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Living to Die

By Hideki LaShae

Chapter Four – Ready to Die

Serenity and Joey lead their boyfriends into their mother's apartment.

"Mom?" calls Serenity.

Mrs. Wheeler walks into the living room. "Serenity! Joey!"

"Hi, Mom," says Joey moving to embrace her quickly. He whispers into her ear, "Whatever you do, don't faint while we're talking to you."

Mrs. Wheeler's eyes widen. "So, tell me… who are your friends?"

"Well, these are the Kaiba brothers, Seto and Mokuba," says Joey moving out of his mother's embrace, "Anything more than that will have to wait."

"What are you…?"

"Later, Mom!" exclaims Joey, "We should all sit down."

Everyone sits down on the two couches.

"Mom…" Serenity lowers her eyes to the floor at her feet.

"Serenity? Is something wrong, dear?"

"Well… yes and no," says Serenity, "I'm pregnant."

"W-w-what?" asks Mrs. Wheeler staring at Serenity in shock.

"I'm pregnant," says Serenity, "Mokuba has been my boyfriend for months, and we're going to have a baby. It's a girl."

"W-w-what?" repeats Mrs. Wheeler.

"Mom?" Serenity looks up at her mother.

"H-how pregnant are you, Serenity?" asks Mrs. Wheeler. She starts to ring her hands like she always does when she's worried.

"A little over four months," says Serenity.

"Four months… Four months," says Mrs. Wheeler. She takes a deep breath. "That's why you've been hiding things from me? Did you think I wouldn't understand?"

"Actually… that is exactly what I thought," says Serenity.

"I was just like you when I was your age!" exclaims Mrs. Wheeler, "So… Mokuba, Serenity… what are your plans for the future?"

"I've asked her to marry me," says Mokuba, "So we're planning on getting married later, at least after the baby is born."

"And about the baby?"

"We're keeping her," says Serenity.

"Yes," says Mokuba taking Serenity's hand, "We're going to raise her together."

"You are just like me when I was your age!" exclaims Mrs. Wheeler laughing slightly, "I wanted to keep her too, but my mother forced me to give your elder sister up for adoption!"

"Sister!" exclaim Joey and Serenity as one.

"Yes… I was just a little older than you are now, Serenity, when I got pregnant. I refused to tell my mother until it was late in my pregnancy," explains Mrs. Wheeler, "Then after the birth, she forced me to give her up even though I wanted to keep her. Your cousin, Fates, is actually your older half-sister. So I understand what you're going through, Serenity! And if you want to keep your daughter, then I will support your decision and help you in any way that I can!"

Serenity stares at her mother in shock. "You're not going to fight me on this?"

"No… I promised myself when I gave away Fates that I was not going to treat my children the way my mother treated me," says Mrs. Wheeler, "And seeing as I was wrong in my thinking that I explained my views on premarital sex to you, you have presented me with an opportunity to follow through on my promise. If you want to keep your daughter, I won't stop you."

"Thank you, Mom!" exclaims Serenity jumping from her seat on the couch and hugging Mrs. Wheeler rapidly.

Mrs. Wheeler holds Serenity close to her. "Is this why you've been missing so much school?"

"Yes. Prenatal visits," says Serenity smiling.

"So… Mrs. Wheeler… Joey has moved in with Seto and I," says Mokuba, "And Serenity and I were wondering if she could move in with us as well."

"After you're married," says Mrs. Wheeler, "but if you want, we can visit the Justice of the Peace later this week."

"Yes! Thank you, Mom!" exclaims Serenity.

"Yeah! Thanks, Mom!" exclaims Mokuba smiling.

"Now, Joey, what is this about you moving in with these boys?" asks Mrs. Wheeler as Serenity returns to her seat to cuddle Mokuba.

"Well… Seto's my new boyfriend," says Joey, "and I love him very much. So I moved in with him."

"Boyfriend?" asks Mrs. Wheeler, "Your…?"

"Yes," says Seto, "I'm Joey's boyfriend. We're homosexual."

"You're gay, Joey?" asks Mrs. Wheeler.

"Yeah, Mom. I am," says Joey.

"Well… that explains why you've never introduced me to a girlfriend," says Mrs. Wheeler, "I guess as long as you're happy, Joey, then I'm happy for you!"

"Really?" asks Joey smiling.

Mrs. Wheeler smiles. "Yes… I just want you to be happy, Joey. Besides, you're old enough to make your own decisions. I can't control your life."

"Thanks, Mom!" exclaims Joey.

"Well… now that we've decided what's going to happen, Mokuba, Joey, we should get back home. We'll see you soon, Serenity," says Seto standing and smiling.

Joey stands and wraps his arm around Seto's waist.

"You'd better call and come back to visit as often as you can," says Mrs. Wheeler.

"I will, Mom!" exclaims Joey.

Seto guides Joey and Mokuba out of the apartment, and they return to their mansion.

"I'm going to my room," says Mokuba as soon as they enter the mansion.

"I'm going to start cooking," says Joey, "Unless there was something that you'd rather be doing?"

"I need to do some homework," says Seto, "I need to try to catch up in my classes. I'm flunking math, remember?"

"Well… I'd help you, but… I'm not very good at it either. I mean, I understand it, but I don't know if I could explain it to you," says Joey.

"You can try," says Seto. He runs his fingertips across the collar around Joey's neck, and he smiles. "My puppy."

"Okay… let's grab the books and start cracking!" exclaims Joey smiling.

Barely one month and several happy dates later, Seto takes Joey out to a romantic dinner at a fabulous five star restaurant, and after dinner, they head off to the theater to catch a movie.

"So… what do you think of tonight?" whispers Seto into Joey's ear.

"It's been absolutely wonderful," whispers Joey leaning up against Seto, "It was nice not to have to cook for a change."

"It's not over," whispers Seto nibbling on Joey's ear, "We haven't even had dessert yet."
"Yummy… I like dessert," whispers Joey.

At the end of the movie, when the man and woman finally get together and kiss for the very first time, Seto leans towards Joey and gives him several short sweet kisses.

Joey kisses Seto in return, pulling them both into a long, passionate kiss. "Let's go get dessert."

Seto and Joey stand and head out to the car.

"So what do we want for dessert?" asks Joey, "Or do you have that planned out too?"

"I have that planned out," says Seto with a sultry voice.

Joey smiles and blushes as Seto drives them back to the mansion.

Seto takes Joey's hand gently after parking the car in the driveway and helping his lover out of the passenger seat. He leads them into the house and up to their bedroom.

"What about dessert?" asks Joey looking into Seto's cerulean blue eyes.

"I thought that for dessert… we could make love to each other," says Seto gazing back into the honey-brown eyes, "That is… if you think you're ready to make love with me."

"I'm definitely ready," says Joey smiling and pulling Seto close to him, "I just have one request though… I want to be on top tonight. Even if I only do it this once…"

"Yes, Joey. You can be on top," whispers Seto.

"You can be on top next time," whispers Joey, "so you had better pay attention to how I prepare you… I don't want you to hurt me when you get your turn."

Seto nods.

Joey blushes as he steps away from Seto. He grabs a small box that he had hidden beneath the bed, and he pulls out a bottle of lubricant and sets it on the nightstand. He smiles as he looks at Seto. "Have I told you recently that I love you, Seto?"

"Not in the last twenty minutes," says Seto.

Joey stands up and walks over to Seto. He starts to pull his lover's clothes from his body.

Seto helps Joey remove his clothes before he removes Joey's clothes. He takes a deep breath as Joey pulls him over to the bed. "Are you nervous about this?"

"Nervous? I wouldn't call it nervous. I'm scared shitless," says Joey wrapping his arms tightly around Seto. "I'm afraid I'm going to hurt you."

"Don't worry about it. I can get over any pain that you give me," says Seto quietly, "Just make love to me!" He moves to lie on his stomach and side, and he looks over his shoulder at Joey. "I love you, Joey, and I want to make love with you! Please, puppy?"

"Yes, master," says Joey. He applies some of the lubricant to his fingers and he slides one inside Seto's opening.

Seto squirms slightly.

Joey hesitates for a second before sliding in the second finger, and he watches Seto bite his lower lip. "Are you okay?"

"Keep going, puppy…"

Joey nods his head and slides a third finger into Seto.

Seto buries his face in the bed to suppress his gasp of pain. He chokes out the words, "Keep going."

"Master?" asks Joey pulling his fingers out.

Seto takes several deep breaths. "I thought I told you to keep going. You're being a bad puppy. Don't make me discipline you."

"I just don't want to hurt you, Seto," says Joey.

"I can take it," says Seto. "Go on…"

Joey slides his fingers back into Seto's opening and explores with his fingertips until Seto quits squirming uncomfortably. He removes his fingers and amply applies the lubricant to his penis. He slowly begins to slide his penis into his lover.

Seto's breaths quicken as Joey pushes himself further in.

In one swift motion, Joey thrusts his cock the rest of the way inside Seto's body.

Seto gasps out in pain.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Seto!"

"I'm not hurt, puppy. Please, Joey… continue!"

Joey moves his hand to Seto's shaft as he starts to thrust his own in and out of Seto. He wraps his fingers around Seto's body and runs his hand along the tender flesh.

Seto starts to feel the combined pressure of his pain and his pleasure building within his body. He feels like he's burning up and being ripped in half at the same time. "Joey! … Joey! … Oh, puppy! Faster!"

"Seto!" Joey moves his body and his hands faster at his lover's command. "Oh, Seto! … I love you, master!"

"Joey!" screams Seto as his body releases the sexual juices that had been trapped within.

The sound of his lover screaming his name in the heat of passion and the feel of his lover's orgasm cause Joey to go over the edge and release into Seto's tight channel. "Seto!"

"I love you!" exclaims Seto as Joey pulls back and falls down in front of him.

Joey pulls Seto into a kiss. "I love you!"

"How did you know about all this?" asks Seto wrapping his arms tightly around Joey.

Joey smiles. "I learned a lot from losing my virginity. Don't worry… that pain you're in will go away, and if you let me be on top occasionally, your body will adjust so that it won't hurt at all. Practice makes perfect."

"So…" Seto blushes as he runs a hand through Joey's blond hair. "Can we practice some more? With me on top?"

Joey blushes and smiles. "If puppy can make master happy, puppy will!"

Seto pushes himself up and he grabs the bottle of lubricant.

Joey lies down so that Seto has full access to his opening.

Seto applies some lubricant to his fingers and slides one into Joey. He watches Joey squirm as he slides the second finger in.

"Master," sighs Joey as Seto buries a third finger into him. He groans with pain.

"Puppy?" asks Seto with wide eyes filled with fear.

"Just hold up for a minute," says Joey closing his eyes tightly, "Go on. I'll get used to it."

Seto pulls his fingers back out and applies some lubricant to his shaft. "Joey, are you ready for this?"

"I'm ready! Make love to me!" exclaims Joey.

Seto slowly thrusts his penis into Joey's opening. He grabs a hold of Joey's penis and starts to work on pleasuring them both.

Joey moans and groans, partially from pleasure and slightly from pain.

It doesn't take long for both boys to fall once again into the depths of their orgasms.

Seto pulls his penis out of Joey and rolls his lover over so that their erect cocks rub against each other when he lies down beside him. "I love my puppy."

"I love my master," says Joey pulling Seto into a kiss.

Seto slides his tongue into Joey's mouth as he rubs his shaft against his lover's to cause a mild friction.

Joey fights Seto's tongue as they kiss.

The friction and intimate contact of their penises rubbing against each other force the boys to release for a third time.

Joey pants. "Master… puppy is exhausted now… Puppy can't move anymore."

"Master is tired too," whispers Seto, "Master and puppy should get some sleep now." He holds Joey close to him and strokes him gently.

Joey wraps his arms tightly around Seto and kisses him once before closing his eyes. "Good night, Seto. I love you."

"Good night, Joey. I love you." Seto yawns and closes his eyes. He nuzzles Joey as he holds him close.

Joey and Seto drift off to sleep in each other's arms.

Joey drives down the street in the blue Porsche. His bag of schoolbooks rests in the seat beside him. "Man! I'm late! I was supposed to meet Yugi and Tristan for a study session twenty minutes ago! Damn Seto getting horny! He's made me late!"

Joey smiles to himself as he turns a corner. "But what a reason to be late!"

The light ahead changes to green just as Joey started to brake, but he switches his foot back to the accelerator.

A car runs the red light and slams right into the driver's side door of the Porsche.

Joey's body jerks from the impact, and his head crashes into the air bag as it's rapidly deployed.

Down the street rests the Game Shop where Yugi lives.

Tristan and Yugi walk out of the shop and look around for any signs of Joey.

"I can't believe Joey would be this late," says Yugi, "A few minutes I can understand, but he was supposed to be here a half hour ago."

"Hey… isn't that Kaiba's car?" asks Tristan pointing at the accident down the street.

"Oh, no! I think it is!" exclaims Yugi bursting into a run towards the accident.

Tristan runs after Yugi.

"Joey!" exclaims Yugi as he recognizes the custom license plate, SK ONE.

"Joey!" screams Tristan, "Oh, god! We've got to call for help!"

A woman nearby on her cell phone looks at Tristan and Yugi. She pulls the phone away from her mouth. "Are you friends of one of them?"

"Yeah! That's our friend's Porsche!" exclaims Tristan looking at the woman desperately, "We've got to get the paramedics here! He might be hurt!"

"They're on the way," says the woman, "I'm on the phone with the EMS now!"

Yugi tries to open the passenger side door to find Joey, but he can't pry the door open even though it appears to be unlocked and undamaged.

Just then the ambulance arrives.

"Yes, yes. The ambulance is here. Thank you," says the woman into the phone. She pulls it away from her ear and turns it off.

"Thanks for your help. Did you see what happened?" asks Tristan.

The paramedics push Yugi away and he hurries to Tristan's side.

"Yes. I saw it. That red car ran the red light. Your friend didn't see it and… the rest we can see," says the woman.

The fire truck arrives and somehow manages to get Joey from the driver's seat.

Yugi rushes to Joey's side as his unconscious body is placed on a gurney. "Joey! Is he going to be okay?"

"I don't know! We need to take him to the hospital!" exclaims the paramedic, "Out of the way!"

Yugi backs up quickly. He returns to Tristan. "We need to call Seto! We need to tell him."

"Is that his father? Here… you can use my cell phone," says the woman as a cop approaches them.

Yugi takes the phone with a quick 'thank you' and dials the number he knows to be the line to Seto's cell phone.


"Seto! It's Yugi! Something's wrong!"

What is it, Yugi? asks Seto.

"It's Joey! He's been in an accident! He's on the way to the hospital now!" exclaims Yugi quickly, "He's alive, but unconscious! I don't know anything else."

I'm on my way!

"I'll see you at the hospital!" exclaims Yugi turning off the phone. He passes it back to the woman. "Thank you."

"Come on, Yugi! We'll take my bike!" exclaims Tristan grabbing Yugi's arm and pulling him back towards the Game Shop. They climb onto Tristan's motorcycle and put on the helmets before they race away. They arrive at the hospital and run into the emergency room's waiting area.

Yugi runs up to the counter. "Excuse me, but my friend was just in a car accident. He should have gotten here just a few minutes ago!"

Seto runs into the waiting room looking panicked and disheveled. He sees Yugi and runs over to him.

"I'm sorry," says the nurse, "but no accident victims have come in."

The doors burst open and the paramedics rush Joey through on his gurney. "We need to hurry! We're losing him!"

Seto's eyes widen.

"That's him!" exclaims Yugi.

"Is he going to be okay?" asks Seto looking at the nurse desperately.

"We have the best doctors in Domino City," says the nurse, "We'll do everything we can for your friend."

"Thanks," says Yugi pulling the dumbstruck Seto over to the couch in the waiting area.

Seto falls down onto the couch and hides his face in his hands.

Yugi sits down beside Seto. "Are you okay, Seto?"

Tristan sits down in a nearby chair and fidgets with a magazine.

"What happened?" whispers Seto in a hoarse voice.

"A car ran a red light and hit him," says Yugi, "I'm really worried about Joey."

"Yeah… we all are, Yugi," says Tristan ripping the cover of the magazine in his hands. He sighs and drops the magazine onto the table. He stands up and starts pacing around the waiting area.

"He's going to be okay, Seto," says Yugi setting his hand on Seto's shoulder as he slumps over.

Yugi, Seto, and Tristan wait in the hospital's waiting room for almost two hours with no word on Joey.

"I need to go to the bathroom," says Seto standing up finally and wiping his eyes dry, "If you hear anything… I want you to tell me when I get back!"

Yugi looks into Seto's bloodshot eyes and realizes that he's been crying this entire time. He nods his head quickly. "Of course, Seto! Any news and I'll tell you right away!"

Seto walks down the hall. He manages to slip into the corridor that he had seen Joey wheeled into. He walks past an operating room and catches a glimpse of the familiar blond hair. He stops and looks into the room. His heart skips a beat as he watches the doctors working. He hears them talking to each other as they try to save the life of the one he loves most.

"He's flat lining!" exclaims the nurse, "We're going to lose him!"

Seto turns and runs down the hallway. He hurries into the rest room. He enters a stall and locks the door. He sits down on the toilet and bawls loudly as he covers his face with his hands. "I can't live without you, Joey!"

The words flash through Seto's mind once again. 'We need to hurry! We're losing him! He's flat lining! We're going to lose him!'

Seto reaches into his pocket and pulls out the keys to his car. He removes a small pocketknife from his key chain and places his car keys back into his pocket. He opens the blade and looks at the knife. His tears roll down his cheeks as he holds the blade to his right wrist. He quickly makes a deep gash in his wrist, and he gasps out in pain. He switches the knife to his right hand and slashes his left wrist. He drops the pocketknife to the floor and hangs his head as he cries into the blood flowing from his wrists.

"What could be taking Seto so long?" asks Tristan, "He's been gone a long time."

"Maybe I should go check on him," says Yugi, "but I think he just wanted to go in there to cry without anyone seeing him."

"He'll be fine for a few more minutes," says Tristan nodding.

A doctor steps into the waiting room. He sees Yugi and Tristan and walks towards them. "Are you friends of Joseph Wheeler?"

"Yes!" exclaims Yugi standing up quickly, "How is he?"

"It was touch and go there for awhile, but I think he's going to be just fine!" exclaims the doctor smiling, "He'll live. He has a broken leg, among other injuries, but the most important thing is that he is alive. You can visit him for a few moments if you'd like. We've just moved him to a recovery room. He's still asleep though, so you won't be able to talk to him."

"I've got to go tell Seto!" exclaims Yugi smiling. He runs towards the bathroom and bursts through the door. "Seto! Joey's going to be all right!"

There is silence in the bathroom for a moment.

Yugi looks around and sees the blood that seeps slowly from beneath a stall. His eyes widen and he busts through the door. He looks at Seto, slumped against the wall with blood staining his clothes. "Seto!"

Seto doesn't even blink at Yugi.

Yugi runs out of the bathroom. "Doctor! Help! There's someone hurt!"

A group of doctors, nurses, and orderlies follow Yugi into the bathroom. They find Seto and hurry him into the Operating Room so that they can stop the bleeding and start to administer fresh blood in an IV to try to save his life.

Yugi and Tristan look in on Joey before they resume their pacing in the waiting room. They wait for several hours with no word on Seto's condition.

"Your friend has awakened," says the nurse walking up to him.

"Which one?" asks Tristan.

"The car accident. Joey Wheeler," says the nurse, "He's woken up. Would you like to see him for a few moments?"

"Yes… but Tristan, we shouldn't tell him about Seto just yet," says Yugi.

"You got it, Yugi," says Tristan.

Yugi and Tristan head into Joey's recovery room.

"Hey, Yuge, Tristan," says Joey smiling. He looks to the door waiting anxiously, but when no one else comes through, he turns his eyes to Yugi. "Where's Seto? Didn't you call him when I got hurt?"

"He's… here, but he can't come to see you just yet," says Yugi slowly, "He's a bit torn up. He was crying all the time while you were in with the doctors."

"That doesn't matter. I've seen him cry before," says Joey, "Why didn't he come in with you? Really? Please… tell me."

Yugi sighs and sits down on the edge of Joey's bed. "I don't want to tell you this, Joey."

"Tristan?" asks Joey turning his eyes to look at his other friend.

"Uh, Yugi?" asks Tristan.

"Okay, Joey… Seto… did something drastic," says Yugi.

Joey's eyes widen. "Oh, god! What did he do?"

"He slashed both his wrists," says Yugi, "and the doctors took him away. It's been hours and we haven't had any word on whether he's okay or not."

"He… tried to kill himself?" asks Joey in shock, "Why?"

"We don't know, Joey," says Tristan.

Joey hangs his head. "If he doesn't live through this… I don't want to either… so just in case, I'm going to say good-bye now."

"Don't talk like that, buddy!" exclaims Tristan, "You can't kill yourself!"

"Let's hope Seto lives," says Joey, "Yuge… will you go check on him, please? Make the doctor tell you something!"

"I'll go try to find out something. Tristan, stay here with Joey," says Yugi. He rushes from the room. He hurries back to the nurse's desk. "Has there been any word on Seto Kaiba?"

"Not yet," says the nurse, "but if you'd like, I could step in and ask the doctor."

"Would you, please?" asks Yugi with pleading eyes.

"Of course," says the nurse smiling. She stands up and walks away from her desk, leaving an orderly to watch over everything while she's gone.

Yugi stands at the desk waiting until the nurse comes back.

"They have him hooked to an IV and they are giving him blood," says the nurse, "Naturally, his blood pressure and heart rate are low, but he is alive. That is all I can tell you right now. The doctor will come out to talk to you as soon as he can."

"I'll be in Joey Wheeler's room," says Yugi.

"You should let him rest," says the nurse.

"He won't be able to rest until he finds out if Seto is going to be okay," says Yugi, "Joey's really close to Seto, and he's already worried sick. I'll try to get him to rest, but I don't know if it will work." He turns away from the desk and walks back to Joey's room. He smiles when he sees Joey. "They're doing everything they can, Joey."

"Is he going to be okay?" asks Joey desperately.

"They don't know yet," says Yugi, "but I think he's going to be just fine."

"I hope so," says Joey, "I want to hear any news the second you get it!"

"Of course," says Yugi.

Joey yawns and closes his eyes. He drifts into a restless slumber racked with dreams and visions of his only love dying in his arms.

Yugi and Tristan head back into the waiting room and crash out in adjoining chairs to fall asleep.

The doctor shakes Yugi slightly. "Wake up, son."

Yugi opens his eyes and looks up at the man. He rubs his eyes. "Hello… who are you?"

"I'm a doctor, Dr. Katsuya," says the man smiling, "I'm tending to Seto Kaiba. You are a friend of his, aren't you?"

"Yes!" exclaims Yugi snapping awake, "Yes! Seto is a friend of mine! How is he?"

"His blood pressure is rising at a steady pace. His heart beat is steady, and there doesn't appear to be any signs of brain damage, but we won't know for certain unless he wakes up."

"Did you say unless?" asks Yugi.

"He is in a coma," says Dr. Katsuya, "He might not wake up, I'm afraid."

Yugi's eyes widen. "A coma? Might not wake up!"

Tristan snaps awake at Yugi's enlivened tone.

"We won't know anything more until he wakes, if he ever does," says Dr. Katsuya.

"What's wrong with Joey?" asks Tristan.

"He's not talking about Joey!" exclaims Yugi, "He's talking about Seto! He's in a coma!" He clutches his hand over his heart. "Could we see Seto? Would it be possible for Joey to see Seto? Joey will want to see him!"

"I think it would be a good idea for you to visit with him," says Dr. Katsuya, "In Western medicine, they actually believe that coma patients can hear the voices of the people that talk to him. They believe that if those who care for the coma patient talk to them, they could coax the patient back from the void of their coma."

"What about Joey? Could we move him from his room to go see Seto? Would it be possible for them to share a room or something?" asks Tristan, "Joey and Seto are closer than brothers!"

"If anyone could bring Seto back, it would be Joey!" exclaims Yugi.

"Well… I suppose we could get a wheelchair for him so that he could also visit Seto, but… not until tomorrow," says Dr. Katsuya, "He needs to rest today."

"Could we see Seto now?" asks Yugi, "Joey will want to know how he's doing when we see him."

"Yes. I'll show you to the coma ward," says Dr. Katsuya. He leads Yugi and Tristan to the room where Seto and a few other people lie in beds.

Yugi and Tristan move to Seto's side.

"Seto," says Yugi sitting down and taking Seto's hand. He notices how the wrists are heavily bandaged. "Joey's going to be okay. He's going to live, Seto. Please, you must live so that he can be happy."

"Yeah, Seto… I don't want Joey to be upset because you died," says Tristan.

"You have to live for Joey," whispers Yugi, "Just like you promised him you would. Keep your promise. Joey's going to live so you have to live. You two have to die on the same day, and that day is far from now!" He watches Seto hoping for some sign that he's going to awaken, but he finds none.

Yugi and Tristan sit and talk to Seto's apparently sleeping form for a little more than an hour. Then they get up and head to Joey's room.

"It's about time you showed up!" exclaims Joey as Yugi and Tristan walk through the door, "There's a nurse here trying to rape me!"

"I am not trying to rape you! It is time for your bath!" exclaims the attractive female nurse.

"Back off!" exclaims Joey, "No one's giving Joey Wheeler a bath!"

"Fine!" exclaims the nurse storming off past Yugi and Tristan.

"Joey… we've seen Seto," says Tristan.

"How is he?" asks Joey apprehensively.

Yugi sighs. "He's in a coma. You can go see him tomorrow."

"A coma?"

"Dr. Katsuya doesn't know if he'll wake up," says Yugi.

Joey's eyes widen as he gapes at the air.

"I know he'll wake up, but he needs you to tell him that you're going to be okay," says Yugi, "He needs to hear your voice. I wish we could take you to him now, but Dr. Katsuya said it would have to be tomorrow. You need to rest today."

"He lives?"

"He's alive, but in a coma," says Tristan, "You can wake him, Joey. He's just like sleeping beauty."

Joey thinks over the words and imagines himself kissing the sleeping beauty to awaken him. He smiles. "I want to see him now, but if one of you would sit with him while the other sits with me, then I'll be just fine."

"I'll sit with Joey," says Tristan.

Yugi smiles. "Then I'll go talk to Seto and see if I can get him to wake up."

"Thanks, Yuge!" exclaims Joey.

The next day, the nurse and Tristan help Joey into a wheelchair. Then Tristan pushes the wheelchair down to the coma ward and over to Seto's bed where Yugi already sits.

"Would you like us to leave you alone, Joey?" asks Yugi.

"No… please stay," says Joey reaching out for Seto's hand. He starts to cry as he feels the bandages around the wrist. "Why, Seto? Why? You didn't even wait to find out that I was going to be okay! Why did you have to do this?"

Seto makes no movement, and no sound comes from his lips to answer Joey's questions.

"I'm okay, Seto. I'm alive, and I'll be just fine," says Joey. He bends over, flinches from the pain of his injuries, and kisses Seto's lips gently. "Wake up, Seto! Please, wake up!"

Seto's fingers move to lightly grasp Joey's hand, but he doesn't wake up.

"He moved!" exclaims Joey smiling as he leans back in his wheelchair, "Did you see him move? He grabbed my hand!"

"I didn't see him…"

"I did," says Yugi, "He does hear you. Keep talking to him, Joey!"

"Seto… I love you," says Joey, "Please… master wake up. Puppy doesn't want to be alone anymore. Puppy needs master to be happy. Please, Seto… please, wake up!"

"Master? Puppy?" asks Tristan raising his eyebrows.

"Tristan, maybe you should wait outside," says Yugi.

Tristan nods. He walks out of the room.

"Seto, come on and wake up!" exclaims Yugi, "Joey needs you! He's going to be fine, and you can be! You just need to wake up!"

"Seto, please, I love you! Don't leave me alone!" exclaims Joey. He moves to kiss Seto's lips again, and he nearly gasps when the lips part for him to slide his tongue inside which he does willingly. He kisses Seto for a long moment before pulling back. "I love you, Seto! Wake up!"

"Nice kiss," whispers Seto slowly opening his eyes. He smiles weakly. "I love you too, Joey. Good puppy…"

Joey flinches in pain as he leans back in his wheelchair. "Are you really awake, Seto, or am I just dreaming this?"

"I'm awake," whispers Seto, "I need a drink."

"I'll get the nurse!" exclaims Yugi standing. He rushes over to get the nurse who watches over the coma patients.

"Seto… I have to know, master… why did you try to kill yourself?" asks Joey.

"I heard the doctors say that you were dead," says Seto in a quiet voice, "and I couldn't bear the thought of living without you. Are you dead? Am I? Is this heaven because it really hurts?"

"You aren't dead. I'm very much alive," says Joey, "I was dead for a brief moment I'm told, but they revived me. I'm hurt, but I'll live. So will you if I have any say in the matter."

Seto nods slightly.

The nurse hurries back up with a glass of water and a straw. She passes it to Joey with a smile.

Yugi rushes up with Tristan.

Joey holds up the glass so that Seto can take the straw into his mouth.

Seto sucks down some of the water and smiles as he moves away from the straw. His voice sounds a little stronger. "Thank you."

"I'd best inform Dr. Katsuya," says the nurse hurrying away.

"I'm glad you're all right, Seto," says Tristan smiling.

"I'm glad my puppy is going to be all right," says Seto smiling at Joey.

"I'm tough. I'll be fine," says Joey, "but I wrecked the Porsche."

"We'll get another… as long as you're alive, we can do anything," says Seto.

Joey smiles at Seto. "Seto, master… I need you to make me a promise."

"Anything, Joey…"

"Promise me that you will not do anything to harm yourself until after my funeral," says Joey staring into the cerulean eyes.

"I swear upon my life and our love that I will obey, puppy," says Seto smiling as he understands the meaning of Joey's request, "Would you make the same vow?" He stares into the honey-brown eyes.

"I swear upon my life and our love that I will obey, master," says Joey, "We must live for each other and our love… We can't one of us go dying and leaving the other alone! It's not fair! I love you, Seto, and I never want to let you go!"

"I never want you to," says Seto, "I love you, Joey."

After Dr. Katsuya examines Seto, Seto is moved into Joey's room for recovery, and due to their injuries, Joey and Seto both remain in the hospital for several weeks. When they leave, Joey walks with the assistance of a set of crutches.

"Now we have one more thing in common," says Seto as he rides in the back of his limousine with Joey. He rubs the scar that serves as a reminder of his own attempt at suicide.

Joey looks at the slash mark on his wrist. "Yes… well… we are quite similar, Seto. We both know what we want, and we know how to get it."

"I want to marry you," says Seto.

"Marry?" asks Joey with wide eyes, "We can't get married! We're the same sex!"

"Actually, I've researched it," says Seto passing the silver bracelet to Joey and holding out his wrist.

Joey smiles as he wraps the bracelet around Seto's wrist again and fastens it. "So… what did your research say, master?"

"There are some countries that allow same sex marriages, puppy," says Seto smiling as he moves to fasten the blue collar around Joey's neck, "I intended to arrange a vacation to one of them for us. I didn't have the time to make all the arrangements. But I need to know before I finish the arrangements. Will you marry me, Joey? Will you agree to be my husband?"

"I do, Seto. I will, but I have one condition," says Joey, "Yugi has to come on vacation with us so that he can be my best man at our wedding."

"Serenity and Mokuba will be coming as well," says Seto, "I was planning on Téa and Tristan coming also."

"Then we'll get married!" exclaims Joey smiling as he leans into Seto's side, "Can it wait until after I'm out of my cast?"

Seto nods and pulls Joey into a quick kiss. "Of course!"