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The front page article on the US News:


This past week the world's leading myologist, Sousuke Aizen, was the only candidate selected for this year's Nobel Prize in the sciences. Mr. Aizen, a member of the National Academy of Sciences since the age of 21 and a consultant of the National Institude of Drug Abuse since 2 years earlier, has made several groundbreaking discoveries in the role of anadrol and clenbuterol on the repair of human tissue. According to him, "the natural human lifespan has been extended another 20 years or so." While many of us hope this is true, Sousuke is currently working on adding onto that claim.

Aizen looked up from the article he was reading…about himself, feeling a distinct pride about this honor. He hadn't even used his good ol' weapon on the Selection Committee and yet they had chosen to bestow him with this award so early in his career.

With a sigh, he promptly folded the newspaper away and continued with his breakfast. Life had changed so much in the past 21 years. More importantly, three weddings had taken place about 16-17 years ago, all of which he was requested to attend.

The first was Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia. Aizen had expected this ever since senior year in high school. What he hadn't expected was for whom he referred to as "teh couple" to move to the States immediately thereafter.

The second took place in America. Apparently, Aizen's high school nemesis, Shihouin Yoruichi, had an estate in Boston and, although she had never told anyone, had been accepted into Harvard. How she kept it under wraps without Aizen knowing was behind the other man's comprehension, but then again, he could only control minds to an extent, not read them. About 3 months after the Kurosaki wedding, Kaname and Yoruichi officially became the "Tousens." Yoruichi had actually given up her last name for the other man. At least he still has some pride left, Aizen had thought when he heard this.

The last wedding was completely unexpected and took place 6 months after Tousen's. Either he had been tricked from the beginning, or something went horribly wrong in New York City. Apparently, one of Gin's classmates, Matsumoto Rangiku, had taken an interest into Ichimaru, and he…gave in to his liberal side. Aizen had always feared that Gin was just following him in high school because he thought it was all a fun game to play. Apparently, this had been confirmed by the wedding that took place in the city.

Not wanting to come across as an ardent idealist to the public just yet, he obliged and attended each ceremony with his stoic façade. Any chances of a reunion had been shattered and left in the dust. Los Tres Grandes was completely finished.

Perhaps Aizen was to blame a little too; he never talked to Tousen and Gin for more than once per month while he was winning D3 tournaments in the 800m and taking courses such as Complex Analysis and Advanced Quantum Chemistry as a freshman. In fact, Aizen graduated from MIT a year early and continued his education by receiving an M.S. for biochemistry and the same PhD by the time he was 27. After a few years of research as well as teaching Organic Chemistry at MIT (he couldn't help returning to the school), he entered a fellowship to receive his postdoctorate. He had simply lost time for his friends, and found himself staying in touch with the Espada and Arrancar more than his two "brothas." Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that on that fateful summer day 21 years ago, the alliance had unofficially collapsed. Despite being on the same campus, he never spoke more than a few words a week to his former ally, who was now caught up in his neuroscience…and apparently something else too (see: wooman).

Nevertheless, Aizen chuckled at all of this. In the grand scheme of things, they were dispensable; in fact, if their children impressed him, he might be able to use them as well.

Currently, he had several residences: one in Washington, D.C, one in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and one in Mammaroneck, New York.

To the best of his knowledge he knew that the Kurosakis lived in midtown Manhattan, The Ichimarus resided in Queens, and the Tousen family lived in Brooklyn. He also knew that the each of them had sons born within a year of each other.

After 16 years of distancing himself from the rest of LTG and Ichigo, it was time to scout the offspring.


Tetsuya Kurosaki woke up to the sound of his 7 o' clock alarm for the first time in ages. True, he had had a fun summer, but now it was back to the daily grind at Stuyvesant High School. He loved his school, no doubt: it was the second best sciences school in the nation behind Thomas Jefferson High in Alexandria, Virginia and he was among the top 10 of a class of 1000 students. However, he still wanted a few more hours of sleep.

"Oi Tetsuya! Get up, you're gonna be late if you stay in bed!" his father yelled from outside the door. Tetsuya heard the stories about how "Grandpa Isshin" used to greet or wake his dad up with a kick to the face. Just that made him laugh and respond. "Ite, hold your horses 'tou-san, I'm up."

Tetsuya always wondered how his father could have time for everything else out side of his work. From what he saw, clinical doctors had a shitload of paperwork, hysterical patients who bled profusely, and long shifts. His mother worked in pharmaceuticals, which did not deal with as much blood but instead called for longer shifts and even more paperwork. Somehow, they both had time to make sure they could answer his needs, to which he was greatly indebted to. He doubted that he could have risen to the top 1 percent of Stuyvesant High without his parents' support.

After finishing his breakfast, he decided it was time to pack up and leave for junior year at SHS. "Tetsuya!" Rukia called out as he was getting ready to go. "Don't forget your lunch!"

"Tha's ok, 'kaa-san, I'm taking money with me instead. Seeya!"


Tai Tousen sat on the number 6 subway express to 63rd street. This train ride usually took him about 10 minutes; coupled with a 5 minute walk to school, Tai usually left at about 7:15. He used to wonder about what his dad was like in high school; was he the same principled, dignified, man that his son loved? His mother always responded in his favor, the person in question would just turn away and say, "that's for another time, Tai."

Thinking about something else, Tai considered what he wanted to do in life. Kaname was an excellent neuroscientist, while Yoruichi was now the president of Shihouin Corporations, which was based in Japan but had been gaining notoriety in America ever since his mother and father had married.

Knocked out of his thoughts by the mechanical voice of "This stop is 63rd street," he promptly walked off the bus for his first day at Stuyvesant High.


Hiro Ichimaru entered the hallowed halls of his beloved high school. Although he had several friends here, his closest two were Tetsuya and Tai by far. Their parents had all known each other as high school classmates back in Japan, and it seems they were all raised well enough to get accepted by virtue of the SHSAT(1). While his parents were known to be rather lazy, they did get their jobs done. Gin was an architectural engineer, while Rangiku worked in cosmetics. When Gin was visiting other states for engineering conferences, Hiro spent time with his mother in order to protect her from all those people who gave her funny looks. Whenever he heard someone make a comment about his mom he would promptly punch them in the stomach at an angle that could not be seen by the faculty for maximum pain and minimum trouble.

His dad sometimes scared him with that fox-like grin he always had, and though he tried to envision what he looked like in high school, he could see no difference between now and then. Then again, he did look an awful lot like Gin…with the hair at least. His father, had been in close contact with Kaname, husband of Yoruichi, whose closest friend was Rukia. Thus, Rangiku never felt left out when they met; the three wooman always had something to talk about.

Hiro was waiting at his locker for a few minutes before he saw the familiar bright orange and dark purple mops of hair. With a chuckle, he called out to them.

Tai was the first one to see Hiro. "Yo Hiro, what's good? It's been a long time since we spoke." Tai was an impressive figure, towering over Hiro at a height of 6'6" with the same skin tone as his parents and his mother's eyes. However, he dyed his hair black early on because he shot hoops at the Rucker as well as the Key from time to time, and he knew he would not get any props with purple hair. Speaking of which…he was an all-city basketball player attending Stuyvesant High School; this confused people the most: What's an exceptional athlete like him doing wasting that body on books and figures?

The true answer was right in front of him. Hiro and Tetsuya were his closest friends, and he wasn't going to play at an elite basketball school just to leave his buddies behind.

"Yeah, well that's what happens when the three of us live in three different boroughs."

Tetsuya finally caught up to the other two. "Oh no, don't tell me you two are actually excited that summer's over." Tetsuya was a strange one, indeed. He had Ichigo's bright orange hair and Rukia's large amethyst eyes and at times their high school egos. Luckily, he had his father's genes for height, so he stood at 5'9", the same height as Hiro.

"Nah, we're just takin' a good look at each other for the first time in months. Tai's been too busy taking people to school on the court. Anyway, what are your first period classes?"

Tai and Tetsuya looked down at their schedules. Both of them had Calculus III, as did Hiro. Strictly by ranking of unweighted GPAs, Tetsuya was actually 6th out of 1021 kids in the class last year, while taking 5 AP classes. Tai and Hiro had only taken AP Calculus BC and were actually ranked 3rd and 4th, respectively. Of course, throw in weighting for APs and you would have Tetsuya in 1st place with Tai and Hiro dropping down to 15th and 19th each. But that wouldn't matter to colleges, so Tetsuya always said he was ranked 6th. Still, being in the top 0.9 percent of what was arguably the best school in the state was not too shabby.

As the three got seated for homeroom, their teacher, Toushiro Hitsugaya, who was teaching AP Biology for his seventh year at Stuyvesant after coming from Japan. Being a family friend, he was much friendlier towards the three, in contrast with his usual grumpy disposition.

After getting all first day formalities over with, Hitsugaya spoke up.
"Alright m-everyone," after seven years he was still used to 'mina-san' and had to remind himself that he was in America. "Settle down. I have an announcement regarding the Laureates of Tomorrow Nobel Essay Contest before you head to your first period class."

Everyone-a class full of math and science experts- whipped their heads towards the teacher.

As Hitsugaya read the paper, his eyes widened at the name he saw. "As part of a partnership with MIT and the Research Science Institute, future noble prize recipient Dr. Aizen has arranged for the winners of the Essay Contest to be accepted into RSI, should they apply. Furthermore, all three of them will have him as their mentor for the duration of the prestigious summer program."

Hitsugaya was inwardly fuming. Aizen…what is it that you want with these kids? Isn't the nobel prize enough for you? Teme….

Everyone else's mindset was completely different. Doctor Aizen? This was certainly an opportunity no one could pass up. All they had to do was win the essay contest and their spot at RSI – as well a chance to get to know the famous scientist – was at hand. No one even seemed to be bothered by the fact that 3 of the 50 spots for American applicants to RSI were bound to be from New York City schools.


As the trio waited for Calculus class to begin, they were animatedly discussing what the possibilities were for them.

"He used to be dad's best friend!" Tetsuya said.

"Forget that, my dad went to MIT with him!" Tai chimed in.

"Who cares? My dad says that Dr. Aizen trusted him the most in high school!" Hiro added.

Before they could continue, class started and the students took out their books to begin reviewing vector mathematics. Oh boy.


Tetsuya was walking back home from school with his now-filled backpack. Even on the first day his teachers had given him an excessive load. Now taking 7 AP classes, his life would now consist of eating, sleeping, and studying.

Good thing I decided to get my black belt in Tae Kwon Do over the summer.

He was approaching his flat, key in hand (no one came home until 7 or 8 in the evening, and that was usually Ichigo), when he saw a man in a white overcoat and black pants standing in front of his door with his back to him.

"Yo, you lookin' for someone buddy?" Tetsuya called out.

Slowly, the man turned around to face him. Tetsuya Kurosaki rarely looked nervous or confused, but this time his eyes widened and he just gaped at the person standing in front of him.


Said man gave a small smile while sticking his hand out and saying, "Sousuke Aizen… pleasure to meet you, Kurosaki-kun"