A Wedding with the Cabots

Sequel to Thanksgiving with the Cabots

Author: SVURaider1-6

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Olivia/Alex

Disclaimer: SVU: Not mine...but I wish they were! I'm only barrowing them for a little fun

Summary: Its been over one year since Olivia proposed to Alex at Thanksgiving and now its time to tie the knot.

-December 23, 2007- Two Days Before Christmas-

Olivia and Alex stepped out of Liv's Dodge Durango in front of Cabot Manor. Olivia stopped for a moment and took in the sight of the large house, although she'd been there Tommyes before this time seemed different, this timee she would be would walking away with Alex pronounced as her wife. The house was large, well no that was an understatement, it was huge. It was situated on 200 acres of land with a stable behind it. The house had over eight bedrooms, a full bath in each, an indoor pool and hot tub, a gigantic living room and den, two studies, and a huge game and video room/ playroom for the kids. To top it off, not only was it designed and built by Mr. Cabot but it was also the most expensive and known Mansions in Boston. Liv always found herself in awe as she looked up at the mansion.

"Sweetheart? Everything ok?" Alex asked as she walked up behind her fiancée and place a soft hand on her back. Olivia looked down at her and smiled, "everything is perfect." Alex smiled back and leaned up to brush her lips against Liv's.

"This place is gigantic! Are you sure your dad is only a lawyer, Alex? Maybe he has a second income if you know what I mean. Mob maybe? Or, yikes dare I say it, drugs?" Elliot asked with a laugh as he walked up to the couple. Alex turned to him and slapped him on the arm, "I don't know detective, but you might want to watch it just incase. You never know you might just end up swimming in lake with the fishes in the backyard." Alex jokingly winked at him as she took Liv's hand and started up the driveway to the house.

Elliot rubbed his arm and watched them go before what Alex had said registered in his slow mind. "Wait! You have your own lake?" He asked in disbelief, he could here Olivia and Alex laughing at him and he shrugged in slight embarrassment before walking to the trunk of his car to grab his family's bags.

"Gots ta admit this place is huge!" Fin said as he walked by Elliot, who was attempting to yank one of his daughters over stuffed bags from his trunk. Fin stifled a laugh as he watched his fellow squad member pull on the bag too much, loose his grip, and fall back on his ass. Elliot got up and mumbled something about teenagers and vacations before pulling the large duffle bag out and dropping it to the cold ground. "Thas why I travel 'lone, El." Fin said as he continued up the driveway, carrying his one small bag and tux bag.

Munch was the next person to walk by Elliot as he once again attempted to get another large bag out of his trunk. Munch didn't even attempt to try not to laugh as Elliot pulled the bag really hard and it flew out of the trunk and knocked the Marine to the ground. The skinny detective was bending over laughing as hard as he could as Elliot shoved the bag off himself and got up. "John, unless you want to be wearing a dress to Liv's wedding I suggest you move your skinny ass up that drive way now." Elliot growled as he pulled the last, small bag out of the trunk and dropped it to the ground. John took one last look at Elliot before turning and walking quickly up the driveway to where the rest of the squad was.

Elliot huffed and started to pick up the bags to bring to the house when a man clad in a butler's suite walked up to him. "Mr. Stabler, if you would like to leave these here I will send someone out to get them and bring them to your respectable rooms." The man said. Elliot sighed in relief and dropped the bags with a thud. "Thank you it would be very appreciated."

"Its certainly no problem sir, if you would like to head to the house I believe your family and friends are waiting." The man said as he picked up two bags and started to the house with Elliot following. Once the veteran detective walked into the foyer he was surprised at the size, if you thought the place looked big from the outside it was small compared to the inside.

"Elliot, there you are. Where have you been?" Kathy asked as she walked up to her husband. "Getting our wonderful children's cement bags out of the car. We should really teach them about packing bags." Elliot stated as they walked into the living area of the mansion. Kathy chuckled and took Elliot's hand, "they're girls what do you expect. We like to pack a lot." Elliot huffed as if to say 'I figured.'

They walked into the living room where Olivia greeted them. "Elliot, you have to come with me now." The frazzled woman said as she grabbed her best friend's arm and dragged him to the study. She pushed him in and closed the door behind them, Elliot watched her in utter confusion. "What? What is it, Liv?" He asked hurriedly as he saw the look of fear etched on his friend's face.

Olivia moved away from the door and to the large window across the room, she ran a tired hand over her face before turning to Elliot. "El, I…uh…I…um I lost my vows and I can't find the…the…uh…um…"She trailed off in slight fear.

Elliot looked at her with wide eyes, loosing or forgetting your vows the day before the wedding day wasn't bad but if she was saying she lost was he thought she lost then they were in BIG trouble. "Liv, what can't you find?" He asked in slight anger and annoyance.

The brunette detective looked up at her best friend fearfully and timidly. "I…uh…I can't find the rings..." She said softly and quickly looked away.

"You what!" He shouted, Olivia flinched and timidly watched him paced back and forth. "Hey its ok for you to forget or lose the vows, that's normal and Alex will forgive you because you'll just charm your way through them on the alter. But it's my fault if there's no rings! Alex specifically told me before we left that if anything happened to those rings it'd be my balls in a blender!"

"I had them the last time I checked, they were in the safe." Olivia assured him and slowly approached the angered man.

"Then where the hell are they now! They certainly aren't in the safe if they're lost! Liv, this is my life we're talking about here, if Alex finds out about this then I have no doubt I'll be swimming with the fishes. Are you sure the last Tommye you had them they were in the safe?" Elliot asked.

Olivia thought for a moment before nodding. "Yeah, I had them in the safe and I was showing them to Ka…Luca! She'll know where they went, I know she will!" As if on cue the curly haired woman walked into the study.

"Liv, I had a feeling you'd be looking for these." Luca said as she handed Olivia the black box. Olivia snatched the box and quickly opened it, she and Elliot sighed in relief as they saw the two bands shining back at them. "Mom went in to check on them the other day, you know her always worrying, and she noticed that one of the bands had cracked some how. So she had Alfred bring them to the jewelry and had them fixed and cleaned." Luca explained calmly, she was surprised when both detectives suddenly hugged her.

"You just saved my balls, kid." Elliot said as he hugged the teen. Luca nodded and nervously hugged them back. "Really don't want to know what you mean by that, detective Stabler but I guess I'm glad to have helped." She said in amusement.

"Thank you so much, Luca but we still have another problem; I forgot my vows."

"Okay that's not big. Did you have them memorized and then forget them or did you have them written and forget them?" Luca asked.

"Written and forgotten."

Luca nodded and placed her hand on Liv's arm. "What did you write them on and where are they."

"My computer at the precinct." Liv stated.

"Don't worry about, I'll get them just give me a few hours and the password to your account with the NYPD. I can get them." Luca assured her. Elliot watched her in shock, "you're going to break in to the NYPD computer network?" Luca looked over at him and shrugged, "yeah. This is my sister's happiness at risk; I don't care if it's the freaking pentagon I'm going to get those vows! I'm not a computer genius for nothin'." Olivia laughed and quickly wrote down her account information and handed it to Luca. "Alright, anyone asks I'm running an errand for you." The curly haired girl said as she walked out of the study.

Olivia sighed in relief and turned to Elliot with a smile. "Well thank God that's all taken care of. What a scare." She laughed and started out of the study, she turned to Elliot when she didn't hear him coming. "El?"

The other detective snapped out of his trance. "Liv you just gave a 19 year old permission to hack into the NYPD base! That's illegal, you could lose your badge!" He said sharply.

Liv laughed, "Elliot she's done it before when I needed something and I trust her. She's only going to get what she needs, quickly, simply, and easily then get out. Don't worry." She proceeded to walk out of the study before she stopped and turned back. "Should probably put the rings in the safe, huh." Liv walked over to a picture behind Mr. Cabot's desk, she flipped the picture to revile a safe in the wall. "Cliché, they're always behind pictures." Liv put the combo in and opened the door; she placed the box in the safe and closed it then locked it securely and returned the picture to its place. "Right, now lets go find our girls."

They headed back to the living room and were greeted by their respectable others. Alex walked up to Olivia and wrapped her arms around her before leaning up to kiss her. "What did you pulled El out of here for?" Alex asked. Olivia shrugged and wrapped her soon to be wife. "Nothing babe, just last minute prep before the rehearsal." Alex nodded and leaned against her fiancée.

They spent the rest of the time waiting for guests to arrive introducing everyone to everyone else and talking. Olivia was just pouring herself another beer when Luca walked into the kitchen and placed a piece of paper on the counter. "Here ya go, Livvy and it took me just under an hour to get it. I keep getting faster." Luca smiled as Liv picked up the paper and read over it. "Thanks so much, Luca." She said as she walked up to the girl and hugged her.

"Hey its not a problem." The shorthaired girl shrugged.

Liv smiled and picked up her beer, she stopped abruptly and looked at Alex's sister. "You said it took you under an hour to get my vows, then what have you been doing for the past two up stairs?" She questioned in her best detective voice. Luca blushed hotly and looked down at the counter, a sly smile spread over her lips. "Oh just tell me it wasn't one of Elliot's kids, I know that Maureen likes you." She practically pleaded.

Luca looked up at her and shook her head, "no it wasn't Maureen. Don't' get me wrong she's cute but just not my type. No it was… oh here she is now." Luca said as she spotted her girlfriend entering the kitchen. Olivia turned to see who had entered and her eyes widened at the sight of the beautiful blonde girl that walked up to Luca and kissed her. "Olivia, I liked you to meet Allyson. Allie, this is my sister's fiancée Olivia."

The blonde politely held her hand out. "Its very nice to finally meet the woman Luca's been talking about non-stop." Allyson said with a smile.

"It great to meet the girl that's been putting a smile of Luca's face." Olivia said almost charmingly. "Now how are you going to break this to Maureen, she really likes you Luca." Liv said in amusement.

The shorthaired girl laughed sarcastically. "I'll introduce her to my best friend, Cody who will be here. I think they'll be great together and it'll keep me from fearing your partner more then I already do."

"I'm sure El will be relieved now." Liv laughed. She smiled as she saw Alex walk in to the kitchen and up to her. "Hey, what's everyone doing in here?" Alex asked as she wrapped her arms around Liv's waist. "Oh I've just met Allie, Luca's girlfriend."

"Hi Alex." Allyson said as she leaned against her taller girlfriend.

"Hey Allie. Luca, Cody's here so if you want to go try your cupid skills you better go now." Alex said in amusement, Luca smiled happily and said thanks before she pulled Allie out of the kitchen to go find her best friend. "C'mon Liv I wanna see how this goes." The blonde took her fiancée's hand and they walked out of the kitchen after Luca, they hung back a little as they watched Luca attempt to play matchmaker.

Luca walked up to Cody with a relieved smile, "boy am I glad you're here. Thought for a second you weren't going to come."

"And miss all the free booze? Ha, I think not!" Cody laughed while Luca only rolled her eyes and grabbed his arm. She walked up to where her girlfriend and Maureen were talking. "Luca, its good to see you. I've been looking all over for you." Maureen said as she stepped closer to the shorthaired girl who merely took a step to her left and closer to Allyson.

Luca smiled in faux delight, "Maureen good to see you too. I see you've met my girlfriend, Allyson."

Maureen froze and looked at Allyson then to Luca, a looked of disappointment on her face. "Oh, y-yes we have." She smiled tightly at Allyson before turning her attention back to Luca. "Who's your other friend?" She asked looking Cody up and down with a flirtatious smile.

Luca smiled in satisfaction as she noticed the look of interest pass over Maureen's face as she looked at Cody. "Oh this is my best friend Cody. Codes this is Maureen, Olivia's partner's daughter."

Cody charmingly smiled and held is hand out. "It's very nice to meet you, Maureen and might I say you look lovely. Can I get you a drink?" He said very gentlemanly which earned him a glare and brow raise from Luca; he looked over at his friend and shrugged.

"Yes, I'll just have a coke please." Maureen said with a bashful smile.

Luca, Cody, and Allyson headed into the kitchen to get the drinks. Luca was standing at the counter with her arms wrapped around Allie, watching Cody pour a coke into a glass. " 'Might I say you look lovely'? What the hell?" She suddenly asked. "You were never that charming when we were dating." Luca said in mock sadness but with an humorous smile.

"That's because you were secretly in to girls and denying so you couldn't see it." Alex stated as she and Olivia walked into the kitchen.

"Right, that could very well be the reason. Sorry." She said to Cody who only shrugged and picked up the glasses of soda.

"Oh Cody?" Olivia said, stopping the young man before he exited the kitchen. "Watch out for the guy in the light blue shirt, that's Elliot; Maureen's father." Cody nodded nervously, he'd heard a lot about the ex-marine and although he was a tough guy himself something about Eliot scared the crap out of him.

"Just think friends before anything else!" Luca yelled after her best friend as he left the kitchen, they quickly ran to the door to look out and see how well Cody and Maureen were doing.

Alex and Olivia chuckled as they watch Elliot's daughter flirt and laugh at something Cody had said. "Oh she's smitten." Alex said assuredly before turning around to get herself a glass of sparkling grape juice. "Sweetheart, why aren't you drinking the bottle of wine your mother had brought up for you?" Liv asked as she picked the untouched wine up and read the label. "I'm not in the mood for wine, Liv that's all." She gave Olivia a smile to reassure her and turned back to put the cork in the grape juice. Her stomach flipped at the real reason she wasn't drinking anything and she could not wait until Christmas morning to tell Liv. Olivia watched her for a moment before shrugging and opening the bottle of wine to pour herself a glass.

Lacey popped in few minutes later looking for Olivia and Alex. "Hey ladies, we're going to be heading to the rehearsal in a few but right now mom wants to see you." She said before exiting the kitchen in search of her kids to get them ready. Alex and Olivia both finish their drinks before heading out in search of Mrs. Cabot. They found her in her room sipping a mug of tea and sitting before a blazing fire. "Mom you wanted to see us." Alex said as she walked in and sat next to her mother, Olivia followed after and took a seat in a chair opposite them.

Laura Cabot smiled up at her daughter and soon to be daughter in law. "Yes, yes I did. I just wanted to see you two before the dinner and tomorrow. I'm sorry I wasn't out enjoying the company but I haven't been feeling up to full strength lately." The older woman explained softly.

"Its alright mother, we understand you need your rest." Alex said softly and placed a clam hand over her mother's. "We know that you haven't been feeling well these past few months and you need your rest to keep your strength up."

Laura Cabot's health had been failing since Christmas of the past year after she'd gotten phenomena and her asthma had gotten worse. Now the woman could barely stand without getting extreme shortness of breath or without her oxygen tank. She was also in a lot of pain when she talked to much or coughed, she would sleep for most hours of the day because her energy would be gone with even the slightest movement. It pained her because with her bad health she wasn't able to enjoy her grandchildren as much as she'd like and she wouldn't be able to dance or have fun at Alex's wedding. Her life was starting to revolve around the couch and sleeping and she hated it. All she could do now was wait as the doctors gave her pills to try and make life bearable as they searched for a medical treatment to make her better. But Laura was no fool she knew she was slowly dieing.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you both about. I don't' have the strength for the rehearsal so I've decided to stay here and rest up so I can be energized enough for tomorrow." Laura wheezed painfully before she started coughing and reaching for her oxygen mask. Liv spotted it on the floor; quickly she picked it up and handed it to the coughing woman. Laura took deep calm breaths of the fresh oxygen to calm her lungs.

Alex sadly looked up at Olivia, tears brimmed her eyes and she struggled to keep them from falling. Olivia looked back at her compassionately and reached out to take her hand, gently she squeezed in reassurance. "Mom are you alright?" Alex asked softly as she placed a hand on her mother's back.

"I'm fine dear, just a cough. I hope you don't mind me staying here, if its important to you for me to be there I will."

"No, mom stay here and rest please. I want you to be rested for tomorrow. Nothing is more important to me when it comes to you then your health. Right, Liv?"

"Absolutely, Laura. Stay here and rest." Olivia said as she placed her hand over her mother in laws, Laura smiled at Liv and squeezed her hand.

"You're perfect for my daughter, Olivia I could not have picked anyone better. You just make sure you keep her happy." Laura said softly.

"I will, I promise I will." She looked at Laura then at Alex with a loving smile. "Mom, we should let you rest. We'll be sure to stop in and see you after we get in." Alex leaned over and hugged her mother before rising. "Yes, come see me before you part ways tonight. Remember you cannot see each other after dinner until you're both at the alter." Laura said strictly.

Alex smiled and took Liv's hand. "Yes mom we know. We'll see you later."

"Goodbye my daughter and be good." Laura ordered.

"We will, mother. We love you."

"I love you too, sweethearts."

Alex and Olivia walked out of Laura's room and down the hall; they were just about to walk down the stairs when Alex finally broke. Quickly, Olivia took her in her arms and held her as the blonde woman's tears fell down her cheeks. "Shhh, sweetheart it's ok. Your mother is going to get better I know she will, she's just not feeling well now but the doctors will find something and she'll get better. I know she will, I just have this feeling." Alex sobbed harder against Liv's chest and clung to her, Liv held her and tried desperately not to cry as well. Laura had come to be Olivia's mother of sorts and it pained her, just like Alex or anyone else, to see the woman in such pain and misery. "Honey, you have to be strong right now its what your mother wants. Please, sweetie calm down shhh." After a few minutes of soothing from Olivia, Alex began to calm down and her tears began to subside.

"I just want her to get better, Liv." Alex said softly against her fiancée's shoulder. "I know sweetie, I want the same." They stood together for a few more minutes before Olivia pulled back and cupped Alex's face; gently she wiped her lover's tears away and place soft kiss to her forehead. "It's going to be fine, sweetheart. Just remember I love you ok and that your mom wants this to be a happy day full of laughs and smiles, not tears and pain." Alex nodded slowly and leaned in to Olivia, the taller woman hugged her for a long moment before pulling away and taking her hands. "Come now we don't want to be late." Liv took her lover's hand and pulled her down the stairs to where everyone was waiting to leave for the rehearsal.

Barbara, Alex's mother's maid, walked over to Alex and explained the she would take extra care of her mother while everyone was out and would make sure everything was properly organized for the wedding the next day. Alex thanked her before following the rest of her family out to the cars that would take them to the Church to perform the rehearsal.

The rehearsal at the Church went well, everyone knew what they were doing, what songs were to be played and when, how the vows would be read, and how the ceremony would end. By the end of rehearsal Alex was feeling much better then she had when she'd first left the manor. Now everyone sat at a large table at McDuffs restaurant and pub, where the rehearsal dinner was being held, eating and laughing.

Elliot stood up slowly and cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "Alright now being the best man I was told I had to say a toast so here it goes. I've known Olivia for over five years now and all I have to say is she's an amazing woman, as you all know, so I have no doubt she'll be an amazing wife. As for Alex, I've only know her for about three years. But I'll tell you the moment she walked into our squad room and I saw the look on my partner's face I knew that ADA Cabot stood no chance. So it came to no surprise to me when I caught them in the crash room at the precinct two years later." He trailed off in amusement and chuckled when he saw Olivia and Alex blush brightly. "But that's beside the point, all I have to say now is that these two were made for each other. Every person out there has as soul mate, the one person they're destined to be with, and they've found theirs. So to concluded this toast, and I swear the one I have to say tomorrow will be so much better, I wish you two the greatest of happiness and love." Elliot raised his glass and everyone followed before drinking.

Mary was the next person to stand and she tapped her glass to get everyone's attention. "Ok so now that the "groom's" side said their toast, its time for the Maid of Honor to say something. Alex is my baby sister and all I've ever wanted was for her to be happy and loved, and now that she has it she'd better never let it go." Mary cleared her throat and turned to Alex. "Lexie, although we've had our differences and distastes for each other we've always been close. You were there for me when I needed you most through my first divorce, although we won't get into that, and through the break down I had just before my wedding when mom accidentally left my gown in the bathroom with the shower on. I promise you that you will not have to walk down the isle in a damp dress like I had to and there will be no disasters like their was at my wedding. Now on to the more sentimental part of my toast. Alex you are my baby sister just like Luca is Tommy's baby sister, although how we managed that since we're all siblings I will never know." Mary laughed and everyone joined her. "All I can say is that, in the time that you have known Olivia I have never seen you more happy and in love. When you called me after your first date with her I could hear you dancing around exclaiming 'she's the one', I knew you were right. "Everyone chuckled and Alex blushed in embarrassment as her sister revealed her reaction to her first date with the love of her life. Olivia smiled at this new found information and wrapped her arm around her lover. "And last Thanksgiving when we all met her for the first time and I saw the way she looked at you with complete love and devotion in her eyes, I knew you were meant to be together. Then when she proposed at dinner, I knew you would be together for the rest of your lives. So now all I have to say is: be happy and in love forever, and I swear to God Olivia if you break her heart you'll be swimming with the fish in Cabot Lake." Mary said pointedly but jokingly at Olivia, everyone raised their glasses to toast.

Alex and Liv tipped their champagne glasses together before taking a sip; only Alex faked sipping her champagne before setting it down on the table. "Alex, why aren't you drinking your champagne?" Liv asked in pure curiosity as she set her glass down.

"I just don't want any, Livvy." Alex said with smile and picked up her glass of water. Olivia watched her closely before reaching out and picking her glass of draft up and taking a large sip. Alex sighed heavily and squirmed somewhat uncomfortably as she felt her stomach begin to protest what she'd just eaten. She leaned closer to her fiancée and placed a hand over hers. "Sweetie, I'm just going to run to the bathroom." She said before rising and quickly moving to the restroom where she proceeded to empty the contents of her stomach. After she'd finished getting sick, Alex flushed the toilet and walked over to the sink to wash her hands.

"How far along are you?" Alex heard someone ask; quickly she looked up into the mirror to see Lacey standing behind her.

Alex sighed in defeat and finished washing her hands. "About five weeks." She responded and turned to face her sister in law.

"And Olivia doesn't know." Lacey stated.

"I plan on tell her the day after the wedding, on Christmas morning." Alex explained. "Please, Lacey don't tell her." Alex pleaded as she walked towards her sister.

"I won't, I promise. We'd better head out before she starts to worry though." Lacey held the bathroom door open for Alex who walked out and ran smack into her fiancée. "Liv!" Alex explained as she regained her balance.

Olivia placed her hands on Alex's shoulder's to steady her. "Lexi you've been gone for over twenty minutes, I was just going to see if you were alright." Liv said, panic filtering into her voice.

"That would be my fault, Liv I caught Alex in the bathroom and we started talking." Lacey explained and placed a hand on her sister in laws arm before moving past the couple to head back the tables.

Olivia watched her go before turning back to her lover; gently she cupped Alex's pasty cheeks and caressed her skin with her thumbs. "Are you sure you're alright, sweetie you look really pale." Alex nodded and took Liv's hands from her face. "I'm fine, Liv it was just something I ate I'll be fine." The blonde took her lover's hand and led her back to the table. They spent the rest of the dinner talking and laughing with everyone before it was finally time to head back to the manor.

When they arrived back at the house Olivia lead Alex into the den to have a little quiet time to themselves before they were separated for the night. They sat on the couch with Alex in Olivia's arms before a blazing fire, Liv gently ran her hands over her lover's stomach causing Alex to smile at the prospect of Liv doing the same thing after she heard about the baby. "Alex?" Liv asked as she rested her chin on top of her lover's head.


"You'd tell me if something was wrong right? We have no secrets right?" Olivia said timidly and placed a kiss on top of Alex's head. Alex sighed heavily, she was lying to Olivia and she really wanted to tell her lover the amazing news but she really, really wanted to wait until a more special and perfect moment. "You know I would, Liv. But there's nothing wrong, I promise." Alex said calmly and looked up at her lover with a content smile, Liv leaned down and captured her fiancée's lips in a passionate kiss.

"Hey you two I've been sent to tell you to split, sorry." Luca said from the den entrance. Alex and Liv pulled away from each other and looked deeply into each other's eyes.

"I love you." Olivia said softly as she rested her forehead against Alex's. "I love you too." Alex responded before leaning up to kiss her future wife one last time. They reluctantly pulled back and started out of the den, once in foyer their respective parties took them both to different rooms to spend their last night before being pronounced wife and wife apart. It was a small sacrifice that would have the best outcome in the end.


There's the first chapter to the long awaited sequel to Thanksgiving wiht the Cabots. This should only be about two chapters long and I should have it done tomorrow, that is if my holiday permits. I hope everyone liked it, please review the good comments keep me going. Thanks for reading and more to come.