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Pairing; Sasori x Deidara


Sasori was on his way to put the last piece of the puppet on place,

but then the door bell rang.

"Sasori! Can you get that?" Sarni(Sasori's mom...) shouted and Sasori sighed,

He walked out of his room and down stairs.

Sasori opened the door and infront of him was a blonde haired boy,

his eyes were light blue and he looked up at Sasori.

"Is...Mrs.Akasuna there..un?" The boy asked and Sasori nodded

"It's to you mom!" Sasori shouted and his mom came out of the kitchen.

"DEIDARA!!!" Sarni shouted and hugged the boy Sasori looked lightly confused but stayed in silence.

"Oh, Of course, This is Deidara, Sasori. He is going to live with us.

His parents was good friends of mine and they died a couple days ago."

Sarni said and Sasori watched him,

He didn't seem to be here anymore he looked into the floor and his gaze was


Suddendly Deidara got out of his daydream and looked up,

"H-hai.un." Deidara replied and Sasori eyed the boy.

"Show Deidara, the guest room where he is going to sleep." Sarni said and smiled to

Sasori and Deidara, Sasori eyed Deidara once again and just sighed

"Well, follow me.." Sasori said and Deidara followed him.

"This is your room, I guess you can ask me if you wonder about something." Sasori said and leaved Deidara.

Deidara looked around in the room and walked to the bed,

he sat down and let he let the tears slip down his face not noticing Sasori looking at him,

Deidara hugged his legs and brust into sobs.

Sasori watched Deidara and suddendly he walked to him,

"Deidara." Sasori said and Deidara stopped crying and looked back

"What,un?" Deidara asked and Sasori knew what he wanted to say but it didn't come out right

"It's weak to cry." Sasori suddendly said and Deidara sighed

"I don't really care what you think,un. Leave if that was all you wanted,un." Deidara replied and Sasori didn't get why it came out so wrong.

Deidara brust into sobs again and suddendly he bit his lip,

"Damn...un...I hate this place,un..." Deidara said as he looked around the room.

"The only one who likes me now is Sarni...un" Deidara whispered and suddendly a voice replied him

"That's not true, Deidara-kun" Deidara looked up and met Sarni's gaze

"It is...un." Deidara said and Sarni hugged him

"Shhhh, Deidara i'm sure Sasori likes you somewhere in his body it is a heart." Sarni said and Deidara cried into her chest.


Sasori bit his lip still working on his new puppet,

he heard Deidara's cries and he sighed annoyed.

"Could he at least try to cry quiet..." Sasori thought and suddendly

Sarni stepped inside his room

"What is it mom?" Sasori asked as he noticed her gaze.

"Tell me, Sasori...What do you think of Deidara?" Sarni asked and Sasori shrugged his shoulders

"He is pretty weak..." Sasori said and noticed his mom's gaze getting angry

"He's a 15 year old boy lost his parents and almost himself in a fire!" Sarni suddendly shouted and Sasori jerked back.

"Himself...but i thought he was out when the fire started..." Sasori said and Sarni nodded

"He went back, trying to rescue his parents. If he wouldn't have been pushed out of the window he wouldn't be here now Sasori." Sarni said and Sasori bit his lip.

"Just try get friends with him..if he would decide, i think he would be dead now..So when i'm going away tomorrow please try and watch him." Sarni said as she left Sasori's room.


Next day.

Sasori woke up and the first he thought of was Deidara so he ran to Deidara's room looking if he was in his bed.

Deidara was in his bed tears in his eyes but he was sleeping,

his hair was untied and he was almost naked with the covers on the side of him.

Sasori watched Deidara and felt his cheeks heating and suddendly he stepped inside and pulled the covers over Deidara, Deidara moved a bit and Sasori was afraid that he would wake up but nothing happened.

Sasori walked away smiling to himself,

he lied down in his bed and fell asleep.

Deidara shut his eyes open and noticed the covers over him,

"I fell asleep without them,un..." Deidara said to himself and then he shrugged his shoulders.

He walked to the shower and undressed himself,

and walked into the shower.

The hot water making his skin turn red,

"Deidara!Are you done soon!?" Sasori asked and Deidara looked up at the door

"Soon!Un!!" Deidara replied and Sasori sighed.

Deidara turned the shower off and dryed his hair fast,

he took the towel around his waist and walked out of the bathroom.

Sasori eyed Deidara when he walked past him,

Noticing the cuts on his wrists.

Sasori's eyes widened as he stopped Deidara,
"What now,un?" Deidara asked and Sasori sighed.

"Your wrists." Sasori replied and Deidara froze

"Uhm,what's with them,un..." Deidara played stupid and Sasori gave him a glare

"You know what i mean!" Sasori almost shouted and Deidara shook his head stupidly.

"Stop playing dumb..." Sasori said with an irritated look

"You shouldn't care,un!" Deidara pushed Sasori away and walked into

his room and locked it.

"Damn it!" Sasori said as he sighed loudly and bit his lip until it began bleeding.

Deidara tapped his fingers on the desk hearing the shower,

"So Sasori is showering,un..." Deidara thought and suddendly the memories came back

and he was lost in his own memories.

"NO! DEIDARA YOU CAN'T GO IN THERE!" The man shouted but Deidara ran into the burning house,

"MOM! DAD! UN!" Deidara shouted and saw them lying on the floor

"MO-" Deidara's eyes widened as he tripped over something,

he flyed out of the window as he screamed

"NOOOO! UN!!" then the world went black for Deidara.

"Deidara!" Sasori shouted and Deidara jerked back

"How did you get in here...un?" Deidara asked and Sasori smiled

"Well, i do have a key..." Sasori said and showed the key to Deidara

"Hmph." Deidara replied and Sasori chuckled,

Sasori noticed Deidara's wrists again and took a deep breath.

"Can't you even tell me that ?.." Sasori asked and Deidara was just about to ask when Sasori kissed him roughly.

Deidara's eyes widened while Sasori had his eyes closed,

Deidara pushed away and Sasori left the room.

Deidara looked at the door for ten minutes before he got what had happened,

"Sasori...kissed me...un..." Deidara touched his lips lightly and blushed.


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