Chapter One: Grandia Continued

Justin woke up that morning to find Feena next to him in her green silk pajamas. He could smell breakfast. He gave Feena a peck on the check and said softly "Time to get up." They both squeezed together on a single mattress in his room up-top his mother's Seagull Resteraunt and with Parm being busier than ever things was always a rush. Justin's offspring became very energetic. Lilly was glad to have Justin with her, but he needed to get a job. The Joule Foundation said that he was, (in their words) "Not sufficiently educated." And almost everything he tried to cook burned. There was also a secret Lilly was hiding from Justin…the other's too. Her days were numbered. She could feel it. She wasn't old, but she grew weaker each passing week. Soon enough while the resteraunt was empty, and no-one but Mullen was there she dropped all her pans over the kitchen floor and staggered. Justin and Feena at this time were taking the kids off to school, there were constantly bullied at school due to their fathers' previous job as an adventurer.

The other pupils were jealous because there parents had to work as coal-miners or housewifes. Mullen ran and jumped over the counter to save her from a nasty fall. He sent for the Garlyle medical officer, and requested that he make great haste in getting there. "It is a bad case of stress and exhaustion," said the doctor. "She also has a weak pulse. She isn't going to last much longer." Lilly turned to Mullen, and made him promise not to tell Justin, insiting that it was not the right time and she would tell him herself.

"What has come to pass in the room shall not leave it, understood?" He said to the soldiers. And they nodded.

Justin, however bumped into Mullen on Marna Road, luckily Mullen predicted this and sent his Medical team ahead of him before leaving Lilly. He gave Justin a letter and said. "Open it here, this letter is top secret." And he left with that last word.

"Dear Justin," he read. "I am hereby offering you a position in the Garlyle Forces as Colonel, for which you will be paid a considerable monthly wage.

Our new aim is to monitor the world for threats that may lie ahead, too long have we sat in darkness. We use only the resources that we have, if you would like the position then please arrive at the Lynot ship in the Sult Ruins Vicinity by 0800 hours tomorrow morning, where your orders will be put into effect immediately, Your friend, General Djose Mullen."

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