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Summary - April goes to live with her Uncle Jay over the summer and falls in love with a new guy in her life - she completely forgets about her boyfriend Troy form back home. She begins to concider a new life in Playa Linda, But can she really leave Australia, her friends and her mother behind for a love that may not last? Or will she go home and forget all about all about her summer romance??

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"Darling, I've got some news for you!" her mother called to her upstairs. "What is it mum?" April asked as she trotted down, newly out of bed.

"I was just on the phone to your uncle Jay!"

"Is he coming home for the holidays?" she asked enthusiastically

"No, but for going to spend your summer vacation with him in Playa Linda."

"Great!" she said in a sarcastic voice

"What's wrong April, I thought you'd be made up."

"I love Uncle Jay, I just don't want to spend the entire summer away form my friends, and you mum."

"Darling, it'll do you the world of good. You'll meet lots of new friends and you won't have to worry about me because I'll be fine."

"Yeah, I guess so. When do I fly out?" she said with a smile creeping onto her face.

"Tomorrow morning. Is that okay?"

"Sure mum. I'll go start packing." She said hugging her mother and making her way back to her room. She spent the day looking through all her clothes and deciding what to pack and what to wear tomorrow.

Meanwhile in Playa Linda, Ava and Susannah were cleaning the house and Jay and Johnny were sorting up a camp bed in Nikki's room for April to sleep on while she was there. Jay was looking forward to seeing April has he hadn't seen her since he was last back to Australia for his brother in laws funeral.

The day seemed to go by pretty fast and April was beginning to get excited about going away for the holidays, but she was slightly upset at having to leave her boyfriend behind. She was dating the hottest guy in school – Troy Jackson and she really didn't want to leave him for 8 weeks straight. She began to think of it as some sort of test to see if he would stay faithful to her. As night crept in, she went to bed to get plenty of rest as she was going to have a 12 hour flight tomorrow at 5am.

It was a gorgeous day when she woke at 4am. She pulled on her denim mini and pink tank top before heading downstairs to get some breakfast. She woke her mum to say goodbye before her taxi came to take her to the airport. She checked in for her flight and was on her way. Her flight was due in at 5 that night.

In the mean time Jay was making sure everything was ready for her coming over. Ava had asked all the kids to be there when she arrived to make her feel more at home, but as usual Bradin was late. Ava had asked them all to home before Jay left for the airport at 4, so they could get changed and help with dinner. At 4:25 Bradin still wasn't home. Luckily April's flight was late and it gave Bradin enough time to get home and have a shower after spending the day surfing.

At around half past five, Jay and April arrived home to find Johnny, Susannah, Ava, Bradin, Nikki and Derek all at the dinner table in the living room waiting patiently for them to arrive before starting dinner. Jay walked in with a medium height, blond headed girl, who looked slightly nervous.

"Hi, you must be April. I'm Johnny, pleased to meet you."

"I'm Ava, and this is Susannah, Derek, Nikki and Bradin." She said as she introduced everyone.

"Hi." April said to them all looking extremely nervous.

"I'm so glad there's another girl here." Nikki laughed as she hugged her.

"I hope your hungry April, dinners almost ready" Ava said walking into the kitchen and checking on their meal.

"Can we have dinner on the beach tonight?" April asked curiously.

"I don't see why not. Johnny, Jay will you set up the picnic bench outside please?" Ava asked as she took their dinner out of the oven and started to serve it up onto plates.

Everyone sat outside on the beach having a lovely meal, when it began to turn cold. "Why don't we go inside and watch a movie together?" Johnny suggested

"Yeah, can we please watch night at the museum?" Nikki begged.

"Come on them" Ava said as she collected some of the dishes off the table. Everybody got up and went inside except April. She sat on the beach and gazed out onto the ocean. Bradin came out to see if she was okay. "Aren't you coming in?"

"I'll be in, in a minute!"

"Are you cold? "

"No I'm okay!" she lied as she shivered.

"Here take this." He said wrapping his jumper around her shoulders and sitting down next to her on the sand. "Thanks!" she smiled. "It's beautiful out here. Kind of like home!" she sighed as she relaxed her head on Bradin's head.

"It's like this most nights!"

"I'm glad I came now!" she smiled looking deeply into his eyes.

"How long are you here for?" he asked wondering how long she was going to be staying. Bradin found her extremely attractive and the longer she was here the better he thought.

"8 weeks."

"Is that your entire vacation?"

"Yeah. Pretty much!" she said sighing

"That's cool. Do you like living in Australia?"

"It's amazing. It's always hot and I've got so many great friends there. I'm just so happy being there, I don't know why; I guess it's just my home. Do you like living here?"

"Yeah, it's pretty cool, but I have to say, I wouldn't mind being back at home in Kansas with my parents."

"So why did you move out here and leave them?"

"My parents died in a thunderstorm, and we came out here to live with Aunt Ava. I really didn't get much choice."

"I'm sorry I didn't know." April replied somatically,

"It's okay; it was over a year ago."

"Got anything good planned for the summer?" she asked quickly, trying to change the subject.

"Probably just chilling out and surfing. What about you?"

"Probably just the same as you."

"You surf?" He asked surprised. She didn't look the surfing type.

"Yeah I do. You sound surprised?"

"I am. You don't seem the surfing type."

"Jay taught me from when I was just a wee girl."

"Jay got me into surfing too when I first moved out here. So how old are you?" he asked curiously, wondering if there was a chance he could actually date her.

"I just turned 16 last month. What about you? I think you look about 17!"

"And you would be right." He laughed. They sat on the sandy beach in silence. April sat wrapped in Bradin's arms for a while as she gazed out into the ocean. She had completely forgotten about Troy, and maybe that was best rite now.

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