The Oddities of Mahora

Sum: send on kid with new technology call a Kakugane to Mahora and see what you get. I don't own negima or Buso Renkin


---A garage lab/ U.S.A---

'It's almost done. Just a few more minutes to let it set.' though a boy about sixteen with black hair in a low pony tail and metallic blue eyes. He was wearing black army boots with black trip pants and a black shirt tucked into it with a lab coat over it, this was Crevan Saxen (Fox swordsman).

"Finally after seven years or research I'm done. The Kakugane is done." said Crevan, picking up a hand sized hexagonal object from a heat plate.

"Crevan, you have mail." said his mother, handing him a letter with a seal that said Mahora academy. "Mahora academy? Isn't that an all girls school that's the size of a city?" asked Crevan, to him self opening the letter.

Dear Crevan Saxen-san,

I'm the dean of Mahora academy and in need of a new chemistry teacher. When I asked around you came recommended by many teachers and colleagues. Your pay would be about six grand US a month.


Dean Konoe

"Why not?" asked Crevan, talking to him self again. As He walked out of the lab he put the metal hexagon in his pocket and took of his lab coat. When he got up to his room he started to pack but not before putting on a black coat that three cuts in the upper sleeves and a red star of chaos on the back. "Crevan, are you going somewhere?" asked a little girl about five from the door. "Yes, Kari, I'm going to Japan to teach." replied Crevan, putting a plane ticket from the envelope in his chest pocket and leaving the only place he called home for the past sixteen years.