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Summary: Balthier is transported to Spira after finding a treasure. In this strange new world he meets new versions of his old friends. While trying to find a way back home, he winds up helping these people save their world.

Notes: I've been reading a few fics like this and really liked the idea of them. I know, its not original, and its kind of being overdone, but I don't really care… though because of the fact that FFX has 7 characters and FFXII has 6, one of the original FFX characters will be staying, I won't say who though.

A Strange Journey

Chapter 1: A New World

A ruined temple, Ivalice.

Balthier and Fran were deep inside some ruins, sifting through some rubble, trying to find something of value. It had been two years since they defeated Vayne with the others on the Sky fortress Bahamut, and there was peace in Ivalice.

Balthier picked something up and held it up to the dim, dusty light that entered the ruins, examining it. He sighed and tossed it over his shoulder, it landed in a growing pile of junk.

"More rubbish." He mumbled and went back to searching through the rubble.

"Don't worry, we'll find something." The vierra looked over to her partner.

"I certainly hope so, my cuffs are filthy."

Fran smiled, shaking her head, she went back to looking through the rubble. A few minutes of searching went by, with nothing. We haven't found anything decent in ages. The dashing sky pirate thought to himself. He parted some of the rubble and found something shiny. He picked it up, it was a disk of some sort, made out of gold, it had precious gems around its rim. It was about the size of a large plate.

"What do we have here?" He asked himself quietly.

The centre of the disk suddenly became a liquid like substance and he could see a hand reaching towards him. Before he could do or say anything, he was grabbed and being dragged through.

Unknown Beach, Unknown world.

Balthier opened his eyes, though quickly closed them. The water he was in stung his eyes. Water… Water?! He quickly opened his eyes and lifted his head out of the water, though something was strange, he didn't feel light headed, nor did he feel like he had swallowed any water.

"Interesting." He said to himself.

He then felt a sharp pain on the back of his head, after spluttering and splashing a bit in the water, he saw a blue ball floating nearby.

"Heeeeyyy!!" He heard a familiar voice call from behind him, but he couldn't quite place it.

He turned around, his eyesight was slightly blurry from the blow to the head. He could make out someone on the beach waving at him. Balthier waved to him.


He started to swim towards the beach, as he got closer, he started to see the features of the person more clearly, he was with other people on the beach. He smirked when he reconised him. He stood up when his feet could reach the sandy ground and walked towards him.

"Are you alright? Sorry about that!" The blond haired teenager said as he neared him.

"Just watch where you're aiming next time, Vaan." Balthier smiled, he hadn't seen him in a long time. Though he was confused when Vaan looked shocked instead of happy to see him. "What's wrong?" Balthier asked.

"Uh… How do you know my name?" Vaan asked, taking a few steps back.

Balthier sighed. "It hasn't been that long, Vaan."

"Umm… We've never met before." Vaan spoke nervously.

"What are you talking about, Vaan? We helped Lady Ashe, only 2 years ago, remember? You came to visit me and Fran about a month before her coronation, remember?" Balthier was getting annoyed.

Vaan took a few steps away from him.

"Okay… How do you know that name?!"

Balthier sighed again, this was getting ridiculous. Alright, I'll play along, for now.

"I'm Balthier, a Sky Pirate from Ivalice."

"A what, from where?" Vaan asked.

Now Balthier was getting worried. If Vaan didn't even pretend to act shocked by that news and ask a million questions about his airship, there was now something to worry about. He then remembered what happened back in the ruined temple.

"Where am I?" He asked to no one in particular as he looked back out to sea, realising now he didn't recognize this island.

"Besaid Island." Vaan said, he was eyeing Balthier stangely. "Are you alright?" He asked.

Balthier turned to Vaan.

"I'm where?" He asked.

Vaan now had a look of understanding and pity. Balthier was getting even more annoyed.

"Did you get too close to Sin?"

"To what?"

Vaan sighed, and he looked pained.

"Sin, its been terrorizing Spria for a thousand years."

"Spira?" Balthier asked, he took a step towards Vaan.

"That's our world… You don't remember, do you?"

Balthier hoped he had misunderstood. How could he be in a different world? What was that thing I found? He thought just before her felt his legs give out from under him. Soon, everything around him went black.

Author's Notes: There! Chapter 1 done! I left out the part before this, mostly cause I just really don't like that part in the game! I find it horribly long!! So I just left it out, I didn't feel like typing it! And just in case you thought this, Balthier didn't faint, don't worry, he just passed out from lack of food and such :D.