Chapter Two

"I can't believe this." Sabrina exclaimed. She was rummaging through her suitcase.

"What is it?" Harvey asked, walking in from the bathroom. He was wearing a pair of swim shorts. His chest was bare and he had his towel draped around his neck.

"I forgot my swim suit." Sabrina replied. Over the past week, they had zapped themselves to the North Pole, Australia, and the Amazon. Now they were on the beaches of Hawaii.

"Can't you conjure it?"

Sabrina shook her head. "I took a personal lesson from Aunt Zelda. She put a spell on her clothes and if you didn't ask for it, you got fat. I put a spell on mine so that no one could use magic to altar it."

"Well, can't you point to yourself and change what you are wearing?" Harvey asked. He pointed to himself to demonstrate and he was no longer wearing the blue and white striped shorts. He was now wearing plain navy blue shorts.

"Yeah, but my mom gave me it as a wedding gift and I promised her I would wear it on our honeymoon." Sabrina explained.

"Do you want me to zap back to the house and grab it?" Harvey offered.

"Would you please? It's the flowered two piece." Sabrina said. After getting a kiss from his wife, Harvey pointed to himself and zapped back to the house.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Where does this piece go?" Hilda asked. She and Zelda were watching the house along with Salem.

"It goes with part of a white cloud and a light blue sky." Zelda replied, scanning the puzzle.

"What are you doing here?" Salem asked, swishing his tail back and forth.

"Salem, you know that we're house sitting." Hilda replied.

"Not you, him." Salem stated.

Hilda and Zelda turned their heads and screamed. "Harvey, how did you get here?" Zelda asked.

"Magic. I'm looking for Sabrina's bathing suit." He answered.

"What do you mean magic?" Hilda asked.

"Didn't Sabrina tell you?" Harvey asked, walking out of the kitchen. Hilda and Zelda looked at each other and got up and followed him.

"Don't forget about me." Salem said, pouncing on the floor.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Up in Sabrina and Harvey's room, Harvey was looking through the wedding presents.

"What did Sabrina forget to tell us?" Zelda asked as they walked in.

"I'm a warlock now." Harvey said like it was no big deal.

"But how?"

"Well, the Witches Council called us in about a half an hour before the wedding and told us that since I accidentally got Sabrina's magic before and I used it responsibly, they were offering to make me a warlock." Harvey explained. Suddenly something caught his eye. He reached down and withdrew Sabrina's bathing suit. "Found it." He walked past the aunts and headed downstairs with the women following him.

"Please don't stop there." Hilda pleaded.

Harvey took a deep breath. "They asked Sabrina if she wanted to share her magic or give me magic that another witch gave up. It was a test and Sabrina passed. She offered to share her magic. They said that when two people enter a marriage, they share everything. She poured her magic into a jar and the council divided it in half and we each drank our own half."

"That was all?" Zelda asked.

Harvey nodded. "They wished us good luck and that was it."

"Do some magic." Hilda said enthusiastically. Harvey pointed to the counter. A huge chocolate cake appeared there.

"Hey, what about me." Salem said.

Harvey pointed to Salem's cat dish. A huge clump of tuna filled the bowl. "Is that it? Sabrina is going to wonder where I am."

"Yes, that's it. At least when you have kids, they will be able to look at you without you turning into wax." Zelda said.

Harvey was in middle of pointing to himself when he stopped. "What?"

"The reason Sabrina couldn't lay eyes on her mortal mother is because she is mortal and they have a rule about mortal parents. If their witch children look at them they will turn to wax. Now that you are a warlock, that won't happen."

Harvey sighed. "That's nice to know. We'll see you in about a week or two." He pointed to himself and was gone.

Hilda looked at Zelda. "Our family keeps growing and growing."

"At least now Sabrina will have someone to do magic with." Zelda added.

"So where did this piece go?" Hilda asked, looking back at the puzzle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"That was amazing." Sabrina said later that night after dinner. "You are definitely a good cook." She smiled.

Harvey held up his finger and blew on it like he just fired a gun. "Technique. It's all about technique."

Sabrina laughed. "You're really getting a handle on the magic."

"It sure makes life easier." Harvey admitted.

"You were talking about technique." Sabrina said coyly. "You want to practice your technique on something else?"

Harvey looked at her. She winked at him, pointed to the ceiling and the lights went out.