Epilogue: Sacrifices

Two Years Later

Ashe sat alone on the beach. Her legs pulled to her chest and her hands resting on her ankles. She stared ahead at the glistening waves with a smile on her face. It was a gorgeous day. The sky was clear, leaving the noon sun to shine at its full strength. A breeze blew off the waves and into her face, and she inhaled the salty air. She loved it here.

"Are you ready?" Fran called to her from further up the coast.

"I'm coming!" She called as she stood up, dusting the sand from her bum.

She turned around and began to jog back up the smooth sloping shore. Fran saw her coming and headed back to where the Chocobo pen was located, in long graceful strides, her bare legs shone in the sun. Ashe was still getting used to seeing Fran wearing that leather suit, even if this Fran was different from the one she had grown up with. She paused as she was climbing the beach to look back out, she truly loved the Phon Coast. It was so peaceful here, despite the fiends that inhabited the area.

A smile graced her lips and she continued on her way, following Fran. Balthier's vocie became clearer as they neared the Pen, he was talking to the Moogle who take care of them, and sounded very at ease. The moogle nodded then fluttered off, and Balthier leaned against the fence. Then, he looked into her eyes and she felt her breath leave her. He seemed even more incredible here in Ivalice. He smiled as she approached, and shrugged away from the fence. The distance between them was closed very quickly.

"We're almost ready to leave," he said calmly, "Just have to pack our supplies onto the Chocobos," He looked back to the pen, his hands on his hips.

Ashe giggled at his tone of annoyance. He looked back at her and smiled.

"It's more fun to see the world from ground level, especially if its your first time," She smiled.

He sighed, "I suppose so," he glanced up the sky. "But you can see more from the sky."

She placed a hand on his cheek and turned his head towards her, "Yet you also miss a lot." She grinned wider, "Each has advantages and disadvantages."

He smiled, placed a hand on her back and gently pulled her closer to himself.

"I'm still trying to figure out the exact reason behind this trip of yours," he murmured.

She placed a hand on his chest, and ran the other up to behind his neck, "I wanted to see everything you saw when you walked this path. See everything you told me about."

One side of his lip pulled up, and he leaned in close and placed his lips onto hers. Her eyes closed willingly as his other hand held her in place. This was truly her favourite place to be.

With him...

The End

Ending Notes: I felt like living this a little vague, so you can decide on the why and how she went to Ivalice with him. (And I know its short, but all I really wanted the epilogue for was showing that they end up together in Ivalice! 3 I couldn't tear Balthier away from the Strahl). I really hope you have enjoyed reading this. I know I enjoyed writing it, even if sometimes I felt like giving up (Mainly during those dry spells).

I want to thank everyone who has read this, everyone who has reviewed, and everyone who has favourited this piece. But I really want to thank all of you who were with me from start to finish, it really means a lot that you've stayed with this the entire time.