Uchiha Itachi

Well let's see… When I was 17 I killed I did something I totall regret….

But more on that later…Now I am in the Akatsuki Clan whom are a

group of S Class Missing-Nin Criminals in the Bingo book. Well I am

of the Uchi (stops himself)...well use to be in the Uchiha clan. (Laughs)

I have so the called famous Sharingan ability, the ability to copy

other's moves but only to a certain degree. The reason I am in the

Akatsuki and the thing I regret are connected... I graduated from the Ninja

academy at age 7 with top grades, mastered the Sharingan at age 8, became

a Chuunin at age 10, Anbu leader at age 12, wiped out my entire clan and

promoted to S-class missing nin at age 13.

The reason I killed my entire family was to test myself and to also help get the

Mengakyu Sharingan. They said to get that ability you had to kill your closest

friend but at the time I didn't. I regret killing my family now. I left Sasuke alive

so that he could be strong enough one day to defeat me and cleanse me of my

wrongdoings. Why are after demons now?? Hmm...Even I don't know the full

purpose…But I do know one thing..(smiles) I' happy Orochimaru is gone!! The

ame ass….lol. I won't be the one to reveal the identity of our leader.