Title: Mole

Author: Rude's Mom

Summary: All those who've complained of Super Sam just might be on to something.

Disclaimer: MGM\Sony and DC comics own the characters.

The chaapa'ai should have stayed buried, lost for all time following the rebellion against the false god Ra. Then, Dr. Langford's expedition dug up the giant stone ring. Without it's dialing device, it remained a curiosity, activated only once then stored away and mostly forgotten. In the late 1960's Dr. Langford's daughter convinced the Americans to restart their investigation into what had became known as the Doorway to Heaven. Twenty years later, a young Air Force officer was added to the project. Hand selected by the IADC, Samantha Carter represented the best and the brightest that her country had to offer. Her credentials were as impeccable as they were false.

Samantha did her best to sabotage the project. She might have succeeded if Catherine Langford hadn't been successful in hiring Dr. Jackson. It took him only two weeks to provide the necessary information to open the gate.

Samantha was transferred back to the Pentagon. Her mission now a failure, she expected to return home to Paradise Island. Diana convinced her to remain and so she stayed, waiting.

One year later, she joined the second team through the Stargate.