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"He looks so peaceful." thought Sasuke out loud. The mission was over and this was the last night alone before arriving in Konoha.

"Hmm?" the leaves under Naruto crackled as he turned on his stomach dragging the light blanket he used on the ground.

When would he be brave enough to tell him? When would he say he liked him? When would he say that even though he was jealous of him at times he saw him as something else? Just one kiss maybe to find out if it was simply admiration or if he was really falling for another boy.

"Naruto? Are you awake?" Sasuke gently nudged Naruto on the side hoping he also laid awake.

"Huh? Sasuke? What is it?" asked Naruto between yawns flipping once more this time on his back.

"Do you ever think of someone and are unsure if you like them, and if you should say anything? Maybe feel a little different towards someone you probably should like as more than a friend. Really I'm not sure if I do like that person as more than a friend, but the feelings I feel when we're close together are feelings I haven't felt for anybody else." Sasuke whispered his question.

By this time Naruto was almost asleep again.

"Huh? Oh, yeah feelings, I've felt that." Naruto sat up slowly wiping the sleep from his eyes with his left hand. "I've been insecure and confused too. Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering how I should deal with it."

"That depends on who it is." This was more of a question and Naruto, now wide awake, waited for an answer.

"Well, I'm not sure if I really like him." before sasuke could stop himself he'd said "him". Sasuke closed his eyes and smacked his head.

"'Him' you said?" asked Naruto curiously.

Sasuke reddened and seeing as how they were in the middle of a dead forest he could lie and pretend Naruto had misheard so he had no other option but to shyly answer "Yes, I said 'him'."

"Oh, I didn't know you were g-... well um… a homosexual." Naruto tensed and sat up.

"I'm not, stupid!" Sasuke glared at him before staring at his knees which he held timidly in his arms.

"Ok so you're not gay, but you like this guy?" Naruto was confused

"Right." Sasuke knew how silly it sounded, but he wasn't about to admit he was gay.

"You do know liking boys is being gay right?" Naruto nodded and spoke as if teaching a child the basics of speech.

"Yeah, but I don't like 'boys' I just like this one. Plus, I don't like him I just… I don't know." he paused for a second and took a deep breath "Never mind lets sleep." He released his pale knees and laid down facing away from the blonde.

"I'm sorry Sasuke. I know it's not an easy subject to speak about, but if you could please..." He reached over to Sasuke and pulled him up into a sitting position once more. " I'll listen."

"You probably wouldn't understand. I want to kiss him." he whispered. "Just once..."

"Cause you don't know if ..." answered Naruto

"I'm " "You're" they said simultaneously

"really falling for him." Their eyes met for a second , but Naruto quickly broke the link with a cough.

"So, who is it if I may know?" Naruto threw in with a much more playful tone.

Completely ignoring the question Sasuke asked "Have you ever felt this confused?"

Hestitating a bit he answered "No. I'm gay. I know I am." Naruto smiled he never really told anybody. In fact the only person who knew was his first and only boyfriend, but they both swore secrecy to each other after they broke up.

"Oh, so do you like somebody?" asked Sasuke casually

"I have my eye on a certain somebody. I haven't really made a move though mostly cause I just got over a break up. It wasn't anything big, but still I haven't found the right moment." Naruto was glad they were being honest. He felt a little closer to Sasuke now that they both shared a secret.

"So do you plan on telling me who you like yet?" asked Naruto

"Hmmm, maybe if you tell me who your ex is." Sasuke wanted to compare himself to Naruto's ex to see if he had a chance.

"Then I guess I won't find out." Naruto cocked his head to the side as he said this nodding a bit.

Sasuke's black eyes almost pleaded to know as he stared deep into Naruto deep blue eyes.

"We swore secrecy after we broke up. I'm sorry." that was his answer to the boy's questioning eyes.

"Well, can you tell me who you have an interest in?" this made him sound a little too interested

"Why are you so curious?" Naruto lifted an eyebrow at him as he asked.

"Maybe you dated or like the same person I like." Lied Sasuke. "I thought then maybe you could help me out some more."

"He wouldn't date you, my ex that is. He likes blondes." Naruto winked at him.

Sasuke quickly connected the dots. The only one who was dating a blonde was Neji who was currently with Ino.

"Oh!" gasped Sasuke "You dated Neji?"

"Yeah, but don't say anything." Requested Naruto.

Sasuke only nodded and after a quick silence in which Naruto seemed to await his answer he added. "My lips are sealed. So, who do you like?" He now felt like he had a chance. Neji was serious and quite just like he was. He wasn't too feminine but not ugly. I think I may have a chance.

"Someone I know you can't possibly have a crush on." Naruto laughed a bit while fingering the edge of his socks.

"Ok fine."

After a bit of silence Sasuke's curiosity made him speak up again.

"When you like somebody do you like to make the move or would you rather be approached?"

"I see what this is!" Naruto yelled scaring Sasuke half to death does he know! am I that easy to see through? What am I going to tell him!? "You wanna steal my strategy!" accused Naruto with a pointed finger at the now cross-eyed Sasuke who sighed a huge sigh of relief. I thank God he's dense.

"That's fine. If you need some help then I'll tell you, but you have to tell me the guy's name afterward. It's only fair after all cause I did tell you about Neji." Naruto waited for Sasuke to comply.

"Ok, Ok I'll tell you after." sweat was beading on his forehead already should I lie?

"Alright watch closely. I can't walk you through it, but I can show you. You'll see I'm better in action." He said this as he moved over closer to Sasuke. Sasuke could feel the heat coming off of Naruto's body. Naruto moved his hand over Sasuke's inner thigh and slowly pushed him down on the tent's floor.

I hope he doesn't go any higher or he'll feel how well his method works.

Naruto slowly kissed his neck and began to remove Sasuke's shirt.

"Then if he hasn't pushed me off." added Naruto "I'll do this." his hand traveled up Sasuke's strong toned abs and back down below his belly button stopping only inches away from where Sasuke's legs met.

Just when Naruto was going to rub Sasuke lower the blonde stopped and moved his head lower as if to kiss him gently on the lips. Naruto whispered before he touched his lips to the other boy's. "Then I'd kiss you..." Sasuke unwillingly gasped slightly waiting for that kiss.

He closed his eyes before their lips touched and Naruto said "If you liked me that is." and he sat back up coolly after handing Sasuke his shirt.

Upset at being turned on so easily Sasuke added under his breath "You mean if you liked me." and put his shirt back on.

"I like you. What would give you the impression that I don't?"

Did he hear me? I have to say it now.

"Well, you didn't kiss me." Sasuke relaxed his voice and prepared to say what he'd wanted to say for so long. He slowly formed the words in his mind. He pieced the sentence perfectly. Finally he would say the truth. It was a prefect moment a flawless opportunity to speak up.

Before he could say a word Naruto laughed at him completely ruining the mood. Sasuke had been pouting slightly in thought, which to Naruto was the funniest look he'd ever seen on Sasuke.

"What why do you laugh?!" ok maybe it's not the right time! This time Sasuke's face was slowly turning into an angry contortion. He clenched his jaw and tightened his fists. Instinctively he activated his sharingan. He lunged at Naruto with a punch that was weakened by anger. Smack. Naruto's hand was encompassed around Sasuke's fist. It was an easy block. Naruto chuckled at Sasuke's attempt to hurt him.

"You're cute. I'm glad you're gay." Naruto was still chuckling

"I'm not!" defended Sasuke now even angrier than before.

"And I guess then you aren't attracted to me either?" teased Naruto knowing full well how Sasuke really felt.

Sasuke's eyes opened wide "I'm not!" he said stubbornly once more. His anger subsided and in its place was this embarrassment of being found out.

Naruto smiled "Then what's this?" he smirked as he rubbed his hand up Sasuke's inner thigh feeling a sudden bump. Sasuke gasped in surprise.

"Get off you idiot!" he shoved Naruto's hand off.

Naruto still laughed as he pinned Sasuke down and straddled him. Naruto's laughter ceased as he touched his lips with the boy before him. "You still want me to get off?" asked Naruto seriously in a calm voice. "No." answered Sasuke out of breath.

Sasuke smiled slowly after the warm feeling from that kiss calmed him down. Naruto jumped off and released the boy's wrists. Sasuke turned his face away and said in a barely audible voice "Kiss me again." Naruto bent back down and this time he dared to push his way in towards the warm tongue Sasuke hid. Their lips parted for air and Naruto took advantage of this break to tease him a bit.

"So, are you gonna tell me who you like now?" Naruto stared down at those black eyes he'd hopefully be waking up next to for a while.

Sasuke didn't have to wait anymore. He didn't have to be brave at all because he had fallen for another boy and that boy had loved him first.

Sasuke yelled in response "Never, BAKA!" and leaned in for another kiss.

Teh End.