Author's Notes for A Beauty and a Peasant

For all of you who might be a little foggy on things, here are some clarifications:

-"The pale princess muttered something and immediately she felt sleepy, but smiled at the glowing man in front of her." This is explaining the spell she casts. She feels sleepy- indicating the sleeping spell. The peasant glows- indicating a spell also cast upon him. This is how he stays young for one hundred years. After she awakens, they no longer are immortal, if you want to say that.

-The reason the princess makes the spell for one hundred years is to make sure that when she awakens, nobody will remember exactly why she was in an "eternal sleep." Everybody that would remember is dead. Harsh and blunt, but true. Nobody would know or remember about the scandal between the princess and peasant- just as the two reflect in the beginning; it's safer to not risk much earlier than that. Once she leaves the tower and goes on to her quiet life, nobody will know who was her true love. People would dismiss it as a falsehood and the story would be forgotten, as the story states: "The story eventually died out of memory and the tower fell to ruins."

-I've been asked "How do they communicate?" They don't ever in those hundred years, and when the princess mentions seeing him in her dreams, she's just talking about normal dreams people have when they sleep. She just had one hundred times the normal... It can be assumed he dreamt of her, also. It really means nothing when she says that, if you want to say it was "sweet nothings" that would work, too.

-Yes, the peasant has a horse. I never said it was a strong horse. Nor a healthy one. But he had one all the same. I guess if peasants shouldn't have horses, then he was a common farmer. Too late to change it.

-This story is not meant to be historically accurate. I just felt like writing on a whim of mine. It's not supposed to be a part modern, either.

Anything else foggy or confusing can be asked in a review or can be messaged to me though my profile. I will reply back and add it on here.