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The colors whirled and swished together forming a lovely painting of nothing. Sakuno peered into the cloud of colors with blind curiosity. Captivated by the glowing colors Sakuno reach out into the cloud wondering if she could capture the pure beauty the cloud held to show her grandmother. But something was horribly wrong. Sakuno could not remove her hand, try as she might Sakuno could not pull away. Sakuno knew she should be panicking; the cloud was slowly inching its way up her arm enveloping it in a swirl of colors, but all the young girl felt was a sense of peacefulness. Sakuno was oddly contented watching the colorful thing devour her.


The soft whisper came from the cloud, but it was Sakuno's voice which said it.


It was a cheerful call. Sakuno watched, slightly detached, as suddenly the cloud disappeared and was replaced with a scene from a park.

The sky overhead was sunny and bright dappled with fluffy white clouds. The park was infested with children of all ages laughing, crying, and screaming in joy. Sakuno could not register where she was, but she noticed a woman who looked just like her walking past.

Curious Sakuno followed.

"Akio-kun, what has Otou-san told you about eating sand?" The woman scolded to a little boy of five. The little boy looked up at his mother with wide, chocolate brown, eyes.

"It may taste good but it's bad for Akio?" The boy said questioningly.

The woman gave a tired sigh, trust her husband to explain something like that to her son.

"Yes it is bad for Akio, now go rinse out your mouth while I wait for your father."

"Hai, Kaa-sama."

The woman shook her head, but watched her son lovingly as he ran towards the water fountain.

Sakuno could feel the motherly love the woman had for her son, it burned in her chest too. Sakuno watched, jealous, as the little boy ran back, giving his mother a hug.

A man came along, he was handsome and felt very familiar to Sakuno, but she could not pin point exactly who he was. She could see his face, but it did not register In her mind. A wave of desperation washed over her, was this her future? Was that her husband? If so, who was he?

"Anata, you're early!" The woman cried happily giving her husband a peck on the cheek.

The man smiled and said something, but Sakuno could not hear him speak. He reached out towards the woman but stopped. He looked over his wife's shoulder straight at Sakuno. The gaze felt so familiar, but who did it belong too?

As soon as the scene had come it disappeared. Sakuno was back in the nothing staring at the colorful cloud that was engulfing her. She tried to say something, but her voice was gone. But even still Sakuno felt at peace. She let the feeling wash over her relishing the way her body seem to feel so energetic yet so calm.

The dream slowly faded away as Sakuno fell into a deep sleep. The peaceful feeling still resided in her.

That morning when Sakuno wandered down stairs ready for school her parents were waiting eagerly for her at the foot of the steps. Confused Sakuno ran back up only to turn around and bolt out the door. No "Good morning's" were said.

The peaceful feeling resided in her for the most part of the day. No matter how much Sakuno try to picture the man's face she couldn't exactly pinpoint it. Could it be? Was it possibly... Ryouma-kun? But the child, Akio, for some reason Sakuno could not picture her and Ryouma's son to be so... happy.

"Thinking again Sakuno-chan?" Himetsu asked, floating uncaringly through passing students.

"I had dream last night." Sakuno murmured, "A very unusual one."

"Oh?" Himetsu said feigning surprise, "What was it about?"

Sakuno frowned. Outside a leaf twirled in a current of air. Sakuno stopped to watch, "I was in no where." Sakuno started, "There was nothing except this... Cloud. It was beautiful." A dreamy look crossed Sakuno's face. Himetsu smiled.

"Then I was in a park. There was a woman and a child; the woman looked like me. I think, I think it was me, but older and married. I saw my husband, but his face... I couldn't see his face. He looked so familiar but... " Sakuno let out a deep sigh, not noticing the crest fallen look on her ghostly companion's face.

"Mou, maybe Fuji-senpai will know." Sakuno smiled, "Ah! I forgot!" Sakuno turned around suddenly.

"Where are you going?" Himetsu asked.

"I was suppose to meet Fuji-senpai on the roof!" Sakuno cried bolting down the corridor.

"Ah, well. She's swaying and that's all that matters." Himetsu smiled. "I wonder though... Maybe I'm going too far?"

It wasn't that Eiji liked spying on Fuji, he was just curious on why the tensai was spending so much time with Sakuno-chan. Yes, that's right, he was just curious. He was not stalking Fuji. Nope, not stalking at all.

As the thoughts tumbled around in the cheery acrobats mind, Fuji slipped away, off to the roof to meet Sakuno.

"Kikumaru-kun, what are you doing here alone?" A soft voice questioned.

Eiji jumped up surprised, and slightly embarrassed, "S-Saki-chan! Haha... What are you doing here?" Eiji asked.

The female vice-captain pointed to a door behind him, "I was going to the restroom, but I found the door blocked, and I wonder who exactly are you waiting for in there, because I've been standing here for the past five minutes."

"R-restroom?" Eiji cried surprised turning around to see if he was actually standing in front of the girl's restroom. Sadly he was, and in his rush to stumble away, the poor acrobat tripped and fell into the forbidden zone.

"Eek! A boy's in here!" The surprised screams of the girls inside echoed off the walls of the pristine white walls of the restroom, and echoed out into the hall for passing students to hear.


Saki shook her head and sighed, as the red-head ran blindly out of the bathroom a trail of angry girls following him.

"GOMEN! GOMEN! I DIDN'T MEAN TOO!" The acrobat's cries could be heard through out the school.

With another shake of her head Saki went on about her own business. She had enough drama going on in her life.

On the roof Sakuno swore she could hear Eiji screaming for help. The wind was too strong for her to make out the exact words, but she was sure that Eiji was screaming.

"Gomen, Sakuno-chan. Did I keep you waiting?" Fuji asked shutting the door gently behind him.

"No, I just got here." Sakuno answered giving her senpai a sweet smile.

A slight wind tugged at her braids, and bangs pulling them into a gentle dance. Their quest had only begun.

After school that same day Fuji met Sakuno at the front gates, and after they stopped at their respective homes to change, set off for the museum exhibit. Himetsu, unable to contain her excitement, wandered the streets, passing through cars and pedestrians without a care as she waited for Fuji and Sakuno to meet up.

Unknowingly they were being followed.

It wasn't that Eiji particularly liked spying on Fuji. It was just that Fuji was everywhere that he happened to be at. Like now, Eiji was hiding behind an ancient looking vase, careful to remain hidden, as he watched Fuji and Sakuno admire some older artifacts. Looking over his shoulder was Momo, and currently being crushed by his senpais, Ryouma. Ryouma wasn't sure why he was dragged along, but Eiji had promised to treat him afterwards, which was all that mattered to him.

Hiding at the opposite end of the room was Sakurai and Kimiko. Sakurai was dressed in light pink kimono, to his horror, but much to his wife's delight. Kimiko, in contrast, was dressed in a plain sun dress with her hair in braids.

"This artifact was made before my time." Himetsu murmured her silvery hands slipped through the class protecting the beautiful head ornaments, they rested a few centimeters from the objects, wanting to touch, but unable to.

Sakuno peered through the glass, her nose almost touching the cool surface, "Are you sure about this Himetsu-chan? Will this really help us?"

"Yes. Yes it will. When I first met you Sakuno-chan I knew, I knew you would be able to help me!" Himetsu cried in a fit of passion.

Fuji nodded his head towards the faint glimmer of a shadow that was Himetsu. He was beginning to see her more clearly now. "Shall we go into the next room and look then?" Fuji asked, he lightly placed his arm around Sakuno's shoulders and leaned on her. A small grin graced his lips.

"Let me kill him! Let me kill him!" Sakurai howled, struggling to break free of his wife's iron grip.

"No! You can't! If you kill Sa-chan's boyfriend she'll never forgive us!" Kimiko cried.

"I don't care! No boy touches my daughter like that!" Sakurai growled, his fatherly instincts taking over. At that moment, he was no longer a man, but a wild beast trapped in an invisible cage trying to protect his child.

"Mama, what are they doing?" A little boy asked his mother as he peered up at Sakurai.

His mother ushered him away, whispering, "Now Akira, don't stare at the crazy people."

Himetsu floated after Fuji and Sakuno, her mind wandering while her eyes carefully watched the hiding audience.

Sighing, Sakuno shook her head. "How are we suppose to help Himetsu-chan? Wedon't even know what to do! We've been trying to find out ways for such a long time and we still haven't found anything useful!"

Fuji answered with his signature smile, "Don't give up now Sakuno-chan, if we need more ideas we can always go to a book store." He waggled his brows suggestively, "Ones that normal people wouldn't go into."

"You mean a antique book store?" Sakuno asked.

Fuji nodded, "What I'm thinking is that we first need to know the exact time era when Himetsu died."

"Because she doesn't remember the dates but she can feel them through objects, that's why we're here!" an excited Sakuno cried.

"Exactly! When we find out what time period she died in we can then look for ways to bring her Yukinari-san back."

Sakuno cocked her head to the side and surveyed her senpai, "Why?" she asked honestly confused.

Fuji shrugged, "Maybe the spell we need will ask for it?" He tried, "It doesn't hurt to search out the history before delving into the mystery."

Sakuno nodded in understanding; her eyebrows were furrowed in thought. "Where will we get a spell, Fuji-senpai?"

Fuji smiled that mysterious smile, "Saa, who knows." He slung an arm over Sakuno's shoulder, leading her away, "Do you want to sign up for a tour?" He asked.

The little kitten pawed its way through a group of people, the bell tied around its furry neck jingling. Despite its constant mews no one paid any attention to it. Suddenly a small hand scooped up the tiny fur ball, "George, you're not suppose to run off like that!' A childish voice scolded.

"Aki-chan, have you found him yet?" another voice asked, a manlier one.

"Hai! George is here." The child held up the kitten, dangling it by it's forearms.

"Aki! You're not suppose to hold him like that! Here, let me show you!" Larger hands shifted the kitten into a more comfortable position in the boy's arms. "You have to be nice to George, or Otou-san will take him back!"

The child looked up with wide eyes, "George will leave?"

The man laughed, it was a clear, rising, sound, "No, not if you take good care of him. So, where's your Okaa-san?"

They had been at the museum for about half-an-hour now, and Sakuno was beginning to think she was seeing things. Well, okay, she was seeing things (ghosts for one), but she kept imagining she saw her father stalking down the halls towards her in a kimono, but when she looked back, he was gone.Then there was that one guy who looked unnervingly like Kikumaru-senpai with a mustache, and the girl who looked like Ryouma (how desperate was she?). Sakuno was beginning to fear for her sanity.

"Fuji-senpai, maybe we should go." Sakuno said after having spot the mustached man again.

Fuji turned to his kouhai, a surprised look on his face, "What's wrong, Sakuno-chan?" he asked.

Sakuno darted a look around, she did not see the mustache man, the kimono 'woman', or the girl that looked like Ryouma, "I just think that we won't be able to find what we're looking for here." she answered.


"Demo, Sakuno-chan! You can't just leave me!" Himetsu whined, wringing her transparent hands together, a despondent look on her pale face.

Fuji smiled, "It's alright, Himetsu-chan, we'll come back another day. You're right, Sakuno-chan, it's getting a bit late, why don't we call it a day?"

Sakuno nodded eagerly, braids bouncing up and down, giving the young girl a childish aspect to her perfectly portioned face, "Hai!"

"Anata, where are they going?" Kimiko demanded, shaking her husband as Sakuno and Fuji broke away from their tour group.

Sakurai's teeth rattle unnaturally in his mouth, "I don't know..."


A few people glanced their way but the couple ignored them. "It was your idea anyways." Sakurai muttered, pulling loose threads from his obi.



"Wah! We lost them!" Eiji cried, as he surveyed the tourist group that Fuji and Sakuno had be a part of. "Where could they have one!"

"I'm hungry." Ryouma said, hiding a yawn. The prodigy pulled his baseball cap lower, hearing his senpai was enough, he didn't want to see exactly what they were doing. "Can we go?"

"Eiji-senpai, maybe they went to the bathroom?" Momo said, trying to calm his elder.

"Nani? Fuji kidnapped Sakuno into the bathroom and is about to have his evil way with poor, sweet, Sakuno-chan?"


Eiji tore down the hall, leaving behind two confused kouhais, "Fuji's so MEAN! I'll save you Sakuno-chan!"

Momo shook his head, Ryouma pulled his cap down even further, before they decided to follow the deranged acrobat.

"Did you hear that! Did you hear that! That Fuji-kid kidnapped our Sakuno-chan!" Kimiko cried, clutching her husband, as she watched the band of pre-teens walk away. "What do we do?"

Sakurai sighed, "Kimiko-chan, I thought you liked that Fuji-kid."

"I do! He's so handsome and gentlemanly..."

"Then why would he kidnap our Sakuno-chan?"

"I don't know! Maybe he isn't that nice after all."

"... You still like him don't you?"


"You know, this day was a bit anti-climatic." Sakuno said after a lengthy lull in their conversation. She, Fuji, and Himetsu, were on the train home.

Fuji nodded, "I got the same feeling."

"I felt like something horrible was going to happen." Himetsu added.

"Me too." Sakuno sighed, "I'm glad though, I don't think I could take much more excitement. What about you, Fuji-senpai?"

"Hmm." Fuji gave a wide grin, "I'm just happy to spend time with Sakuno-chan."

Matsumoto Kai glared at the offending teens, "So what were you three doing in the women's restroom?" He asked, notepad at hand.

Eiji squirmed in his seat, eyes wide, "Well... you see, we were following this friend,"

"Female or male."

"Um, both?" Eiji answered unsurely. Momo and Ryouma both shook their heads. Next time they weren't following the acrobat anywhere, even if it meant getting free hamburgers for the rest of their lives... Well maybe.

"Both?" Kai questioned. "You were stalking both?"

Eiji nodded.

"Why were you in the women's restroom then?"

"Because Fuji kidnapped Sakuno and was holding her hostage in the bathroom!" Eiji blurted out.

Momo and Ryouma sunk further into the cold metal chairs.

"Captain we got a cross-dresser sneaking around the women's lavatory." A man said pushing a rather embarrassed Ryuzaki Sakurai into the room.

Matsumoto Kai sighed, this day was definitely one of his worser ones. "All right you three can go, but if I catch you stalking anyone near here again you'll be spending the weekend in a three walled cell."

"Hai!" The three teens scrambled to get out as Sakurai took a seat.

Flipping a page in his notepad he turned to the man-turned-woman and asked, "So, what were you doing in the women's bathroom?"

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