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Sasuke sat on his side of the tent with his legs pulled up to his chest. He couldn't sleep. This was the last night he'd spend alone with Naruto before returning home. For a long time only his breathing pierced the silence of the night.

"Naruto--" He whispered to the dark. Naruto was an enigma. His power was unknown and his potential unsurveyed.

Sasuke had never admired him or considered him a rival, not until a few days ago. He had felt Naruto's fight with Haku. It was surreal to think that the loud, obnoxious boy sharing a forest floor with him could turn so deadly in such short notice.

"Wha'?" The leaves underneath Naruto's stomach crackled as he turned on his back. He was wrapped in the labyrinth of folds and knots that his blanket had become.

Sasuke had been thinking about it for a while. He liked Naruto. He thought he liked Naruto. He hadn't figured out if it was a sudden birth of admiration at the display of power or if he was really falling for another boy, for that is what they were, only boys of 12.

He didn't mean to wake him, but at the same time Sasuke couldn't help it. "Naruto, are you awake?" He gently nudged Naruto's side when he received no answer.

"Huh? Sasuke?" Naruto asked between yawns. He rubbed at his eyes and wiped the sleep away. He blinked several times until Sasuke came into view.

"Who else would it be, idiot?" Sasuke released his knees and glared at Naruto.

Naruto looked asleep again. He didn't even notice he was being talked to.

"Oi, Naruto! Are you listening?" Sasuke pushed Naruto once more to nudge him awake, but couldn't help himself in the end. He kept his hands on Naruto seconds longer than he had to. Naruto's warm skin felt good against his clammy hands.

Naruto sat up slowly while he tried to process what Sasuke's hand had just been doing to his side after the shove. He could have sworn it was something akin to a caress.

Sasuke didn't say a word and Naruto didn't think it rude to mention it out loud.

"You gay?" Naruto asked after minutes of silence had passed.

"What?! No!" Sasuke looked far too offended for the answer to be so simple.

"I didn't know you were a--" Naruto tensed when he saw a fist coming towards him. It wasn't like Sakura's hits, but he could have sworn that every time he spoke he ended up being hit.

"I am not!" Sasuke sat back down and let his breathing calm his body. He felt more than sparks of anger every time he touched Naruto. He'd be kissing him soon, if he hit him once more.

"Okay you're 'not'." Naruto grinned as he watched Sasuke clench his jaw and hug his knees.

"Right." Sasuke knew he sounded paranoid, but the wasn't about to admit something like that, especially not to Naruto.

"You know it's okay if you are." Naruto whispered after Sasuke's breathing returned back to normal. "I don't mind."

"I don't care if you mind, idiot." Sasuke faced Naruto. He should just go back to sleep. Naruto probably wouldn't understand something Sasuke himself couldn't figure out. "You wouldn't understand anyways." Sasuke felt himself speaking without wanting to. He was reaching, but at the same time hoping he hadn't said a word.

"Try me." Naruto was now completely awake. He couldn't possibly fall asleep after a hit like that.

Sasuke took his time to glare and observe Naruto. Was he serious? Could he be serious was the better question. Sasuke sighed and ran a hand through his hair pushing it back away from his forehead. "Have you ever felt-- confused?" He asked.

"All the time." Naruto smiled. He could relate. Naruto always felt confused by one thing or another.

"No, I mean-- Okay, do you like somebody?" He asked. It might be easier to approach the subject that way. Sasuke could have sworn Naruto was going to yell out Sakura's name, but to his surprise he didn't.

"Yeah--" He waited for Sasuke's point before giving any names.

"Who?" Sasuke asked, now more curious than trying to make a point.

"This person, but I just broke up with someone so, I don't want to say." Naruto was being honest. He wanted to feel a little closer to Sasuke. That might just happen if they shared the same secret.

"Okay then tell me who your ex is." Sasuke wanted to compare himself a bit with the ex, maybe then he'd know what Naruto was into. He knew big breasts didn't make a difference since Sakura was as close to a boy as girls got.

"I can't." Naruto said quite honestly.

"What if I like them?" Stupid question, but Sasuke's interest had been piqued.

"We have established you might be gay. Are you assuming I am too?" Naruto looked at Sasuke and waited for his answer.

"I was hoping--" Sasuke closed his mouth and waited for Naruto's move.

"I guess I've been found out. I never was any good at games like this." Naruto grinned as he rubbed the back of his head. "Neji." He confessed.

Sasuke lifted an eyebrow. He had a chance. Neji wasn't much unlike himself. He was serious and quiet. "He's not a bad choice." Sasuke finally offered as a compliment.

"I know. It was kinda weird though." Naruto clung onto his feet as he swayed back and forth.

"Why?" Already Sasuke was picturing things Neji could have done that would be deemed weird.

"Too quiet." Naruto threw himself on his back and stared at the ceiling of their dark green tent.

"Oh," The next thought in Sasuke's head was that he was also a quiet person.

"It wasn't like when you don't talk. It was weird because it felt like he wanted to talk, but just didn't."

Sasuke was thinking many things now. He wanted to say them, but couldn't. Neji had his empathy. He didn't want to screw up with Naruto even though he had nothing to screw up yet.

"Did he confess or did you?" Sasuke asked.

"I did." Naruto didn't seem like the shy kind. It was plenty obvious that he would have done the first move. Neji was too reserved to approach another person on that touchy subject. Naruto had taken the initiative and just struck one day out in the fields. His approach was as rough as Naruto was with everything. Sasuke was curious.

"So, how did you do it?" Sasuke was hoping for a descriptive story, but Naruto opted for hands on.

"Watch closely." Naruto whispered next to Sasuke's ear. He leaned over him and let his hand caress Sasuke's inner thigh on the first touch. Sasuke let himself be pushed down against the floor and didn't say a word against Naruto's wandering hand. Naruto kissed Sasuke neck with his inexperienced lips, which still caused Sasuke's breath to hitch. Naruto pushed Sasuke's shirt up over his stomach and then stopped. He moved his face very close to Sasuke's and said, "Then I kissed him." Sasuke gasped for a breath of air as he awaited said kiss, but it never came. Naruto sat back up and left Sasuke on the floor thoroughly aroused.

"You didn't kiss me." Sasuke said.

"Yeah. He liked me." Naruto responded as if it were obviously why he didn't follow through on the kiss.

"I like you." Sasuke was still catching his breath and couldn't believe he got so worked up over a couple of touches, no matter how good they felt.

"I like you too." Naruto turned his face to the side as if trying to figure out what exactly had just been said.

"Well, you didn't kiss me." Sasuke relaxed and tried to form the words in his head again. He would say it right this time. He'd confess properly. Finally when he'd pieced it all together and thought it was the perfect moment, it was ruined.

Before Sasuke could say a word Naruto laughed at him completely ruining the moment.

"What?! Why do you laugh? Idiot!" Sasuke's face was slowly returning to the angry mask it had been before the hit. He clenched his jaw and tightened his fist. Instinctively his sharingan activated. He lunged at Naruto with a punch that was weakened by anger. With a single resounding 'smack', Naruto's hand stopped Sasuke's fist. It was an easy block. Naruto chuckled and leaned in to kiss Sasuke. Their lips touched and Sasuke unclenched his fist. He leaned into Naruto then pulled back.

"I'm glad you're gay." Naruto finally said between chuckles.

"I'm not!" Sasuke yelled far louder than was necessary.

"So, I guess you don't like me either?" Naruto teased.

"I don't." Sasuke replied stubbornly. He still felt the hot kiss on his lips and the ghosts of Naruto's hands brushing up against his chest.

"Liar." Naruto laughed as he pushed Sasuke down onto the tent floor. He continued to laugh until his lips touched Sasuke's again. "You still don't like me?"

Sasuke smiled slowly and kissed Naruto again. He kept his hands on Naruto's back as he answered. "No; now, kiss me again." Naruto did as he was told and kissed Sasuke for the fourth time.

Naruto pulled back once more to ask his question. "You like me, bastard?"

"Not one bit, idiot." Sasuke replied calmly then leaned forward for just one more kiss.