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Chapter 15: Attainment and Annihilation

I stand before Sasuke as he looks at me as if I'm some sort of bug, I get angry at him.

"How could you let that happen to her?" I yell feeling aggravated that he could let something like that happen to Hinata.

"I actually participated in doing that," he says to me with that stupid smile of his.

"How could you do that to innocent Hinata?!"

"Innocent? Her? Have you not seen my arm?" he asks me as he shows it to me, I look away unable to hide my repulsion to it.

"She would never do something like that," I try to deny it but, the truth is since the Third's death she's never been the same, something in her changed, like something shifted. I've wanted to ask her how she really is but, I'm afraid, of what? I'm not sure.

"She did, she might turn on you, too. That jutsu she used…I hate to admit it but it scared me, it truly did," he tells me in a low voice. I see something flash in his eyes as he looks beyond me, he looks lost. "How is she?" he asks me as he looks down the waterfall.

"Okay, I guess if you take away her major blood loss, three broken ribs, a broken arm, a damaged eye, and a punctured lung. Other then that she's just fine," I tell him sarcastically.

He looks at me with anger. "She left me no choice," he tells me in a low voice filled with animosity. "She would not let me go, I need to leave, and I need power, much more power."

"Is that all you care about? Is that the only thing that drives you in life? What about Hinata and me? Did we mean nothing? What about the guys who came on this mission, risking their lives to bring you back? Does nothing matter?" I yell feeling the rage within me grow becoming stronger more forceful.

"The only thing I care about is me and I'm in need of power in order to kill Itachi and avenge my clan, that's all that matters, nothing or no one else," he says as he looks at me in the eyes.

"You made her and Sakura cry. Hinata said that you broke her, I don't know what she means but, I'll kick your ass then drag you back to the village and make you pay for what you did to them, Sasuke Uchiha!" I yell as I run at him.

We fought and fought, we both put our lives on the line, and we knew what was at stake. I showed him how much better I've gotten, how much stronger.

I went at him with all I've got and with the fox's power but, I lost. I lost and I can't do anything about him leaving and joining Orochimaru, I failed.

I failed Sakura but most of all I failed Hinata, I didn't keep my promise, now who is she going to believe in?

Naruto returned to the village on Kakashi sensei's back, or so I was told by a Jonin. My real last hope, the little fire that was burning inside me, asking me to believe in Naruto, has been blown out. All of my little hope I had left is gone.

It doesn't exist inside me, that feeling of hope is gone, it vanished and I thank the heavens. That makes what I'm going to do much more easier.

I walk around the mansion aimlessly, until I arrive to my once favorite place in the whole compound, the swing, Sasuke and I first spoke at, the one where just a thought became a reality.

I stand a few feet away from it, my hand hugging my middle as I look at the swing remembering what we talked about that faithful night.

I look at it feeling the tears sliding down my cheeks, I look at that swing remembering but, trying to forget.

How could it be that I'm dead on the inside and not look it on the outside? Is it even possible?

How could this black-shattered heart still be beating on the inside?

I fall on my knee's not feeling the rocks as they dig into my legs. I collapse to my side and bring my knees to my chest; I hold onto them with my good arm, I curl into a ball.

I begin to sob, I feel the snot come out of my nose falling on my lips, I feel my lungs burns from all the deep breaths I'm taking in.

I cry like this not caring what I look like.

The boy I loved for most of my life betrayed me; he joined forces with the devil himself, and took my heart with him.

I sob louder, harder, I sob feeling I'll never be able to stop. I rise to my knees looking at the blurry image of the swing.

How could I have been so stupid?

Why did I not the flames consume him? Why did I let him live? WHY?

It hurts everything hurts but then it doesn't, I feel everything but then I don't. I feel as if that numbness will never leave me, that it'll be my lifelong companion.

The only thing keeping me alive is the need to kill Orochimaru and the Traitor.

I stand up; tripping on my own two feet as I walk to the swing I touch the rope.

I hold it in my hands, then I try to tear it off the branch, I dig my fingernails into the rope trying to tear it off, I yell angry that I can't do it, I scream wanting the swing gone.

I know its impossible trying to tear the rope, I know it, I tell my brain that but it doesn't listen to me.

I feel my palms burn from the rope but, I don't feel it, I begin to yell louder, angrier, I hear people behind me. I turn around and they see something in my eyes as they take a few steps back, away from me.

"Get the fuck inside," I tell them in a low-deadly voice. They stand there in shock looking at me with eyes similar to my own, but unlike mine theirs show emotions, mine are blank, empty. I activate my Byakugan they see the black aura surrounding me. "Leave me alone!" I yell feeling my throat sore from all my yelling and screaming, they all run away from me into the mansion.

I stand here looking at how empty and quiet it is outside, I look down at my hand and notice how my palm is all cut up and see the blood drip onto the grass, how funny it doesn't hurt at all.

I keep my gaze on it as I walk over to the swing and look at the rope where I was holding on to it and see the blood as it goes down the rope and onto the seat of the swing.

I remember the Traitor sitting here, talking to me all those years ago. That was the only time he ever wore a tuxedo he never wore one again, I give a faint smile.

I fall to my knees in front of it, my knees giving out under me. I look at the swing, how could I have been so naive?

Why did I not finish him when I had the chance?

My stupid non-stopping tears continue to fall out of my eyes as I kneel before the cursed swing. If only it didn't exist.

I create hand signs with my bloody hand only needing one hand to do it, and in the same hand the black flames of hell appear. I touch the swing seat and in a second it falls of the rope and it burns on the grass, I watch as a sixty year-old swing is gone in just a couple of seconds.

I look up to see the flames climb up the rope; it reaches a branch, then the flames begin to eat up everything it touches, I watch as they go down to the trunk, of the two hundred year old weeping cherry blossom tree, engulfing the whole thing in the black flames.

How weird to see a tree that old cease to exist in just a few seconds, the whole thing becoming nothing but ashes. I look down to see the black flames reach down onto the grass burning it also leaving it black. I put my palm onto the flames and they disappear.

I watch my father with my Byakugan from behind me as he looks at me with horror filled eyes.

"Hinata what have you done?" he asks me unable to hide his fear of me in his shaky voice. I slowly raise my gaze to look at him; I look into his eyes with my empty ones and emotionless face to answer him.

"I got rid of him, aren't you proud of me, daddy?" I ask him in a low voice as I slowly rise up and walk by his stiff body as he looks forward at the now non-existent tree, I make my way to my room.

I've finally decided my future, once I'm healthy enough; I too will leave the village, for a similar reason to Sasuke's but completely different.

I've finally decided to fulfill my destiny and join Itachi.

Two months later…

I close the door softly behind me; I remove my backpack and duffel bag and put them against the door.

I walk quietly towards Naruto's hospital bed. I look down at his bandaged up body, he's laying there almost completely motionless, except for his chest going up and down.

I went to visit him a few days after his return, he couldn't look me in the eyes but I put my hand under his chin and gave him a faint smile and told him, I still believe in you, Naruto Uzumaki, you did your best. I could tell he didn't believe me but, I acted as if nothing was wrong.

Each time I leave the compound, I put on a fake smile, for these past two months I've been acting as if I was the normal Hinata everyone knows, I've been putting on a mask so that no one could suspect what I'm going to do. For the first month everyone looked at me as if I was going to have a breakdown but, now they act as if nothing is wrong. Everyone acts as if Sasuke never existed.

Naruto has been training non-stop for the past two months since Sasuke left the village. He's in the hospital now because he pushed himself too hard during his training in preparation for his journey with Lord Jiraiya.

Actually he wasn't that injured it was the Fifth Hokage who did this to him. She was angry at Naruto because he wouldn't listen to her, so she beat him.

I watch as he sleeps peacefully and it makes me regret my current decision but, I can't back down.

I start to cry softly as I imagine his face hard with anger once he finds out I'm going to betray him.

I see his face; he looks like he's in pain.

"I'm sorry Hinata…" he says in his sleep. "I wasn't able…I couldn't…I failed you," he whispers, I put my hand over my mouth to cover the whimper that escaped my lips.

I bow my head not being able to look at him.

"I promise…I'll get him to return…I promise…I'll bring Sasuke back…"

"Naruto…" I whisper as I touch his face sliding my fingers down his cheek, I notice his face relax against my fingers. I lean over the bed and put my mouth against his ear so I could whisper in it. "There's so much I wish to tell you," I pause as I wipe away my tears. "I want to say I'm sorry…I'm sorry for what I'm about to do. I know it'll break your heart because first Sasuke betrayed you and now I'm going to betray you…I'm leaving Naruto." I whisper as I reach out to get a hold of his hand, I look down at our joined hands as I continue.

"I have to leave this village, I'm going to go look for our enemy, remember the man I swore to help Sasuke, I'd help him kill. I'm going to look for Itachi Uchiha; I'm going to become his student, the same man who made Sasuke who he is and the very same man who is trying to capture the nine-tails. He is the only one who could make me more powerful so that I could kill Sasuke…It's crazy, huh? Who would've thought that me, Hinata Hyuga, would want to kill Sasuke Uchiha…But I can't forgive him…He betrayed us…He went with Orochimaru, the very same man who killed Sarutobi sensei…I just…I really hope you can forgive me even though I don't deserve it."

I let go of his hand as I lean my face over his, my tears fall on his eyes making it seem as if he's crying with me.

"The next time we see each other it'll probably be the last, what with Itachi wanting you…I just hope you understand with time that I never meant to harm you…Actually the truth is I lo…" but I can't seem to let the words out, the last time I said it…it's an experience I never wish to go through again. "Naruto, I lov…" I whisper my voice breaking, I shake my head then I stop to continue but my voice continues to break. "You know what I mean. That's why it's so hard for me to leave but…I have to…it's my destiny to be by Itachi's side." I whisper against his lips, I feel his breath on my lips and cheeks.

I smile down at his lips. I close my eyes as I softly brush my lips against his, I taste my tears on them, and they are soft and warm. I get this sudden urge to stay and not leave.

I slowly remove my lips off of his, I open my eyes and I look down at him, he has a gentle expression on his face with a slight blush on his cheeks, I feel my own grow warm.

"I'm sorry for what I'm going to do now," I form some hand seals then I touch his chest. "I just cast a genjutsu on you. Don't worry no harm will come to you but, you'll have a dreamless sleep for four days, the nurse's won't think anything of it, and they will think you are sleeping off your exhaustion. I'm doing this so, I could have four days before you could come after me. But I'm telling you this now, leave me alone or…I'll kill you…after I leave this room I will not hesitate killing you. Leave me alone, Naruto live so that you could become Hokage of Konoha. As you know once I leave I won't be allowed to enter the village because like Sasuke, I'm a traitor." I touch his cheek once more just to feel his warmth on my fingers. I turn around, my back to him as I walk over to my stuff to pick them up and put them on once more; I stand before the door and reach up to hold on to the doorknob.

I leave my hand on the knob; I tighten my hold on it trying to hold in the urge of looking back at him.

But I rather have his peaceful sleeping face as my last memory of him.

I turn the knob and leave the room not looking back.

As I leave the hospital making sure no one sees me, I think back to what I said to him.

I make my way to the gates in record time, I look at them knowing this is the last time, I'll ever see them.

What I told Naruto was a lie.

I lied to Naruto. I love him but, not like I made him believe. The truth is that I still love…Sasuke.

Stupid right? But, what could I do, this useless heart could only love him.

I send chakra to my feet and jump up on a tree, running away from the only place I could call home. I run faster, harder trying to escape from everything but knowing with time everything will catch up to me.

I go back to my previous thoughts.

When I kissed Naruto, all I could think about is wishing it was Sasuke, I could kiss like that. All I could think about is would Sasuke's lips be as soft as I remembered. Would they be warm? Would he have deepened the kiss into something more? Would he have used his tongue? How would he taste? Like mint? Would our bodies be touching? Would he use his hands to touch me all over? Has he kissed other girls?

I hate how I could still have feelings for him. I hate that I could be that stupid and weak! Plus I'm only twelve and I'm already thinking about those things!

But, when I remember what he did to me. How he watched as the Sound ninja beat the shit out of me and he just watching silently but his face showed the excitement of seeing me get my ass kicked. I felt disgusted; I wanted to throw-up. Then how Sasuke gave me the final blow, kicking me in my stomach and how he broke my arm in two places with his foot.

I look down at it, it still hasn't completely healed it feel's a bit weak.

How he got excited as I screamed and yelled, trying to get away, just by remembering everything it make's my stomach feel queasy.

It still hasn't truly registered in my head that he went with Orochimaru the same man who killed Sarutobi sensei and the very same man tried to destroy the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

But it doesn't matter because I will kill them both!

I'll avenge the Third's death and my own carelessness with Sasuke.

I feel something wet on my cheek, I look up to see that it's raining, good now they have no way of finding my scent, they won't be able to follow me.

For my plan to work I must become Itachi's student, I need his help in order to become stronger and more powerful.

But, first I have to see a man who has prepared me some weapon's for me or I mean to say some Katana, made especially for me.

The man has been working on them for some five years and it's finally time for me to pick them up.

Two days and only a few hours of sleep later, I stand before a house in the middle of nowhere. It looks as if no one lives here.

Did he lie to me?

But I go around the house and see a smaller house about the size of two storage rooms, with a big chimney in the middle of the roof with lots of smoke coming out of it.

It's small but, there seems to be a lot of activity in it, I walk over to it and stand outside of the doorway, I look in, I don't enter inside but I watch everything going on inside.

In the middle of the space, there's a big fire that's open on either side, there's a bunch of tools around the fire. Then there's some big work tables against two walls covered in tools and some even more tools over the tables hanging on the walls. In one corner on the opposite side of the room there's a small stove and a refrigerator close by it, on the floor next to me there's two mattresses.

There are three men by the fire and they are hitting some swords with some tools I don't know, the only noise in here is metal hitting metal. Those three are too busty to even take notice of me, I walk in and look to my left and there on the floor surrounded by fifteen men and two boys, is the man I came to see.

He's talking to the men surrounding him so he doesn't look at me. How could they even hear over the noises of the three men at work?

I lean against the wall one shoulder touching it; I cross my right foot over my left. I look over at Sado, that's the name he gave me over two years ago.

I met him outside the village gates, I was sent out there by Sarutobi sensei to pick up some medicinal herb when I came across Sado.

He was being beat up by some five men. I ran over to help him forgetting all about the herbs.

I easily beat those guys and took the man with me.

He told me that he refused to make the leader of the group a sword; the leader got angry so he sent his gang to beat some sense into Sado. He turned to me and gave me his thanks.

"May I ask the name of the girl who saved me?"

"Hinata Hyuga, sir," I tell him, I see his surprise.

"Lady Hinata? I was saved by the Hyuga heiress?" this man asked me. I look at this mid-thirties man who has long brown hair that reach's his shoulders and he has it tied up at his neck, he has some chocolate brown eyes, that just by looking into them, I begin to crave chocolate. He's good looking if you're into men who don't keep up appearances by that I mean he doesn't brush his hair or shave, muscular, that are a bit dorky, weird and that can look into your soul. This man's eyes are scarier then my Byakugan, because unlike the Hyuga eyes his don't just look into you but, his look into your soul with or without permission and you feel it, you feel as he looks into you. "I can't believe I was saved by the Hyuga heiress," he continues to say, as I finally feel him not looking into me, I relax.

"Actually I'm not officially-" but he didn't let me finish.

"I, Sado, will be your humble servant. I will make you two swords that will be like no other," he says to me as he bows before my feet.

I stand frozen in place as I look down at him.

"Umm…that's very kind but-"he interrupted me again.

"No, you must," I stay quiet as he keeps his head down, his forehead touching the ground, I stay silent for a bit longer before I answer him.

"O-Okay?" I ask him as he looks up at me with dirt on his forehead and a big silly grin on his lips; I find my lips grinning back at him.

"Lady Hinata these two katana, will be my master pieces, the greatest sword's I'll ever make," he announces looking really serious, well as serious one can be with dirt on your forehead and said person doesn't know it, I hold in my urge to laugh.

He later told me that he's been working on them for the past three years and in two more they'll be ready.

Sado then turns to look up at me; it's almost as if he's been expecting me. He smile's at me as he gets up and all the men and boy's that were with him getting up and walk over with him, to me.

"Lady Hinata!!" he yells acting surprised, another thing he isn't good at. "I was wondering when you'd get here, come over to the house so I could give you Annihilation and Attainment, they have been waiting for you," I keep leaning against the wall looking at him wondering if he's gone mad.

I feel the two boys look up at me I look down at them; they look over me almost as if they are trying to see if I'm worthy. The shortest out of the two look up at Sado.

"Master, is she worthy enough to receive the swords?" he questions Sado.

Sado opens and closes his mouth like a fish, he does this for awhile, it's like he's at a loss for words.

"Of course!" he yells finally being able to talk. "Lady Hinata is the best kunoichi I know!" he continues to yell. I hear one of the men mutter.

"She's the only one you know," Sado quickly turns around to look at his men. He looks at them through slit eye's looking at each and every one of them randomly, in no particular order trying to locate the man who said it.

"You named the swords Attainment and Annihilation?" I ask him, cutting his search short.

"Yes, come over to the house for tea and let me explain them to you," he walks around me and leaves, going outside, making his way towards the house, I was about to follow him until I felt someone tug on my sleeve, I look down to see the boy who questioned Sado, holding on to my sleeve.

"Hey, girl, are you really that powerful? Are you powerful enough to carry Annihilation because believe me, it's heavy!" he tells me in a kids exaggerated tone.

"No, I'm not powerful, that's why I need the swords, so I could become powerful. Is that sword really heavy?" I ask him. I don't want to be carrying around a heavy sword on my long journey.

"If the owner of the sword carries it, then, no, it's not heavy, it actually becomes really light," one of Sado's men tells me.

"Really?" I ask pretending to be interested but, I just want to go on and follow Sado, I was about to walk away until I heard a guy say.

"Yes, but you still have to prove that you are their owner," I look back at the guy. Is he trying to say I'm not good enough to wield the swords?

I activate my Byakugan and stand up straight then look over at the guy and give him a cold smile.

"Would you like to try me?" I ask him completely sure I could take this guy on. I really want to fight; actually I'll take anyone on.

I feel this burning desire to defeat anyone because of how I know that from now on it's either fight or die.

I'm not ready to die, not yet. I'll admit I'm not looking forward to the long and lonely journey ahead. I don't like that I'll be alone and thinking, thinking of everything that went wrong and how I have to set it right.

"Oh you're a Hyuga?" he asks me surprised, when I activate my Byakugan. "I didn't notice it before but, you don't have they Hyuga eye color, your eyes are a hazel-green, are you using a jutsu to change your appearance?" the guy asks me. I have used a jutsu to change my eye color into a hazel-green; I've also dyed my hair into a chestnut brown. I've never liked my eyes or hair, so I changed them both. I've actually let my hair grow, I haven't cut it since the chunin exams and my hair grows pretty quick so now, it's about four inches above my waist.

It's not that I'm afraid of being discovered, it's because I don't want to attract any unwanted attention. I'll get enough of that because of my age and how I'm traveling alone.

I get into my gentle fist position, ready and excited to do battle.

"Nah," he says as he waves his hand before him, side to side. "I don't want to keep the boss waiting, he'll get angry," he just walks around me and leaves.

I feel frustrated because I was actually looking forward to the fight. All the other men follow him as do the ones by the fire.

I let out a sigh and deactivate the Byakugan and follow everyone else, I feel my eye's change back to the hazel.

Wait a minute, how did Sado know it was me?

I enter the house where I saw all the men enter, I look around and see no one, I was about to activate the Byakugan again, but then I felt a little kids hand on my arm. I look down to see the boy from earlier, he looks up at me.

"Master would like for me to take you to our meeting room. So please follow me." he says to me then let's go of my arm and walks in front of me. I stand in place as I watch his back, he stops to look back at me, then I walk behind him as he leads me through the maze that is Sado's house.

From the outside it doesn't look like much but it is actually quiet big. After many hallways, turning left then right or the other way around or going straight, we finally arrive to the meeting room.

The boy open's the door and bows at me then waits until I go inside. I stay just inside the entrance of the room.

On all the walls there's either, mountains, or hills, u-shaped valley with rocks and dirt covering the valley instead of grass, a forest of bamboo, or a waterfall, with every scenery there's a different dragon, a green one, red, blue, black or a white dragon. They all look different; they are all expressing something diverse to one another. One looks wild and angry while the white one looks at peace, they are all beautiful in their own right.

I see all the men sitting along two walls opposite from each other they were all talking but, once I entered the room all of them grew silent.

The boy steps around me to lead me into the center of the room a few feet away from Sado who is in the front on a platform.

I look over at Sado as he drinks his tea quietly looking at me over the rim of his cup. He sets his cup down, and then I start.

"How did you know it was me?"

"You still have the same smile," he tells me with one appearing on his lips as he rests his elbow on his knee and his fist rests under his chin. It looks like he doesn't shave often because he has a slight beard that's growing uneven.

"My smile?" I ask him my eyebrows going up and my mouth stays a bit open.

"Yeah, you see Hinata, you don't mind if I call you Hinata do you?" he asks me, I nod, he then continues. "You see Hinata you have a beautiful smile, it's tender, sweet and loving it brings out the best side of people, that smile of yours…" he pause as he looks at my lips and rub's his chin with his thumb. "Yet, there's something about it that could sadden people. It's almost as if you can't put your whole heart into it. Essentially your afraid to let people see the real you," he finishes his voice becoming soft towards the end. Out of the corner of my eye's I watch as some of the men whisper to one another, nodding. I look at Sado square in the eyes and tell him in a cold-mean voice, that's become familiar to my ears.

"I didn't come here to discuss smile's Sado, I came to retrieve the swords you said you made for me, so where are they?" I remove my duffel bag and backpack and set them on either side of me. I continue to look at him as I rest my joined hands on my lap waiting.

"You've changed," he says it like it's a fact.

"What of it?" I ask him.

"What happened?" Sado asks me sounding worried, as he sits up straighter and leans in towards me.

I look down at my hands as they clench on to my pants twisting the fabric and holding on to it not wanting to let go, I hope the tears won't fall. Finally, I found someone other then a tiger that I could truly talk to.

"So many thing's, I was betrayed by the boy I trusted. I had a feeling he'd turn his back on me but, I never really believed he'd do it, you know," I say with a dry laugh, I feel as a few tears fall out of my eyes. "He watched as some guys beat the shit out of me, he actually participated. Then he left me there to die, he probably thought I was dead. But he betrayed our village, his friends and our late Hokage. He went willingly with the man who killed our Hokage. Then because of all that, I too had to do the same as him, I too betrayed the boy who means a lot to me. He probably hates me like I do, with the other boy; I need to do something about it." I whisper the end as I wipe away the few tear's that fell. Everyone stays silent, I could feel Sado looking at me but I don't want to look up at him to find his eyes showing pity towards me. He could show me any other emotion except that one.

"I told you before that I started Annihilation and Attainment, three years before, I met you, right?" I nod still keeping my gaze on my lap, he then continues.

"I started them at first because I wanted to give them to the most powerful shinobi, I could find. The one that I knew would care for them and need them." I look up at him surprised by his revelation, he smiles at me.

"Then I found you, a mere academy student who risked her life to help me out, even though you didn't even know me, you helped me a virtual stranger. You didn't even hesitate to help; you jumped right in knowing you were out numbered. You didn't even know if I was a bad guy or something or if I had it coming. You saw an injustice going on and you didn't hesitate to intervene. When I watched you fight those men I saw the two most perfect swords and I knew that I found the most powerful shinobi there is," he finishes. I watch as he reaches behind him and stands up holding a sword in each hand. He kneels before me and puts each sword in front of me.

I look down at them forgetting about everyone around me. I slowly raise my gaze up at Sado, I know my face looks taken back, he smiles at me as he rests the upper half of his body on the floor but still keeping his legs in the sitting position, he puts his elbow on the floor and rests his cheek in his open palm. I slowly look back down at the swords in front of me.

One sword is long probably as tall as me. The hilt is completely black no other color is on it, the sheath is also black, and everything about it screams death.

The other sword is an average size katana. This one's hilt is completely white no other color is on it, the sheath is also black, everything about this one whisper's snow.

Both swords look like beautiful art pieces. I couldn't possibly touch either one of them but slowly almost as if I'm under some sort of spell I find each of my hands touching one.

They both look and feel equally deadly.

"Hold Annihilation," Sado says to me, I look up at him feeling as if I'm in a daze, I nod.

I look at both of them but one is calling out to me and the other one is silent, I reach out to get a hold of the black one.

I remove it from its sheath, I put the sheath on the floor, and I notice the blade is also black. I stand up with the sword in my hand at first it feels heavy but, then it feels really light. I look at the blade the edge is thin but sharp, it has a curved tip. It really is as long as I' am tall, it's about two inch's thick and about eight inches in width, at the tip it's pretty small in width but then as it goes down towards the hilt it becomes wider . I hold it before me and it's so long that it actually touches Sado's nose, I hear all the men suck in a breath. I take a couple of steps back.

"Why did you name it, Annihilation?" I ask Sado as I move the sword around in my hand, trying to get a good grip on it.

"Annihilation is able to detect your opponent's element and use the one that's strongest against your opponent with deadly accuracy. For example if I'm fire then water would be the strongest element against my fire," he tells me.

"So this sword is able to throw out water?" I ask even more amazed then before.

"Annihilation is able to throw out not only water but there's also, fire, lightning, wind and earth but for that one to work you have to put it in some dirt. For Annihilation to actually to work you have to use your chakra or your opponent's that's where Attainment comes in. Attainment is able to absorb you opponent's chakra and use it against them. You could actually connect them together at their bases or use them one in each hand or just one at a time, whatever you prefer. You should hold Attainment or else it'll get jealous," he says to me in a singsong voice towards the end.

I bend down to get my other sword, I unsheathe it. This blade is actually not a straight edge like the other one but, it has a sharp-toothed edge.

"For Attainment to work you will have to let your chakra flow through the hilt into the blade, actually the same goes for Annihilation. If anyone else uses these swords they will not work for them, they both only respond to your chakra," he tells me as I hold each one of the perfect swords in each of my hands.

They really were made for me they fit perfectly in my hands I look at the bases; I connect them to one another. I spin them really fast all I see is gray as they spin together, I smile at that. I disconnect them and put them back in their sheath.

I put Attainment on my hip on the right side. I then go down to pick up my bag and backpack to put them back on. I put Annihilation on top of my backpack making sue I could easily get a hold of either one, if I need to.

I look over at Sado and bow at him and say. "Thank you Sado, they are as powerful as I hoped, thank you." I straighten up and I' am about to leave but I look back at him.

"Could you teach me how to master my swords?"

"No, they are unique, only you alone could master them, no one could help you because there are none like these in the world," he pauses as he sits up right and scratches his cheek, deep in thought. "Well there is one similar to Attainment but it's also very different. The owner of that sword is a monster from the outside and inside he wields that sword," he says to me but, I know the man he speaks of. It's Kisame, Naruto told me about his sword, he told me that when he tried to use chakra that Kisame used the sword to absorb the chakra.

I look down at Sado and ask him. "You're talking about Kisame?" he looks at me surprised.

"You know him?"

"You could say that," I tell him. "Does my sword have to cut a person to absorb their chakra? Or is it like Kisame's and could absorb the chakra without touching the person?"

"Yeah, it's similar to Kisame's but yours is more powerful because you are able to use your opponent's chakra and his can't." I smile to myself as I give him my back and wave.

"See you around Sado."

"What are you going to do now that you can't go back to your village?"

"Well I'm kind of looking for someone," I humor him by answering; I still continue to walk away.

"Are you looking for the boy who betrayed you?" I stop to turn around and look at him to answer.

"No, not now, I have to get more powerful before I could fight him, these swords aren't enough."

"Who are you looking for? Maybe I could help you," he says.

"Itachi Uchiha, I'm looking for Sasuke's older brother." I tell him, I see him react looking surprised, I hear the rest of the men murmur to one another. "I was there the day the Uchiha clan was destroyed, I went afterwards to try to save Sasuke then Itachi told me to look for him so he could teach me. I will, I'll look and find Itachi. I'll learn under him, I'll become much more powerful and stronger with him teaching me. When I'm able to, when I' am strong enough, I'll kill Itachi then I'll go looking for Sasuke," I say to him hearing all the men suck in a breath, Sado just looks at me with a small smile, I continue.

"What better revenge then to kill the one person Sasuke has never been able to, the person he lives to kill. That's the only reason Sasuke is alive, that's what keeps him alive, when the day finally arrives for Sasuke to kill Itachi but, I won't let that happen, I will kill Itachi before Sasuke can, then I'll kill him," I tell Sado the truth. I feel as if a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders. "Do you want your swords back?" I ask him as I smile.

"It really is the same smile," he tells me with his eyes closed, sighing and scratching the back of his head, with his other hand he waves me off. "No keep them, they were made for you."

"But Master-" I hear one man yell.

"How can you-" another man says but he's cut off.

"Are you really-" one guy was about to continue but he stops.

"Master!!!" all the men yell out at Sado, protesting the decision Sado made in letting me keep the swords. I turn around and face the doorway beginning to walk away leaving all the chaos behind me. I feel much freer knowing someone other then me knows my real plan.

I begin to jump into trees leaving Sado and his men, I make my way towards the village between Rock and Leaf.

Stupid Itachi, didn't tell me which one, there's hundreds of villages between Rock and Leaf. I jump on the ground after I put enough of a distance between Sado's place and me. I bite down on my thumb; I quickly create the necessary hand signs and throw my hand on the ground palm down. Sakuya sits before me; she looks around then looks back down at me waiting.

"Help me locate Itachi Uchiha," I say to her. I watch as her eyes become a dark blue because of her anger.

"This does not look like the place's you used to summon me at," she says as she sits there looking at me her anger evident, she stays there not wagging her tail like she usually does. "What happened to you? Why did you change your hair and eyes?"

"Wow, you're sharp Sakuya," I say to her sarcastically. "I'm a missing-nin from Hidden Leaf now, so help me locate, Itachi Uchiha," I tell her as I fold my arms under my breasts and tap my left foot getting impatient.

"Why?" she asks me.

"Because, I need to find him, please help me Sakuya," I say to her, hoping she'll hear how desperate I'm in need of her help.

"Why?" she asks me growing angrier, she gets up and begins to circle around me, watching…waiting.

"I need him to become my teacher," I say looking back at her keeping eye contact as she continues to circle around me, making me feel as if she's toying with me.

"What happened, why did, you decide to do this?" she asks me as she circles me much more slowly.

"He betrayed us all," I say to her as I keep my gaze on the ground hiding my tear-filled eyes behind my bangs.

"Sasuke?" she asks me as she stops behind me, I nod. "What you said came true? That's not much of a shock. Did you not believe it or something?" she asks me staying behind me.

"It's weird at first my heart was the one that told me, he would do it. But, then when then time came it began to doubt, everything inside of me doubted he'd do something so stupid. But, now there's no denying it, he left and joined force's with Orochimaru and I must kill Sasuke for betraying all of us." I tell her as I look behind me to look at her my tears falling, she looks at me her eyes showing her pity for me, I give her my back, I get upset at her for showing me that emotion.

"Yet, here you are doing the same thing," she tells me quietly, I turn around quickly to I look back at her shocked.

"What do you mean?" I whisper, looking at her my eyes and face showing my growing rage towards Sakuya. "How could you say that to me!" I yell letting the rage take over. "Don't you know how difficult it is for me? Don't you know I had to leave my friends, home, family, and Naruto, I had to leave them behind!! Don't you know that I'm dead on the inside because of this!! I'm a traitor just like Uchiha, I know that, but this is different!" I say to her shaking my head looking at a blurry Sakuya.

"Did you not leave to become stronger?" she asks me in that annoying know-it-all tone.

"Yes but-" she didn't let me finish.

"Did you not betray your village in order to kill someone for revenge?" she asks me as she slowly begins to circle me once more.

"Don't say it, Sakuya," I warn her, but she didn't listen to me.

"Much like Sasuke?" I run at her, yelling, blinded by my rage to even consider how stupid it is to turn on her, she quickly avoids me. I look at her my eyes filled with the need to kill her, I feel it flow through my veins, it slowly begins to grow more powerful by the second.

"Don't you dare say it again, if you do I'll kill you," my voice low but forceful, she looks at me surprise obvious on her face, I take in deep breaths my lungs feel as if they are on fire, my still healing lung is beginning to ache, I put my hand behind me and get a hold of Annihilation's hilt as I slowly take it out of it's sheath and hold it before me, ready to fight her, she begins to crouch down as she growls at me and looks ready to attack me.

"Don't you dare summon me again, if you do I'll kill you," she says to me in a low menacing tone. Then a puff of smoke appears and she's gone.

I let go of Annihilation as I fall to my knees my fists slamming onto the grass, my face is down, I cry harder and begin to mutter.

"I' am not like him!! I' am not! I'm different! I' am!!" I stay like this for a while the time goes by but, I don't notice.

Little did I know that this was the last step, I took to losing myself completely and slowly going crazy and never ever being able to be the same Hinata Hyuga, everyone once knew.

I rise up with Annihilation in my hand I put it back in its sheath, I put my thumb in my mouth and bite down on it, I create the hand signs with one hand alone and slam my hand, palm down, on the grass. I see a white tiger with black stripes and green eyes look down at me waiting for, it's orders.

"Locate Itachi Uchiha," I say to it as I begin to walk away, it steps in front of leading me towards my Master.

Who would've anticipated that my and Sasuke's friendship came true after just a thought and who would've contemplated that it would end with just a betrayal…

The End?

Dear loyal readers, that concludes, the end of Just a Thought, I'm still not sure if I will do a second part to it, it all depends on you…