what he thought he lost as well. That night, Sakura remained alive, against all obstacles and what should have been the natural laws of death...she remained alive...remained with him.

"Man! Liven up, Naruto. What's with the emotional retreat?"

Since Naruto was too lost in his thoughts, he didn't realize that Lee had suddenly popped out of nowhere and to his face, apparently trying to perk things up.

"Seriously, you will waste your youth thinking that hard." His ever so lively voice couldn't help but make him just feel a tad bit better.

"Sorry Lee, I was just looking..." before Naruto could finish his statement, another voice in the form of a newly wed groom interrupted him.

"I see." Shikamaru was by his side now too.

Naruto had to admit, Shikamaru look...dashing. He quickly dismissed the thought fearing that he might have crossed an unknown line.

Shaking his head a little roughly, Naruto started, "I was just...trying to...umm..to see-" and before he could continue his sad attempt for an excuse, Shikamaru saw right through him.

"Sure...but seriously though," Shikamaru had sat down on the chair right beside him, "don't be so scared...I thought it would be terrifying," and then Shikamaru scratch his head, "which it was...but after the reply...man...greatest feeling I've known." Shikamaru exhaled with relief. He contemplated on whether he should add that his nightly activities would be an even greater feeling...but decided against it...for everyone's sake.

Naruto knew he was right...but that didn't make it easier for him necessarily. This is by far the hardest thing he had ever had to do; worse than battling Gaara; worse than Orochimaru; and especially worse than the Kyuubi...this was Sakura! Haruno Sakura. Around her, he was reduced to mumbling idiot with no sense of logic...like a love sick puppy who never leaves her side. Always there at her back, chasing and following her like a helpless little slave. But a willing slave at that.

Anyway, the point was that this was not exactly an easy little task. He is about to plunge into a dangerous zone of fear and terror and of happiness and joy.

"You can do it, Naruto! Have some faith in yourself." Lee felt a little weird saying that last part to Naruto. Have a little faith in yourself...huh! "Eh, well...just don't mess up." Well, Lee's not exactly the best at cheering people up, kind of weird considering he practically bathes in happiness everyday.

"Yeah..." Naruto let out a breath as his heavy gaze returned back to his goddess.

Sakura couldn't help but blush under his scrutinizing eyes, but she secretly loved it as well. She was weak under his sapphire eyes and adored him because of it. She loves the way her body, especially down there, tingles every time he look at her with those eyes. The pool of pleasure he would give her with something as simple as a look made her knees weak. A look that studied every part of her body. Then suddenly, she wanted to feel his strong arms around her, holding her as she bounced up and down his...

"Sakura! You listening girl?"

Ino's voice brought her back down to earth...unfortunately!

"Yeah." She somewhat said the truth, a little bit flustered. She was listening...but she was also daydreaming at the same time. Probably wasn't the best time to be thinking of that right now, here of all places. But the thought of it made her want it that much more. She wanted to feel him against her right now...she needed him...oh god she needed him now. She craved for his touches...the way he would use his

fingers in such ways that it must be sinful, yet pleasurable. Oh, the thought of doing things here, with the presence of many good friends not to far away, made her hot. So hot, actually, that the thought of running to him and dragging him inside the house in some random room to do things to each other never seized to occupy her mind.

"Sakura! You're not listening again."

"Eh, what? Yeah I am...I'm listening." She cursed herself for being caught yet again. She better get a hold of herself before she lost control, or else Ino would never let her hear the end of it...well, no difference there really. "Honeymoon, right."

But of course, she started to think about him again.

Naruto paced back and forth...and then once more. He was a nervous wreck.

'You should be ashamed of yourself...you can tackle down the hardest of foes...but you can't do this one thing.'

He mocked himself.

It was a brand new day and Naruto stood by a tree, awaiting for the arrival of his Sakura. Yesterday he had been at the Nara household, where his pals had given him the best advice they could on this subject...unfortunately for him, none of them really helped.

He expected as much from everyone else, but he was a little disappointed that Shikamaru couldn't offer him more than a 'yeah, so...good luck with that.' Apparently he thought it was too troublesome to go through the whole ordeal again, saying that once was trouble enough. Fortunately for Ino, Shikamaru didn't think it was too troublesome the first time or else...wait no, fortunately for him that he didn't think it was too troublesome, otherwise Ino would have done things that he couldn't even imagine.

'Ah, focus!'

It was days like these that Naruto wished he could shrivel up into a small piece of nothing and hide away. He hated feeling excited yet completely terrified at the same time.

He decided to rest his tired mind and body against the tree he stood by, knowing well he was going to need it.

Sitting here now, by the tree in the a secluded area of the woods, Naruto could help but remember that day when everything changed.

Almost four years ago, he was sitting against a tree, his whole body stiff because of a certain pick haired girl resting on his shoulders. The weather was perfect, the scenery beyond breathtaking, and the moment too priceless to forget. That day, the day when Sakura had asked to rest on his shoulders, was the day they began their journey. It was that day when his dream became a reality; no longer a fantasy he would always dream about, but a reality that he was sharing with her. No longer where his nights spent dreaming of her, but instead it was spent being with her. Except for that one brief four month period that they weren't together...but that doesn't count anymore.

That one special day of his life when she had finally agreed to be his girlfriend and made him the happiest man to live. So, it is only fitting that this special day was reconstructed the same way, with only a few minor details changed. They were now dating, in fact they were living together, and he knows she loves him. It wasn't exactly the same tree, but you get the idea. They were still the same people, only more deeply in love and matured. And he had to point out the fact that Sakura is more beautiful...it would seem she gets more beautiful each passing day.

Speaking of Sakura, when did she get here?


Naruto was startled a little. Why he hadn't sense her coming was beyond him...but now was not the time to be thinking about that.

"Hello there." Naruto said softly, keeping his gaze on her beautiful emerald eyes. Her eyes that he loved so much; it said so many things to him, but one that really stood out was the gleaming adoration that he always sees in her. Sakura moves closer to him to place a gentle, tender kiss on his lips, to which he more than happily responded to.

"Sorry I'm late." She offered with an innocent smile and another sweet kiss; and Naruto couldn't object.

"No fair." He said while smiling, he knew he sounded like a child, but he also knows that Sakura loves that about him.

"I'll make it up to you." She said as her look turned...seductive; she gave him a wink and nudge, asking him if he got what she meant. The wide grin that appeared on his face said that he got the message.

Naruto pulled her in again for another kiss.

The moment they pulled away, Sakura had once again rested her head on his shoulder.

This was it...there was no turning back. He had stepped in and the doors are locked behind him...nothing else to do but keep going.

Naruto tried to hold the inevitable moment as much as possible, because after all that practice, nothing could really prepare for the real thing. The second he thought he was ready, he would back down again for no reason, well aside from fear. He would come close to saying it, at one point he had actually said the first part, but then he would find distraction to, well, distract her.

But at last, he could no longer hold it off. The moment had come and he had to go through with it now before he chickens out again and hold it off for another time. No, he didn't want to do that anymore, he had waited too long for this, and darn it he was not going to back down! Not even when his brain went into overload and his stomach felt the sick feeling of vertigo.

"Sakura-chan?" He started, his mind racing with his heart, and currently his heart was winning. "..." He saw the words in his head, but saying them was another problem.

"Yes, Naruto?" Sakura asked him, leaning slightly forward to hear him better.

"Will you..." Naruto breath heavily and let out a breath he was holding on for dear life, "will you..." animated sweat were sprinkling everywhere as his heart beat pass the normal abnormal rate.

"Will I?" Sakura looked deep into his eyes, trying to see the end of his question, although she already knew what it was. Naruto is not very good at hiding his emotions and she knows him too well to know where he was going with this. But she gave him the dignity of doing it himself, even though it was hard to constrain herself. The little girl in her, by that I mean Inner Sakura, was screaming in pure excitement. She fainted a couple of times after realizing what was going on, picked herself back up but only to fall again upon remembering it. The weird sensation building up on her chest made her sit on the edge of where she sat, even though she knew what was coming, that didn't make less electrifying.

Naruto swallowed hard and closed his eyes for a second...

"Haruno Sakura, will you..."

Sakura's eyes widen in anticipation and her heart prepared to leap out of her chest.

"Will you m-" Naruto took a deep breath, "mmm...will..."

Sakura was nodding her head along, telling him to go on. 'This is it, he's really going to ask me.'

"Will you...move out of the way, I can't see the view."

Her body became still and she was wordless...had he really just asked that? She had expected something else, something far from that. She couldn't remove the shocked, almost confused look on her face as she slowly moved back. 'Huh?...really?...what?' She found herself scratching her head.

Disappointed...mostly embarrassed, Sakura reluctantly moved out of the 'view.'

Unknown to her, it was all part of his plan...ok not really, he freaked out and drew back at he last possible moment. But, it turned out for the better because now she didn't know what to expect. Now, he would truly surprise her.

"Such a beautiful morning, huh?" Naruto began in a cool, calm voice as he glanced with his eyes to see her face.

"Yeah..." She said at last.

Naruto, in one swift move, had tackled her to the ground and was now on top of her. She was a bit surprise by the sudden move, but loved it at the same time. He leaned down and captured her lips.

Immediately, she forgot everything. All she could focus on was his lips, and how it felt rubbing the insides of her mouth. The cool, yet warm feeling of his tongue against her hungry ones made her shake in excitement. She released soft moans of pleasure every time his tongue touch the roof of her mouth or against her teeth. He tasted so sweet and so much like ramen. She slowly became aware of his lingering hands that were traveling up and down her sides, rubbing the sensitive spots of her body. She buckled under his magnificent hands...letting out a moan every time he stopped to caress the sides of her thighs.

Unconsciously, and instinctively, she began moving her own hands; first grazing his back and then further down, giving it a little squeeze before coming back up. When she finally reached his hair, she tugged and pulled, playing with it like there was no tomorrow.

Then Naruto then moved his kisses on her neck, where he sucked hard, making her scream in delight and partly open her eyes.

And then she caught site of something...something glimmering in his hair. She pulled out her hand and...her heart stopped for a moment...she was struck with awe.

Naruto had stopped to look her in the eyes, and without hesitation and with so much love, he asked,

"Will you marry me?"

Sakura couldn't speak for a second. Her eyes were glued to his after hearing him ask those words. She glanced once more at the sparkling ring on her finger, wondering how it got there.

'How did he do that?' Inner Sakura had offered that he may have slipped it on her finger when she was too busy consentrating on his ministrations.

And then she finally gave him an answer, after a few tears started rolling down her face from pure happiness and excitement, "Yes! Of course yes!"

Naruto smile and leaned back down to give her a kiss.

It wasn't long before everybody knew they were betrothed. It had only taken about a day before the news broke out and everyone were congratulating them.

And in a months time, they were married. The happiest day of their life. He had promised her an eternity of love as she did to him. He sworn through sickness and in health that he would be there, until the day he died. She vowed to always love him and make him ramen to the end. And they kissed each other in the presence of friends and family, united at last and bonded forever.

They walked down that carpeted path and through that final door...and braced themselves when they step foot unto the world as husband and wife.

From here on out, they would face everything together, do everything together.

As they strode along past the crowd of family and friends...they couldn't help but smile. And one thought cross their mind as they rode away into their new life...

'This was only the beginning.'

And little known to them, they were about to change their life once more. As they spend their first night as man and wife, they didn't know that that was all it took to create another life. And in nine month's time, Naruto and Sakura would become parents.


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