"Akasuna No Sasori" (Sasori of the Red Sand)

Well I'm a missing-nin from the Hidden Sand Village. It

was weird going backā€¦ I left the village 20 or more years ago.

I have a collection of 298 hitokugutsu ("person puppets") made

out of human bodies. I control my puppets from the inside. My

favorite puppet is Hiruko. It has a very long mechanical tail

with a poison tip. I managed to keep my youth by turning myself

into a puppet. Over my heart is a large talisman that has the

kanji (Sasori "Scorpion"). My favorite attack is the Hyakki no Soen

"Performance of a Hundred Puppets"

Even though I have a lot of puppets most of all I want ones that

are like my parents. If could then I would be really happy. I like

being in the Akatsuki clan. It is fun because everyone is unique

in their own way and talented at something. I got teamed up with

Deidara. He can be a pain at times but then he can be cool. But

some might think Deidara is a girl but she is a he alright? His art

philosophy is "art is a explosions." I'd say screw that but it's

funny. (smiles)