Here is the sequel to PUREBLOOD TRADITIONS LM/DM so read that one first ok. Enjoy.

"Pureblood Tradition II"

Disclaimer: It all belongs to J.K. no matter how I may wish to deny it. I no own, you no sew got it? I came up with the really weird idea for this fiction on my own, however, because I am weird!

Summery: SSHP Sequel to PUREBLOOD TRADITIONS. Muggle parents prefer to TALK to their adolescent children about sex. It's a Pureblood tradition, however, to help your children PRACTISE. But wait! Harry's parents are dead.

Rating: NC-17!! Slash. Rape.

A/N: It is a sequel, so it would make more sense to read the first one first (regardless of the pairing).


Words: 6,440

Pureblood Tradition II

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p.s. im working on a sequel to KISS IT BETTER if anyone wants that! It'll be called JUST ONCE, look out for it.