Prologue: Harsh Environment Confidence Course Briefing

Greetings, Commander, and I welcome you on your embarking on another leg of the most rewarding career in the multiverse.

As the TSAB has to be ready to excel in any situation in any environment, so will your men and you, Commander. This course was created with this objective in mind, and has been modified and updated as new techniques and technology to contain hazardous material as well as enhance personnel survival were developed. As a hands-on course, the training videos will not run in a full sequence like the ones screened during your leadership course, but be an related accompaniment to the task you are suppose to complete before moving on to the next one. My digital assistants will be on hand to guide you if you have any queries as to what has to be done, so don't be afraid to ask. We all have to learn from somewhere.

Before we begin, I shall briefing go over the origins of the videos. As I turned twelve and changed my barrier jacket for the first time, the Asura was called upon to investigate a massive surge in mutant plant growth on one of our border planets designated Delphia-9252. Dephia was just like Earth, except that it developed in a rather strange manner after a mysterious plant fell out of the sky and burrowed deep into the planet's core. It has since infested the planet and the TSAB has been implementing a refugee program to steadily evacuate her civilians off-planet to other worlds, for the plant's spores create a toxic fog that kills and corrupts all life around it. That surge was putting strain on TSAB efforts, and pre-investigation points to an unidentified starfall upon the Delphian equivalent of the Sahara Desert from my home planet a month prior to the surge. As Admiral Graham (God bless his soul) suspected that it could have been the result of a Lost Logia, my long time partner Fate and I were given rudimentary protection and dropped on planet to check things first hand. Specialists Sergeant Major Michael Stratford and Master Sergeant Wong Jin assisted Fate and me on this mission, and without them this operation would not have been accomplished so successfully. Still, that mission brought to light once more how different worlds have different environments and challenges, and, most of all, had a dramatic shock in store for us all...

I once heard of a Terran girl who wished to meet time travelers, aliens and psychics. After this mission, I certainly wish that one of them never comes true.

And so, without further ado:

"Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Files, hajimari-masu..."

Battle Control: Online.

Good luck, Commander!

Lt. Com. Nanoha Scrya
Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)
Time Space Administration Bureau (TSAB)