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Hello! I'm putting out some drabbles that have been haunting my documents folder. They are unbeta'd so please excuse any errors. I may go back and get them looked at but considering the debt I owe my other stories, it's not too terrible likely. Updates after today will be sporadic.

The faithful departed

It occurred to him that if he could just get far enough past those blank blue eyes, he'd find the one he was looking for. Somewhere, under the architectural wonder that was that hair, buried in the surprisingly difficult to penetrate silt of the boy's mind, was the one person he wanted. The cadet didn't even seem to know just who was providing the framework on which he hung his pitiful existence. It was… disconcerting to say the least. To hear that laugh, to see that swagger and those clothes and to turn around only to see pale skin instead of golden, blue eyes instead of purple. A blond shock of hair instead of the dark brown he'd seen a thousand times. He didn't like the helpless feeling it caused. He was so much more now and helpless wasn't something he was going to feel ever again. This problem was going to be fixed and soon. The cadet wouldn't be able to keep him out forever and when that idiot fell, his comrades and the world would fall with him. Then it would be as he had intended, as it would have been if Zach had just trusted him. He'd have Mother and Zach and it would be good. It would be the way things were meant to be.