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It was a dreary day. The sky was a dull gray, signaling the oncoming rain, but despite that, it seemed oddly bright. Despite the cold wind and the sudden threats of rain, many people wondered the streets.

At the corner of a well-known café (mainly for lovers and older couples), Tomoko stood impatiently waiting for the light to change. Beside her, Sakuno stood, wringing her hands, looking up to the sky every once in a while, "Tomo-chan, can't we go home now? We've been to a lot of different stores already, and you still haven't found the 'right' gift. It looks like it's going to rain soon." Sakuno added, pulling her jacket around her small frame to warm herself.

"Daijobu, daijobu, one more store, I promise. Ryouma-sama will love my present! Then on White's Day he'll confess his love for me, and we'll get married, and have a houseful of kids!" Tomoko said starry eyed. Beside her Sakuno laughed nervously at her friend's imagination.

The light turned green and the two proceeded to cross the street. Suddenly the sky broke, rain pouring from the clouds in angry torrents. Sakuno screamed at the sudden downpour, grabbing Tomoko's hand in fear. The two rushed off the streets, and into the nearest store.

The bell twinkled charmingly as the two girls leaned against the door. They were wet, but not so that they were dripping puddles.

"Welcome, such pretty girls, how can I help you?" An old woman asked. She had snow-white hair, and crinkles around her eyes that multiplied when she smiled. The old woman was dressed in a traditional kimono embroidered with sakura blossoms, the hems were stitched with gold and from the obi, she hung a number of small ornaments.

"Ah, we just came to look around, ne Sakuno?" Tomoko smiled, nudging her friend. Sakuno had been gazing around the shop in admiration, though it held many antiques and such, the store had a very modern feel to it.

"Ah, uh, hai!" Sakuno answered, laughing slightly.

The old woman smiled and nodded, "Well then, if you pretty girls need anything just call for me, and I will be there to help you." She gave them a slight bow and turned to leave, disappearing behind some shelves.

Tomoko wandered to the aisle titled 'Love' leaving Sakuno alone at the front of the store. Not that Sakuno minded she was busy studying some artifacts that were stored against the wall.

One that caught her attention was a beautiful hairpin, it seemed to be made from ivory, and was decorated with sharp blue stones shaped like flower petals. That was what intrigued her. The stones were placed to form flowers, but near the center, there was a lovely purple stone. The design obviously was about flowers and spring, but that one stone was shaped like a star. Looking closer Sakuno could also see smaller, red, stones inset in the ivory pin that were shaped like hearts.

"Do you like it?"

Sakuno jumped, blushingly she faced the old woman, "Iiie, I just thought it was very pretty."

The old woman chuckled; reaching into her obi, she pulled out a key and unlocked the cabinet where the hairpin was held, "It belonged to a Hime-sama, you know." She started conversationally, "A beautiful Hime-sama, it was a gift, from her lover." As she spoke, the old woman reached out and clipped the pin onto Sakuno's hair, pulling back one of her bangs in the process, "Beautiful."

Sakuno blushed heavily, her hand reaching gingerly to touch the hairpin.

"I will give you that hair pin for an even price." The old woman said, she was smiling.

"Mou, I can't believe that old baa-chan gave you such a big discount!" Tomoko fumed.

Sakuno looked awkwardly at her feet; she was blocked by the view of the small paper bag that held her purchase. Sighing she looked to her friend, "Tomo-chan."

Tomoko ignored her friend and continued ranting. Sakuno sighed, shaking her head, "Ja, Tomo-chan, I have to go home now. Obaa-chan isn't going to be home until late today and I have to start dinner." Sakuno waved good-bye before turning around and running off.

"See you tomorrow Sakuno!" Tomoko waved back, "Mou, I still can't believe she got such a great deal!"

Sakuno placed her purchase upstairs in room next to her school bag. Changing into something more comfortable, she left to prepare dinner for herself, making sure to make extra incase her grandmother came home hungry.

"Will you help me?" At first, she ignored the slight whisper in her ear, but it kept coming back, louder, and louder. Then as she added the ingredients to the curry the whisper came back, louder and more insistent, "Please, help me!"

Sakuno turned around the voice was behind her. "Aah!" She dropped her spoon with a clatter, in front of her stood a pretty woman, she wore a traditional kimono, much like the one, the old woman was wearing, except the sleeves on her kimono were much wider, and longer. The woman had pale, ghost-like, features that seemed much paler in contrast to her ebony black hair and coal black eyes.

"Will you help me? Please?" Sakuno stood frozen, though the woman spoke, her lips hardly moved. "Onegai, please help me."

"W-who are you?" Sakuno asked, her voice shaking.

"I am Hikari Himetsu, will you please help me?"

Sakuno clutched the sides of the counter; this woman was a ghost, "Where did you come from? What do you want?"

"My soul lives within the ornament you bought. I want you to help me find him. Onegai, please help me find him!" Himetsu replied she took a step closer to Sakuno. She reached out to touch the young girl, "Onegai, Sakuno-chan, please help me find him."

Sakuno let out a whimper and collapsed onto the kitchen floor, "Obaa-chan…"

Himetsu bent down to face Sakuno, "Please do not fear me. I cannot harm you. I just want to be with him, onegai, help me find him."

Sakuno took deep calming breaths, don't panic, Sakuno, don't panic. "Please tell me why you're here." She managed, though the words came in gasps.

Himetsu sighed, "I was born in a period of peace and tranquility. My family was rich and powerful, with relations to the emperor himself. But as I grew the tranquility broke, and once again, Japan waged war against itself. By that time I was seventeen, and engaged to be married to Yukinari-sama." At the mentioned name, Himetsu gave another sigh, this one filled with love and longing,

"We were lucky enough to be in love, not all marriages were like that when I was born. But I had grown beautiful with each passing summer, and finally just a month before my wedding, my father received another proposal, this time from a higher-ranking government official, Hiroshima-sama. He was not handsome, like my Yukinari-sama, he was, though, rich and held much power. My father refused the proposal, saying it was already too late, but that made Hiroshima-sama very mad. He threatened he cursed, he bribed, but my father would not be swayed.

Finally, the day of our wedding arrived, there was much excitement. But before the ceremony could begin, my beloved Yukinari-sama was killed, murdered!" Himetsu looked down at her pale hands before looking at Sakuno, who had finally come to terms with meeting a ghost.

"Who killed him?" Sakuno asked timidly.

Himetsu looked at her through long lashes, "Who else but the vile Hiroshima-sama? He thought that if he rid the world of my Yukinari-sama then my father would allow me to marry him. But that was not the case, no; I fell into despair over the loss of my love. I vowed never to marry again, and then…" Himetsu reached for Sakuno's hands, holding them between hers.

Sakuno trembled at the feeling of having a ghost touch her. It was a cool sensation, like a wet cloth against hot skin, but there was that something, that little something, that told her it just wasn't right.

"I killed myself. At the time, I thought that if I killed myself, then I would surely meet Yukinari-sama in the afterworld. But I was wrong; instead I was doomed to wander this world until I meet that one good soul who would finally help me find my dear Yukinari-sama."

Sakuno bit her lower lip, her eyes finding the tiled floor more interesting, "I can't."

Himetsu pulled her hands back, "Onegai, Sakuno, onegai! You have to help, you're my last hope. My last chance, if you turn away from me, then I will be force to wander the world alone, again. Star-crossed lovers never face a happy ending in the after life, did you know that? They are forever torn apart, unless someone of a pure heart connects the two again. Please Sakuno-chan, you have to help me!"

Sakuno looked up at Himetsu, slightly surprised to find the ghost crying, "Himetsu-san…" she was lost for words, but seeing Himetsu crying, the shell of what was once life, Sakuno couldn't bear it. "I'll help you Himetsu-san!"

Himetsu threw herself forward, embracing Sakuno in a slight hug, "Arigatou! Hontou ni arigatou, Sakuno-chan!"

Sakuno gave a nervous laugh; the ghost woman's touch still unnerved her. She hoped that Himetsu would release her soon. Her wish was granted as the ghost pulled away, her face gleaming with tears, "Thank you Sakuno-chan."

Sakuno smiled, "I can't let you down, Himetsu-san, you're story really touched me. But I still don't know how I can help you." Suddenly the pot of curry, which had been forgotten over the stove, boiled over, putting out the fire underneath. Sakuno, jumped to her feat, "Oh no!" Hurriedly she turned off the stove and lifted the pot off the burner, setting it on the counter, "I've made such a big mess."

Himetsu floated next to Sakuno, looking over the stove with interest, "What is that?"

"It's a stove; don't you know what a stove is?" Sakuno said, wetting a cloth to clean the mess, "At least the curry isn't burned."

Himetsu shook her head, "In my time period, we did not have stoves." She said the word with caution, "Will you teach me how to use it?"

Sakuno wanted to point out that Himetsu was a ghost, and technically couldn't use a stove, but the eager, childish, way the princess looked at the equipment, she couldn't bear to say no, "Later, right now I have to finish cleaning or Obaa-chan will get mad at me. By the way you never told me what it is I have to do to help you, Himetsu-san."

"Please, call me Himetsu-chan, san is too formal." Himetsu smiled prettily, "The first task we have to complete is to find the thing closes to Yukinari-sama. In this case, it was a locket I had given him as a token of my love. The ornament you have in your room was a gift from him to me, you know." Himetsu added dreamily.

"Oh, I didn't know that. You two must have been very much in love." Sakuno said, wiping her hands on her apron. She had just finished cleaning the stove.

Himetsu nodded eagerly.

"So I have to find his locket? How will that help us?" Sakuno turned to face Himetsu.

"In due time child, in due time."

The next day Sakuno was jostled awake by a rough hand. Groggily she sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and yawing, when she deemed herself semi-awake, Sakuno looked around her room to find who had woken her.

"Ohayo, Sakuno-chan!" Himetsu popped up in front of her, floating serenely inches above her bed.

"Eep! Himetsu-chan!" Sakuno squeaked, nearly falling off her bed, "Ohayo,"

"Sakuno you're grandmother is waiting for you downstairs. Shouldn't you hurry?" Himetsu asked.

Sakuno turned to look at her clock, "Oh no! We're going to be late!" Sakuno scrambled out of bed and stumbled out into the hallway, grabbing her uniform and satchel along the way, "Why didn't you wake me earlier Himetsu-chan!"

Himetsu floated serenely along humming a song she had heard Sumire play on the radio earlier that morning, "It isn't my duty to wake you for things like school, Sakuno-chan."

Sakuno slammed the bathroom door shut, "I'm going to make Obaa-chan late!"

Downstairs Ryuzaki Sumire couldn't help but laugh, Sakuno was worried for nothing. They still had at least half an hour before school started.

Upstairs Sakuno burst out of the bathroom, her school bag slung over one shoulder, one pig tail braided, and the other one half way done. She was busy trying to pull on her sock and fix her blouse at the same time and unknowingly missed the first step of the stair case causing her to tumble down the stairs.

Sumire looked up at the ceiling (the staircase was located right above the kitchen, and curved down into the hallway) alarmed. Maybe she shouldn't have played with her granddaughter's alarm clock.

"Mou, Sakuno-chan, when are we going to look for Yukinari-sama's locket?" Himetsu whined, tugging the hem of Sakuno's skirt.

Sakuno shook her head, 'Later, Himetsu-chan, right now I have school.'

"School! In my day women stayed at home and cared for their homes!"

Sakuno sighed, this was getting tiring. Who knew that a dead woman could be so annoying?

Fuji fingered the locket his Baa-chan had given him as an early birthday present. It was an old artifact that came from his grandparent's antique store, and was quite unusual. The locket was shaped like a circle; in the center of the circle was a small amethyst stone, engraved with the Chinese character for love. If you looked close enough, you could see smaller red stones shaped like hearts placed around the star to make a bigger heart, incasing the small star. It was a beautiful work of art, since the locket itself was the length and width of a small walnut.

"Nya! Fuji, what have you got there? Is it a present from you're girlfriend?" Eiji teased, he was bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"Saa, who knows?" Fuji answered mysteriously.

"Fuji can't you give straight answers for once! Nya, Fujiko-chan is so mean." Eiji pouted. But his anger was soon forgotten as he slung his arm around the tensai's shoulders, "Fuji, did you know? We have a match against St. Rudolph tomorrow! I can't wait nya!"

"I'm excited too." Fuji smiled.

Eiji gasped, remembering a very important fact, "Fuji's otouto is on the St. Rudolph team too! Nya, Fuji, do you want to play your otouto?"

Fuji shrugged, still smiling, "Saa, maybe. Though I doubt Yuuta would want that." But his answer was lost as Eiji pounced on Ryouma, who was exiting the locker room.

"Eiji-senpai, itai--- that hurts--- let go of me!" Ryouma gasped struggling for air.

"Nya O'chibi, did you know? Where playing St. Rudolph tomorrow!"

Ryouma nodded, "Eiji-senpai, can you let go now? I have class you know."

Eiji laughed, releasing the freshman, "Hoi, hoi! Of you go O'chibi, and don't make any poor girls cry!"

"Can we go searching now, Sakuno-chan? Or do you have to sit in a boring room all day again?" Himetsu asked, floating after Sakuno.

"No, we can go now. I don't have tennis practice today, and Tomo-chan has to go home early to take care of her brothers. "Sakuno answered back with a sigh, "Where do we start looking?"

Himetsu shrugged, "I don't know, for all we know that locket could be any where in Japan."

Sakuno stopped, "What do you mean it can be anywhere in Japan? Can't you at least tell me something specific, Himetsu-chan?"

Himetsu shook her head. "Gomen ne, Sakuno-chan."

Sakuno gave another sigh, "Let's go back to the antique shop, maybe we'll find some clues." Himetsu nodded her agreement.

Sakuno shifted her bag before proceeding to the train station; she could tell that this was going to be a long day.

Sakuno wandered back to school an hour later, tired and slightly hungry. She had been wandering around the block where she was sure the antiques store was located and was slightly miffed to find it had disappeared. But her slight anger was drowned out by sadness, she had failed Himetsu.

The ghost on the other hand seemed happy. All along the way, she had inquired about anything and everything she saw. Sakuno grew tired of answering her questions about soda, lampposts, and streetlights, but the ghost was too excited about venturing into the city to notice.

"Sakuno-chan, daijobu? You look a little stressed. Should we go wait for your grandmother at the courts?" Himetsu asked, she hand twitched as if she wanted to check the younger girl for a fever, but refrained.

"I'm fine, Himetsu-chan, just tired. Yeah, let's go wait for Obaa-chan at the tennis courts. I think the regulars are having practice matches." Sakuno smiled, her mind occupied with thoughts of Ryouma.

At the tennis courts, Sakuno could see her grandmother helping some juniors with their swings. Sakuno loved her grandmother very much, but sometimes she wished that her grandmother would pay more attention to her.

"Sakuno, Sakuno, this way, I can feel it, Yukinari-sama's locket!" Himetsu cried, pointing in the direction of the regulars.

"Matte, Himetsu-chan!" Sakuno ran after the ghost, who floated eagerly away.

"Where is it? Where is it? My beloved Yukinari-sama's locket?"

Sakuno did her best to follow Himetsu without looking suspicious, but was pulled back by a familiar voice.

"Sakuno-chan, what are you doing over there? Ryouma-sama's game is over here!" Tomoko called out to her friend.

Sakuno paled, "Ah, Tomo-chan, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be watching your little brothers?" she asked.

Tomoko shrugged, "Kaa-san called at the last minute and said I didn't have too, so I came back to watch Ryouma-sama's match. He's playing Momochan-senpai."

Sakuno looked worriedly over her shoulder in the direction Himetsu had gone, "I, uh, can't right now Tomo-chan. I have to, uh, find somebody!" With that, Sakuno rushed off, leaving behind a very confused Tomoko.

"Nani? Have to find someone? But who does Sakuno need to find?"

Sakuno spent the last half hour looking for Himetsu, but couldn't find the ghost anywhere. She had made three rounds around all the courts already and still no sign of her. Sakuno felt hopeless, where had Himetsu gone?

Sighing, Sakuno leaned back on the grass, relishing the feeling of soft grass under head. Her body was tired, her head was aching, but right now everything felt fine, all most normal.

"Sakuno-chan! I've found it! The locket! Hey what are you doing resting?" Himetsu asked accusingly.

Sakuno opened one weary eye, "Gomen ne, Himetsu-chan, but I spent the last half hour looking for you! And now, I'm starting to feel a little tired."

Himetsu hummed, well not exactly. She didn't actually start humming, it was more her aura. It intensified, until Sakuno could feel the air around her hum, "Gomen, gomen, demo, I found the locket, hurry!"

Sakuno nodded, stretching herself before standing up, "All right, lets go.'

Fuji exited the locker room, locking the door behind him. He was the last to leave today but he didn't really mind. It was nice to change alone once in a while, not so much noise that way. A small wind breezed past, bringing along with it tendrils of dirt and trash.

"Oomph!" Sakuno tripped over a lone tennis ball, landing spread eagle on the floor. Himetsu floated next to her. "Itai, ara? A tennis ball?" Sakuno picked up the ball while moving into a more comfortable position, "It belongs to the boy's tennis club, but why is it out here?"

"Maybe those boys missed it while cleaning up?"

Fuji cocked his head, he definitely heard a second voice, but looking over he didn't see anyone.

"I'll give it back tomorrow, they must've left already. Oh yeah, we have to hurry Himetsu-chan, or Obaa-chan will get mad. Where did you say it was again?"

"A boy had it. He was very handsome, I'm sure I can find him again if I try."

"What if he left?"

"He's here I can feel it, hurry Sakuno-chan we need that locket."

Fuji's ears perked up at the last word, locket? Maybe it was time to intervene. "Aah, Sakuno-chan, what are you doing here?"

Sakuno jumped, "Fuji-senpai!"

"That's him, he has the locket!" Himetsu cried, leaning over Sakuno's shoulder.

Sakuno shrugged the ghost off, "I was waiting for Obaa-chan, but I kind of fell asleep, I hope she hasn't left. What are you doing here Fuji-senpai?" 'How do I get it from Fuji-senpai?'

Fuji feeling Sakuno's unease, and spurred by his own curiosity decided to ask: "Sakuno-chan, you were talking to someone earlier, who was it?"

Sakuno blushed, "Ano, it was a friend!"

"Ah, a friend… May I ask your friends name?"

Sakuno felt herself squirm under her senpai's gaze, "It was, uh, Hime-chan," Behind her Himetsu slapped herself.

"Nice one Sakuno-chan," She muttered dryly.

"Did she lose something? I heard her say she found who had what she was looking for," Fuji opened his eyes, he was still smiling.

Sakuno lowered her gaze, feeling trapped, she answered, "Well, you see…"

"I can't believe you told him everything! I thought this was between us and only us!" Himetsu fumed. They were back at the Ryuzaki residence now, upstairs in Sakuno's room.

"Gomen Himetsu-chan, but you can't lie to Fuji-senpai. He'll find out anyways, besides we got what we were looking for right?" Sakuno held up the locket.

Fuji had been reluctant to give it to her, but after hearing the story (and remembering what his Nee-chan had told him about ghosts and spirits) he felt that it was for the best. At least now he had something more exciting to do besides tennis.

Himetsu sighed, Sakuno was right, there was no use to fuss about it any longer, "It's beautiful isn't it?" She asked cupping the locket between her hands as Sakuno held it by the chain, "Yukinari-sama…"

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