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"It has been too long, really," Aizen offhandedly began. "Who knew our lives were so busy?" Sighing slightly, he continued.

"So what's the point of this meeting?" Grimmjow lazily replied, drawing Ulquiorra's ire. The idiot still had the tact of a twelve year old schoolgirl.

"I was just getting to that, Grimmjow," the boss calmly replied. "I am sure all of you are wondering the same thing: why have I called for all ten of you to assemble today?" Rising from his seat, Aizen took a remote from his pocket, pressed a few numbers on the control, and sat down again. Immediately, a hologram map of the United States appeared in the middle of the rectangular table. Sitting back down, he used his control to home in on New York City, eventually reaching a magnification that gave the entire room a bird's eye view of Mid-town Manhattan.

"When we first met, I encountered a distinct quality that I found admirable within each of you. I knew that one day, you would be willing to risk your lives for a cause worth fighting for..."

Ulquiorra was taken aback. He had not expected this sort of character-prodding from his mentor.

"...and with today's technology that will become a possibility." Now taking a smaller control out of his pocket, Aizen pressed down on all four buttons. Much to everyone's shock, the map flipped over, this time revealing stands with stoppered vials at each locant's seat. Within each vial was a pea-sized, auburn pill suspended in a clear liquid.

"What the fuck? Pills? This is the risk?" Jiruga sneered with a deep tone of disgust.

"Just shut up for once," Halibel shot back, earning a furious glare from Noitora.

"Patience," Aizen responded. "These capsules are submerged in ethanol for a reason. They react readily with oxygen and ignite upon contact with air."

"And we are to drink these vials clean, I assume?" the bored Stark spoke up.

"Exactly. They contain tracer molecules that can be tracked via satellite."

"And you never answered: what is the point of this shit?" Grimmjow hastily demanded.

Chuckling, Aizen looked straight into his subordinate's eyes. "Do as you're told and this meeting is adjourned." As if rehearsed, the ten drank up, some like Ulquiorra coughing over the rough taste of diluted ethanol.

"So now you have another way of tracking us?" Le Roux, who had not made a move all this time, chimed in.

"Do not worry; there will be no need to track any of you for a while. I have other business to attend over the next three months, and you all must carry on with your lives. However, I am sure you all know the great inconvenience the Shihouin conglomerate since the turn of the century. The graft has spread to every section of the government. There is nothing the law will do to stop this takeover. History has shown that vigilantes have a low success rate...however, we are not to mistake ourselves as rebels. Our resistance is the new freedom this decadent world seeks, and with your support we will finally be able to rid ourselves of this burden that is the nation."

A silence passed through the Espada. The diligent CEO looked up and down the table and saw the galvanizing look among his comrades. He knew this had a chance; while several had their differences, as noted with his own strained mannerisms in front of Grimmjow, they were all willing to put grudges aside to work for the common cause. Aizen had helped their lives out, and it was their time to return the favor and even reap the benefits of a new world.

Standing up, Aizen let the exits open. "I will maintain contact with each of you to let you know what the next move shall be. Await further instructions...adios."

Wordlessly, the espada left through the same paths they came. As the last to go, Ulquiorra hesitated. Perhaps there were more ways for him to assist for the time being.


"Take your leave for now, Ulquiorra. Don't worry, you will certainly be the most important player in this game."

The systems analyst showed his comprehension with a slight nod, and departed.


December 1st, 2028

Tetsuya, Hiro, and Tai could not believe their luck. Presently, they were on an American Airlines direct flight bound for Stockholm. Tetsuya's paper on Niels Bohr and the atomic model, Hiro's on Linus Pauling and General Chemistry, and Tai's on Andrew Fire and RNA Interference all received the top honor.The probability of three seniors from the same high school, let alone three friends, winning the recognition was mind-numbing. Nonetheless, they were riding business class, currently somewhere over the United Kingdom, kicking back and doing absolutely nothing.

"Ya know," Hiro spoke, "its kinda funny that we were even allowed to go on this trip. Dont our parents all hate Aizen except for my dad?"

"Good question," Tetsuya replied. "...maybe it was just for publicity reasons? To maintain good PR?" He wasn't planning on telling them how much he begged his mother to let him go. That Rukia was one hell of a bitch...she could bread an entire nation's worth of contempt.

"Fuck that, we got a free trip and a chance to meet a nobel laureate. You cant even argue against the logic behind that, even if you have a vendetta against someone." Inwardly, he was somewhat surprised that his own mom would let him go. Regardless, he didn't care. He still thought this whole argument was a stupid high school feud that should have been dropped years before he was even born.


December 6th, 2028

Ulquiorra returned to his suite on the Upper West Side of Manhattan after another long day of preventing Schiff Microsystems from being tampered with- at this point, he was the only thing keeping the company from being attacked by numerous factions in support of Shihouin Corp. He was the only programmer who could sufficiently design uncrackable algorithms to prevent a security breach. In the off-hours, the headquarters at 67th street were locked down tighter than Langley. Even still, the CEO made sure to connect a direct-feed from his systems security to his local laptop to be informed on attempted break-ins.

3 months and still no word had arrived. Was he already in Sweden? Was everything still being planned out or was Aizen intentionally leaving Ulquiorra in the dark? These questions had been gnawing at Schiffer for the past week, and unfortunately he could do nothing but wait.

Unfastening his tie and throwing his jet black blazer on the living room couch, Ulquiorra turned on his fifty inch flat screen TV. Still skeptical of Dot Matrix holography, he chose to stay with a wall-mount instead of "making the upgrade." Although out of character for a multi-millionaire in this day and age, that was his style. He had always thrived off the clean-cut image as a man who was never unwilling to engage in serious business with anyone who tested him.

Flipping to CNN, he saw Shihouin stock climb farther. He had actually been losing ground lately; currently he was at $202.01 per share, whereas his fierce rival closed at $199.42 today. If he were ever allowed to overstep Aizen's orders he would wring that woman's neck with as much force as possible.

It was at that moment that his phone decided to ring. Reaching into his pocket, he answered.


"Are you ready, Ulquiorra?" Him.

"Yes. Carry on."


"Do you want it to happen or not?"

"Yes, it has to be done...make sure it's quick and effortless."

"Of course, these operations are my specialty."

"Good. Don't disappoint me."

"I would never dream of doing such."

At that moment, two cell phones simultaneously snapped shut. The plan was underway. No one saw it coming.


Grimmjow hated lifting weights now; why, he had no idea. Ever since he retired from the NFL he had been extremely restless. Even as the recordholder of nearly every defensive statistic, he felt stale at times. His former teammates said he was in desperate need of a main squeeze around his age lest he go crazy. Although he told them to "fuck off" several times, he had caved in by now.

He went to Levi's yesterday to get some pants for him and his teammates; he was gonna steal them, he didn't have any money on him. However...(TBFC in LTG Uncut)

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